Thursday, February 1, 2007

Adam Says: Let it SNOW!

So the snow is coming to Richmond... and no "the snow" is not a hot new indie band... its actually supposed to snow here at any moment. Jeremy has already been snowed out in Ashville so let me offer you a grab bag of information sure to warm your snow-y afternoon.

We recently talked about the new Anberlin album "Cities" which drops this month. Well now I am doubly stoked because Anberlin is making a run to the 930 Club Friday the 23rd! You can bet I will be there and you can also bet I will be screaming "OHHHHHH" along when they play their new single "Godspeed," the show is only $14 so you better show up if your are in the DC area... You DON'T want to miss out.

Yesterday we featured a video from one of my new fav's My Brightest Diamond well I just found out that she will be touring with my uber-fav the Decemberist and better still they will be appearing in Norfolk at the Norva on Sunday April 1st! Tickets go on sale this Saturday at 10am! (Come on DSL connection don't fail me now!)

For those of you in Richmond VA this Friday evening come out to Broad Street in the evening for Richmond's wonderful art walk, First Fridays, the event features some great artists and a really cool atmoshpere. Kira and I are particularly found of the Ada Gallery on Broad so when you come out make sure you stop by there and see what amazing works they are displaying this month.

One last thing... maybe... You need to visit my favorite photo blog Istoica. these guys do great work and they have let the world know about it every day with their blog. They are based out of Toronto if I am not mistaken, and that has become one of the factors that has led Kira and I to plan our next vacation for that art/culture rich city.

That should be enough to wet your pallet for today... tomorrow more proof that the world is doomed until then check out Jeremy and My discussion on abortion; it is a topic that is important to us and we think you should give it some thought of your own.

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  1. I was gonna comment the other day that Anberlin was coming to 930 but I figured y'all already knew.