Friday, March 30, 2007

Adam Says: A Weekend of Highs and Midtones, but Really No Lows.

You should be jealous, because this Sunday at 2030 (830PM) I will be in Norfolk VA with my beautiful wife listening to the Mythical of voice of Colin Meloy as he and the rest of the Decemberist me with stories of murder, mystery, love and intrigue. Oh yes the day has fianlly come not only do I get to see Adam and Jeremy favs the Decemberist, and as an added bonus I get to see a personal favorite, My Brightest Diamond open the show. Man I feel blessed.

Unfortunately this feeling of excitement and blessing is tempered by my schedule for Saturday night. If you live in Richmond you know that the largest French film festival outside of France is VCU's French Film Festival, which happens to be going on this weekend at the Byrd Theater in Carytown. Normally I would be kind of excited, and since it is my wife's birthday she and I will be doing it by going to Can Can before catching one of the French Films on Saturday night... the only problem is this film will be showing at midnight! Heaven help me, I have not yet mastered my appreciation for foreign film and at such a late hour my ability to stay coherent for the duration is seriously in doubt, but dreams of the Decemberist will pull me through I am certain.

One last note. Certified Adam and Jeremy favorite Derek Webb is featured in article this week on USA Today. It talks about his Faith and his politics, so you know we here at Adam and Jeremy are excited about it and we strongly suggest you check it, and Derek Webb, out.

Jeremy Says:Proof the World is Doomed

to a UK newsource, Britney Spears and K-Fed finally made their divorce final yesterday.

oh, how disappointing. we all had such high hopes for them.
I mean considering how much today's youth look up to them specifically as perfect role models, for them to just throw away their marriage is a travesty. Don't you just know that millions of teenagers out there are saying"I want to be just like them someday"
According to the report, K-Fed will ONLY get 1 million dollars. Doesn't that just break your heart?

I expect a lot more from celebrities.....or do i?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Jeremy Says:Discover Planet Earth

I know we have been questioning the Discovery Channel lately about the whole broadcasting of the "Jesus Tomb" thing, but they have a new series that started last night called "Planet Earth".

Its basically a documentary type show on the earth and wild animals. The reason I think its so cool, is that it is all shot in high deph and most of it is footage that has never been seen before.

Plus, in high definition the clarity is really sweet, so it has never been experienced like this before. Me and adam have been talking about experiencing things in order to have something valid to base an opinion on. Well, if you cant actually be on the north pole, at least you can see first hand footage and feel like you're there.

Check out this trailer and tune in on Sunday nights.

Adam Says: I Wander

I am certain that I was born to be a wandering man... I love to get lost and roam around different places... ask my wife and you will know that there is no point trying to get me to go one way because I am headed where the wind takes me... I mean I have never been able to stay in a job for more than a year, I have a very active imagination and I have yet to lose my wonder of the world around me. Fortunately the Internet has made it possible for me to wander thousands of miles without ever leaving my seat, and while this is no substitute for finding abandoned buildings in the woods it does provide me the opportunity to find some pretty interesting things. For instance, in the last day I have learned all about Friedrich Nietzsche, found some very exciting information about the Beastie Boys new album and tour, read portions of David Strauss' "Life of Jesus," unearthed a free online copy of "Leaves of Grass" by Walt Whitman, and read an over view of the philosophy connection on my favorite show Lost. I really love Lost. Seriously my wife and I have one TV that she got when she was in middle school and we only dust it off once a week so we can watch Lost on Wednesday nights at 10PM....I never wander Wednesday nights at 10PM.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Adam Says: Music is Fun!

Last week was a great week for music; mainly because Modest Mouse released their excellent "We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank." These northwest nihilist have a sound and vibe that make them fun to listen to even if the subject matter is rather dark and foreboding. I really enjoyed the album even though critics say it is less accessible (accessible is the word critics use whenever they don't get it but they don't want to sound unhip.) If you liked their platinum selling "Good News for People Who Love Bad News" then you will love this new one, but don't take my word for it... check it out for yourself.

AOL is streaming new albums from Tim McGraw, Kaiser Chiefs, Good Charolette and J. Lo. However, I would not advise wasting your time over there because honestly they are all awful.

I am really disappointed in the Kaiser Chiefs; "I Predict a Riot" is still in heavy rotation in the iPod, but this album doesn't have one track that lives up to that standard. Apparently no one told the Kaiser Chiefs that the Beatles, Oasis and Franz Ferdinand have perfect the Brit-Pop-Rock sound, because they try their hardest to emulate it... badly. I reckon I should not be upset with Good Charolette they sold their souls to the corporate rock devil long ago, and I am sure their pseudo-pop-punk thing is still big with the tweeners, but honestly I think they take themselves way to seriously... after all they are just a bunch of punk kids from Baltimore.

If you do not know The Kills you do not know music. That may be a bit of an overstatement, but honestly I love this band. Their dirty take on garage punk-funk is one of the most amazing entries in the indie rock lexicon. their album "No Wow" is a must for any serious music snob, and a stumbled across this article about them yesterday that is pretty interesting. It paints them as the Rock N Roll Romeo and Juliette (oh did I mention The Kills are a two piece girl boy duo?) at any rate check it out, but I must warn that the magazine I found it in may be a little racier than some of you are up for so please don't click if you are offended by beer ads or women's beach volleyball.

Pitchfork has the track list for the as-yet-untitled new Spoon album, and I must admit I cant even type this post without having "The Way We Get By" bounce through my head. Spoon has also announced a handful of tour dates, but the closest they are coming to Richmond is Baltimore... and everyone knows that Baltimore is a hole.

Did you ever wonder who that enchantingly magical female voice singing with Damien Rice on his ready for coffee house albums was? I did until I found this article on Stereogum and found out that the aforementioned amazing voice is Lisa Hannigan and apparently she is doing her own solo thing that is worth checking out. You can check her website out here, and take my word for it... its totally worth it.

White Stripes news! Advance copies of the White Stripes latest album, "Icky Thump," have made it into the hands of several critics and over influential music publications. So of course the news of the day is the... TRACK LIST! well leave it to the White Stripes to completely stop Billboards presses for a track list. At any rate the reviews sound promising, and I don't want to steal CMJ and Billboards thunder, but apparently bagpipes are played... that is literally the only thing both publications touch on... from their they both do a good job of suppressing expectations. No release date for "Icky Thump" yet, but look for it before the years longest day.

One last non-music tidbit; Popcandy recently did a post on this website. There is a threesome of twenty somethings who want to road trip across America and to do it they are selling ad space on their van like this is NASCAR or something. At first glance I just figured this was another one of those "put me through college by buying pixels on my website" things, when I started to think about it I realized that this is just another case of capitalism whoring out one of my found childhood memories in the name of the all mighty dollar! What ever happened to five guys jumping into an ISUZU Trooper and driving all night from Lynchburg to Alabama?

Monday, March 26, 2007

Adam Says: Religious Fervor

I want to thank Seth Godin for commenting on our previous post, and I want to apologize because I feel that in my fervor to expound on a point that was obviously personally important I demonized Godin. While my misinterpretation gave me an opportunity to speak on the aforementioned topic; truth is his ideas on business are cutting edge and worth checking out. I say this because his rants have enlightened Jeremy and I on ways we can make our blog better and reach a wider audience. I do think it is cool that the Internet has made it possible for the author of a book to almost instantly reply to someones misinterpretation of their writing! Okay, so I hope no one is harboring ill will towards Seth and as always I urge to check out his work for yourself and decide for yourself what you think.

Adam and Jeremy Say: Faith Fundamentally

I read a rant in Seth Godin's book, "Small is the New Big," today that maligned fundamentalist and tried to marginalize their beliefs by calling them superstitious and equating them to pigeons. This was sort of surprising because Godin normally commentates on "out of the box" business thinking and not on religious beliefs. Now to be fair he framed the whole argument against fundamentalist by pointing directly at the world of business but he did his best to let it be known that he felt the same ill will towards religious fundamentalist.

I say all of this just to give you some background to the line of thought that ran through my head after reading this rant. Godin made it seem that the best way to handle fundamentalist would be to "rationally" question the faith that has led them to be fundamental on any point. In respect to me and Jeremy we are most often called fundamental when it comes to our faith in Jesus Christ as the sole Son of God and Savior of mankind. Does this make us fundamentalist who need be questioned into rationalizing our faith until we finally give up on God all together and admit that man is the greatest being in the universe and deserves all the praise for what he has accomplished? No it just means that I have a faith that guides my actions and thoughts; however, in our society we have allowed labels like fundamentalist and evangelical stunt our thinking about what a person who is labeled one of the terms actually is. For instance Jeremy and I are both Christians, but Jeremy is a capitalist hippy and I am a socialist. Does that fit into the label of fundamentalist? Or evangelical? I think it is interesting how excited the media gets when an evangelical pastor decides to crusade against global warming or poverty or aids... its like just because this type of activism does not fit into the stereotype that society has labeled "Christian" it is suddenly news... never mind that Jesus commanded us to care for the poor and sick... forget that God called us to be good stewards of the planet! Honestly most people go around thinking that Christians are a people who follow this giant list of "Do Not's" Like Do not drink, do not lie, do not cheat, do not kill, do not have an affair with neighbors wife, but in actuality the Christian Faith is a list of "Do's" Jesus said the two greatest commandments are to Love God and Love Others (the Adam paraphrase.) What in that sounds like do not in that? It's Do! Do love your neighbor as yourself, Do watch after the widowed and the orphaned, Do unto others what you would have them do to you. Of course this all sounds like gibberish if do not have a genuine faith in Jesus Christ, because it is through that faith that you truly feel a desire to please God and to do what is right in God's eyes and not your own, but that's okay, because we all start at that point.

So if you want to call me a fundamentalist, and you want to question what I believe please do so. I have no problem with that, but please don't try to hang so bogus stereotype on me when you start labeling me. Jeremy and I would love to tell you what being a Christian personally means to us. I would love to talk about whatever accusation or hang up you have about the faith I hold, but please do not come in with a big long list of preconceived notions... yes I went to a Bible college and yes I am opposed to abortion, and yes I do not support homosexuality, evolution, alcoholism or any other type of addiction, but I do support gun control, my wife and I regularly support environmental causes and the arts with our money and patronage, I have been known to smoke a cigar from time to time, and ever once in a while I may utter a curse word, and probably most shocking... I regularly listen to NPR. So let's throw out all the labels and the negativity and just sit down and talk like civilized adults.

I completely agree with your thoughts. I think one thing the world gets confused about it is, why do some Christians think its ok to smoke a cigar and then other they think its wrong. Obviously there are many different fundamentalist Christians out there, and when we all start contradicting each other, the world doesn't really buy that. I mean another "do" of the Christian faith is to "do be unified as a body", and when we are not, that just makes us look like hypocrites. Now since everybody in the world is a hypocrite, I don't think that is really a good argument anymore for not wanting to believe something. Everyone has something they strongly believe in and have compromised that belief at some point.

All to say: I think our belief system is set up to still function even with some us thinking its ok to drink and not get drunk while others think it’s wrong to drink. The most important thing we need to agree and be "unified" on the foundational beliefs you were talking about: love your God; love your neighbor, etc.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Adam Says: A Quick Fix for the Weekend and Then Some

As you should know by now I am a fan of "This American Life" its a public radio program... you can find out more at their site, but the important news is that "This American Life" is now also a TV program of show time, and as this involves change many fans of the program were nervous about the show. Well since it came on TV I figured I would not have chance to see it, but it turns out the first episode is available online for free... so click the link and check out the program. Personally I think the tv program was good but the radio show is way better, but thats just me... check it out for yourself and decide.

The Kings of Leon new album, "Because of the Times," lands April 3. It got panned in this month's issue of Spin magazine, but then again this the same magazine that drools over Justin Timberlake so take it for what its worth.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At the Worlds End is in theaters May 25th. The trailer is online NOW! Get stoked!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Proof That the World Is Doomed

Does anyone think politicians care about what is best or the will of the people? Crooks who only look after their own interest under the guise of democracy; mos def proof that the world is doomed.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Schools and Poverty Suck: Part 3

The following is part three of a three part conversation we had regarding the American School System and Poverty and what correlations we saw between the two. Obviously this is a touchy subject, but we welcome your input.

Adam: Jeremy I applaud your optimism... but I really don't know if either of us is fit to speak to the perils of lower class communities seeing as we both have fit squarely in the middle class all of our lives.

Jeremy: Do you never imagine yourself being in terrible the ones that are too bad for people to talk about? Do you ever think about what you would do if you were in those situations and how you might get out? and then when you try to figure a way out of it come up with new obstacles that set you back even farther than when you started just to see how back it could possible get?

Adam: Yeah and I never imagine selling drugs as a solution, but that is just hypothetical... I can not base everything on “what ifs.”

Jeremy: I think you can if you really/truly try to sympathize with the situation....and sometimes you have to.

Adam: I see your point but I feel much better about things if there is statistical evidence to back it up.

Jeremy: I would too, but I don’t really trust statistical evidence unless I conduct the research myself. There seems to always be statistics that say one thing, but you look at this other study and it says the exact opposite. I do a lot of media research with my job and if no one in the world watched the hallmark channel, I could find a way to pull some research to make it seem like it is the best network and that everyone watches it.

Adam: Well then maybe statistics are just here to make people feel better about the opinions they hold.

Jeremy: sometimes. People could have opinions for anything and everything and for whatever reason. I find that people usually have opinions based on what their parents believe or from the most popular belief in their tiny sub-culture.....or the most popular, what they see on TV. In my opinion, I don’t really see any of those as great sources. Personal experience is the best resource to find any kind of truth I think.

Adam: Is your goal to experience more in light of this?

Jeremy: Definitely, but that’s not exactly easy. Man, when I was Cali’, I just soaked everything up. It was just sweet to actually see everything in person. Like the black mountain sides where the fires were a couple months ago, and the ocean really is colder out there.

Adam: That is crazy... I remember being in Arizona during wild fires... and driving down the high way and see the smoke billowing in the air...

When we originally began this conversation I think both Adam and Jeremy had some pre-conceived notions of what we thought about schools/poverty, and its obvious that this conversation did not change that, but what I think is most unsettling is how this conversation unintentionally became a commentary on the middle class mindset and the relative apathy that is show those who are disadvantaged. We hope that you come away from this with a desire to know more about the subject and not just a feeling that Adam or Jeremy was right or wrong. And ultimately we hope you come away with a desire to love and help people.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jeremy Says: Lets get happy people

Happy Late 50th birthday to Shelton Jackson Lee.
Most commonly know as Spike Lee, i was a little suprised to find out he was FIFTY YEARS OLD!

holy cow, how old are we getting?!
And where has he been the past decade? Without looking, can anyone name a movie he has done other than "Malcom X"?

Speaking of Malcom X, when was the last time you saw a dude with a black hat with the "X" symbol on the front? talk about a "revolution" that turned out just to be a momentay trend.

For the longest time, I thought he produced "American History X", which is a movie that i love/hate, and unfortunatly he did not. that would mean i have never seen one of his films. Can anyone reccomend one?

Adam and Jeremy Say: Poverty and Schools Suck: Part 2

The following is part two of a three part conversation we had regarding the American School System and Poverty and what correlations we saw between the two. Obviously this is a touchy subject, but we welcome your input.

Adam: Isn't there a pattern... I mean the statistics show that if you are in the lower class you are less likely to graduate... meaning you are more likely to end up in the lower class ... its this vicious cycle we are creating of the poor getting poorer.

Jeremy: Negative. The poor people choose to be poor (for the most part. we are not talking about the .5% that don’t have any other options). It’s their fault they are in the "cycle" the good thing about our society is that it gives anyone who wants it, the opportunity to change the direction their lives are headed.

Adam: Do you believe that to be true because of statistical evidence or do you base that on anecdotal evidence from your life, your friend’s lives, and the lives of those on TV?

Jeremy: I base 95% of what I believe on the "Anecdotal evidence from my life and my friend’s lives". Everything else is not a completely trustworthy source.

Adam: Do you think that your views could be subjective and bias because of that?

Jeremy: No.

Adam: That's fair, but do you think people who live in disadvantaged neighborhoods may feel differently?

Jeremy: Yes, but that doesn’t make them right. It’s easy to sit around in a "disadvantaged neighborhood" and have a pity party, but a lot harder to fight the odds and make something of yourself. I’m not saying it’s not harder for those people, but they don’t accept the blame for themselves and try to change it from there.

Adam: Hmmm. I don't feel you are being open-minded about this particular topic... I mean have you ever been in a school that is ranked last in the state in regards to standards and graduation rates... have you ever been in a school where you have to go through a metal detector before you can enter... where the doors are locked during the day to keep out drug dealers... where drug dogs search the school at least once a week... Have you ever been so poor you can't eat? Ever been so poor you didn't have proper clothing... let along fashionable clothing... ever been so poor you have to live next door to a crack house... have you ever seen someone arrested for drug possession... have you ever reported a domestic abuse to the police?

Jeremy: Nice try. I can answer yes to a majority of those questions. South Carolina is probably still last in the nation as far as education is concerned, so I have personally experienced how crappy the schools are. I have even worked at one where the kids have either dropped out or been kicked out of every other learning institute they have been in. I didn’t personally interact with those kids, but their teachers were good friends of mine.
The point I’m trying to make: I could answer yes to all of those questions if I choose to. But I made a decision not to be a bum and sell drugs. I could still do that if I wanted, but I doubt I will.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Poverty and Schools Suck: Part 1

The following is part one of a three part conversation we had regarding the American School System and Poverty and what correlations they saw between the two. Obviously this is a touchy subject, but we welcome your input.

Adam: I found this information that relates back to that study I mentioned the other week about the graduation rate of African American Males.

· The national graduation rate is 68 percent, with nearly one-third of all public high school students failing to graduate.
· Tremendous racial gaps are found for graduation rates.
§ Students from historically disadvantaged minority groups (American Indian, Hispanic, and Black) have little more than a fifty-fifty chance of finishing high school with a diploma.
§ By comparison, graduation rates for Whites and Asians are 75 and 77 percent nationally.
§ Males graduate from high school at a rate 8 percent lower than female students.
§ Graduation rates for students who attend school in high poverty, racially segregated, and urban school districts lag from 15 to 18 percent behind their peers.
§ A great deal of variation in graduation rates and gaps among student groups is found across regions of the country as well as the states

I am basically shocked that one third of high school students are not graduating. The information came from a study done by the Urban Institute

Jeremy: I don't really know what to think about this. I want to say I'm not really surprised, but it did catch me a little off guard. I can say that I'm not too worried about it. I don't think you can force teenagers to do crap they don't want to do, so if they want to drop out of school, it’s kinda their choice. I think parents should step up and take some responsibility on what their kids are doing in school, instead of passing all the responsibility onto the teachers. Education starts and finishes in the home. So unless we see some better family formation in the future, I think we will continue to see statistics like this. So when I say I'm not worried about kids dropping out, that's because I'm not worried about kids doing want they want to do. That’s going to happen. What I am disappointed in seeing is that families are not getting the focus of the discussion. And let me briefly say what I think "better family formation" is: father and mother actively involved in the lives of their children and teaching them positive morals.

Adam: Do you think this creates a cast system- those who are educated get to be part of the middle class while those who are not get to be the lower class, upon which the middle and upper class will build their own fortunes?

Jeremy: I don't know. If these kids choose to be in the lower class and upper class people make their fortunes off them, then these kids are doing what they want to do. I think that's good when people have the freedom to do what they want to do. Of course I draw the line when your choices hurt other people (murder, stealing, etc). That’s the whole point. If you have the freedom to choose, and you end up in the lower class, that because you choose to be there. Same with upper class people. They choose to work their butts off and make a fortune. Now there are obviously exceptions in both scenarios, but those are the exceptions.

Adam Says: The Truth Is...

Okay so I know I am like six months late on this, but last night the wife and I rented "Stanger Than Fiction," and I must say we both loved it. It was funny, touching, witty, smart, and twisted. Everything you could want in a film, and I may be the only one who thinks this, but I feel like it was highly underated (probably because of some of the other movies Will Ferrell has done... i.e. Ricky Bobby or Anchorman.) At any rate "Stranger Than Fiction" is most defenantly worth cost of a rental so check it out... Oh and on a side note after watching the movie my wife and I both discovred that we have crushes on the uber-cute Maggie Gyllenhaal!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Rock Not Dead... Yet.

Modest Mouse drops their latest project "We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank" Releases tomorrow! Adam and Jeremy highly recommend these nihilist rockers from the left coast (despite the nihilism and the left coast thing.) But if you need a little more prodding to go pick up their album then click here and listen to the entire album streamed by AOL. Thanks to Popcandy for the DL.
Update: The latest tour dates for Modest Mouse have been released on Pitchfork... check it out.

Speaking of exciting releases on the horizon... Chevelle will be dropping their latest head banger, "Vena Sera" (which may mean "Vein Liquid," but that's just something we read on the Internet so take it for what its worth.), hits stores April 3, 2007. The lead single "Well Enough Alone" has been littering the modern rock air waves, taking us back to when Adam and Jeremy made a living out of playing "The Red" and Blindside's "King of the Closet" on their critically acclaimed radio program.

Maybe the biggest music news of the year is the reunion of Rage Against the Machine! Oh yes the angry Adam and Jeremy fav's are getting back together for the Rock the Bells tour this summer with the Wu Tang Clan. Those of us on the East Coast will have once chance to catch them July 28th in NYC... buy your tickets today because this show is going to be huge... on a side not we certainly hope that this leads to more Rage Against the Machine albums because honestly rock music has not been the same since they left.

In case you missed it indie pop-rockers Mates of State were featured on this weekends edition of "This American Life" log onto the TAL website to check out the podcast featuring a live cover of "California" by our favorite husband and wife music act. The appearance of "This American Life" got us over to the Mates of State website where we found out that they have teamed up with PETA to do an anti fur ad. Well you can see that its certainly eye catching; if you want to know more check out the bands site.

Adam and Jeremy Say: We Have Done It Again!

For the Second straight week "300" the Spartans V Persians war epic has topped the box office, and all because of Adam and Jeremy! We told you this movie was great, and we told you to watch it... and once again you did exactly that! If this keeps up Hollywood will be paying us to promote their movies, but until then check out the specifics on "300"'s big winning weekend from Yahoo!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Adam Say: Shameless Self Promotion

My New Years Resolution/Side Project is coming along well. Scoot over to and check it out for yourself. You can see rad photos like this one that I took in the middle of the night out my front porch with the longest exposure know to man (or something like that)! Honestly when I began "This is the New Year" I did not think it would be anything more than just some polaroids on a blog, but it has given me the impetus to try so many cool things with my trusty D50 (and sometimes the D70) that I am really starting to enjoy it less as an exercise and more as an artistic expression.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Adam Says: I Am Torn (but not in a mid-90's song kind of way)

I don't know what to do... on the one hand I should rejoice because the team the represents the heartbeat of my beloved Richmond, VCU, has won in an amazing upset! On the other hand the team that I have rooted for sense childhood, and the team that my heart still roots for, Duke, was the foe my fellow Richmonders vanquished. What am I to do, one half rejoices while the other is crestfallen with despair. So here is to the RVA and all her glory; GO RAMS! and here is to my inner child hoping that next year will be a better year for the Blue Devils. On a completely related side note; the game was amazingly exciting and all of you should have watched it, but if you didn't here is a recap. Sorry about the sudden rush of Adam Emotion.

Adam Says: That Matt Says Nothing at All!

So Relevant Magazine is featuring an interview with Matt Thiessen of Relient K about their new album "Four Score and Seven Years Ago." (which Adam and Jeremy have endorsed and subsequently has debuted at Number 6 on the Billboard Chart!) The interview is full of great quotes about how "cool" stuff is, in the words of Theissen. Don't be too overwhelmed by the amazing revelations that Theissen wrote a song about a fictional character (good grief there are sophomores in journalism school that could have done a better job, but I digress)! At any rate it gives us a chance to remind you that Relient K has a new album out and you should check it out... oh and check out Relevant Magazine even though they choked on this interview.

Adam and Jeremy Say: Manufacturing Dissent

Adam: So let me tell you a story; this couple sets out to make a documentary about Michael Moore, they want it to be a great bio piece about his amazing talents, but then they start getting mistreated by him and his people just like Moore has been treated in his own films... and then they find out that some of his tactics are pretty scummy and even out right lies... and so they decide to make the film about all of Michael Moore's bad attributes... what an ironic turn of events... The Film is called "Manufacturing Dissent." read more about it here.

Jeremy: I’m not surprised that Moore would come across as a jerk, but I don’t really see anything wrong with him not wanting to do an interview with them. he probably didn’t expect people to just open up to him when he does his movies, and he kinda makes it obvious he has just one agenda and I don’t really think its promoting himself. He has his ideas and beliefs and that’s what he wants to focus on.

Adam: I just think it’s ironic that the things he lampooned others for he is now getting gigged for himself.

Jeremy: oh yes, and that is kinda funny. I actually saw those people who were doing that documentary being interviewed on CNN yesterday, but I changed the channel.

Adam: So what you are saying is that we really don't care... don't care about Michael Moore and don't care about the people who are lampooning Moore?

Jeremy: yeah, I guess so. I mean, whenever I see Mr. Moore talking he ticks me off, but I don’t ever really see him talking. It’s like he’s a recluse or something.

Adam: He only comes out when there is a full moon... or an all you can eat buffet!

Adam and Jeremy Say: Fifth Graders, Myspace, American Idol, oh and Space Exploration

Fifth Grade Smarts:

So apparently there is a show on TV right now about being smarter than a fifth grader that everyone (read: roughly one percent of Americas population) is excited about. Neither Berg nor Adam has seen the show, but both feel a little suspect about it... Berg has gone as far as saying that the show may be unfair/rigged... at-any-rate the show has posted an online quiz here. Adam and Jeremy scored a 90% average, but that's only because Adam may have taken the quiz before he got his caffeine. The one positive is that we are told that Jeff Foxworthy hosts this hoosegow, and honestly who can get enough of those hilarious redneck jokes?!!?(Please try to not joke on the sarcasm there, we laid it on pretty thick.)

Just Say No to Myspace:

A group of women (read: high school girls) has started a boycott of Myspace. Their opposition to Myspace stems from concerns about predators using it as a channel to prey of minors; and Myspace's token id verification has proved to fire them up all the more. Adam's take is that this is a great idea, and he bases this on his experience with the semi pornographic advertisements, user profiles, and messages, and also based on his belief that Myspace is leading to the breakdown of the traditional person to person community. Jeremy's take... "Good for them," but honestly he doesn't see the big deal and he really doesn't see Adam's point; honestly if people want to use it for their own purpose what does he care(it should be noticed that Jeremy is a filthy hippy)

Karaoke Superstars:

Jeremy : someone has come up with the bright idea to host a local version of American idol and air it on the ABC affiliate on sat nights at 11:30pm...lovely....

Adam : You think this Karaoke Contest fad has gone to far?

Jeremy : I don’t really like it, but if people think its fun, then I don’t really have a problem with them enjoying it (note to reader: remember Jeremy is a filthy hippie). it does kinda make mockery of good music, but that has been happening for many years, so I’m kinda use to that by now.

Titan-ic Spending:

NASA has a satellite orbiting Saturn getting information about its planet like moon that in the words of Jeremy "has all kinds of nitrogen and stuff." Apparently this moon was discovered by Christiana Huygens in 1655. Funny, huh? This raises the question from both Adam and Jeremy if the cost of the space program is worth the knowledge we gain from it or as Jeremy summarized "Knowledge is expensive... really expensive in the case of NASA." However Adam is certain NASA has either found aliens or is preparing to takeover titan... either way that would explain the $16.3 billion dollars NASA will spend this year (money that could be spent researching how to use the earths core as an everlasting energy source. We would never need oil again! (Not only is Jeremy a filthy hippie but he is also a talk radio fan.))

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Jeremy Says: Let is Rainn

We all know him as Dwight Shrute from Dunder Mifflin, and rumors are going all over the place that Rainn Wilson is leaving The Office to pursue greener pastures.

Hold you billy goats boys and girls, because according to MSN, he will be on for another few breath a sigh of relief with me.
Yes, i know he can be excrutiatingly annoying and you might just want to beat in your TV screen sometimes when his character, Dwight, make some smart butt comment, but you have to admit during the Travelling Saleman episode you were a little scared that he would leave the show forever.
Fortunatly he was back the next week, but since his apearance on SNL a couple weeks ago and his role in the new moive The Last Mimzy, its obviously he is looking beyond primetime TV.

You can kind of tell The Office is not the type of show that can stay funny forever anyway, but lets hope they can hang in there another year or two with Mr. Wilson a part of the cast.

Adam Says: Pi Day!

So it's March 14th and a group of Math Geeks are getting together to celebrate Pi... the correlation being Pi is 3.14 or March the 14th... ugh... I have no idea why people would get so excited about math, I hated math in school and now do everything in my power to not have to deal with it... but there are those who love it... so much so that Yahoo! News did a story on it.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Adam Says: 300 Good Men Take a Nation

Adam and Jeremy have changed the world. Last week we told you all to go see 300 the epic movie based on the Frank Miller graphic novel of the same name, and guess what... you all went and saw it! Well at least most of you did because 300 topped the box office over the weekend, making over 70 million dollars nation wide... not bad for a Greek Myth, and the movie owes all of its success to Adam and Jeremy! Somewhere back there I linked a Yahoo! news article about the movie and what I found most interesting is that violent action movies tend to do better overseas than they do in America... wait I thought violent action movies where destroying our culture... that must mean that places like Sweden are really falling apart, if they are so into violent action movies from America.

Adam Says: This American Life

Every Sunday morning as my wife and I are preparing for corporate worship at our church we listen to our favorite radio program on NPR. Now I know it may sound silly to say that we have a favorite RADIO PROGRAM in this age of television, internet, movies, and television-internet-movie-phones, but that's is the only way to describe our feelings about the program "This American Life." The show is produced in Chicago and hosted by Ira Glass(whom I have no idea what he looks like, but I assume he youngish of average height, slim with dark hair and thick dark glasses, and probably a constant five o'clock shadow.) What really excites us about the program is the amazing storytelling that happens on it every week; I mean the program is just a collection of stories from every day american life, told by those involved and narrated by Ira so there has to be storytelling, but it doesn't have to be this good. Now on March 22nd "This American Life" will be coming to Showtime as a television show, and admittedly I am worried. I don't have TV so I won't be watching it, but I am a little scared that the amazing images I have from the great stories I hear on the program will be ruined by actual visuals, and whenever change occurs there is always the fear that in some way what was once great will become less of itself. At any rate we love the program and listen to it every week, and we think you should check it out... this post is littered with links to the website, but if that is not enough here it is one more time Log on check out the free podcast of the show, watch the trailer for TV program and decide for yourself.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Adam Says: What's the deal?

Remeber all that talk about James Cameron and his Tomb of Jesus Documenterary? Well check this story and ask you self what is the deal with that?

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Adam Says: Proof the World is Doomed

For some odd reason Jeremy and I seem to get an inordinately high amount of forwards from right wing religious militant types… not that we are stereotyping or anything. I guess these things wouldn’t upset me so if they did give people cause to pigeon hole, and stereo type myself and other Christians who do not agree with uber-nationalistic proclamations of God’s “support” for various political causes. This forward especially got me because I am what you may call a “communist sympathizer,” or at the very least “inclined to socialist ideals.” Honestly the Cold War is over and the Red Scare is nothing but a note in history books; can we not move past this “communism is bad” mentality? Is this constructive? Did you know Hugo Chavez is using the profits from Venezuelan oil to insure that all the residents of his country have health care, and he is using the profits to insure the economic prosperity of the entire nation and not just wealthy oil company executives (as is the case in the U S of A.) So Chavez doesn’t like President Bush… big deal, and he is not a fan of the materialism and consumerism of our country... oh no!... Look we cannot keep propagating this kind of hateful nonsense, it is time we stepped back and spoke on issues intelligently and civilly without the baseless accusations and fear mongering. I know this is a little out of the ordinar for our normally light hearted PTWID Fridays, but this one just got me really fired up...

CITGO Beginning to Change Name To PETRO EXPRESS VERY IMPORTANTI am forwarding
this, because Chavez is starting tofeel the loss of revenue from his holdings.
Hesubstantially OWNS CITGOThis is a very important move that everyone should be

You may be asking, “Isn’t there some truth to this?” Nope its all false; adding fuel to my fire of indignation… log onto and check out the facts for yourself.

Real quickly let me speak to the questions of communism. First, Communism is socio-economic system and not a form of government, and as such its natural rival is capitalism and not democracy... to take that point further you could have communist democracy, but this leads to the short coming of communism... because it is part of Utopian thought it is always going to be unraveled by mans totally un-utopian sinful nature. This is the point at which capitalism is strongest, it assumes man is sinful and uses that sinfulness (greed) to propel itself... both systems will eventually be undone by mans sins... however; communism will slowly fade out while capitalism will go out with a big bang... So why do communist systems break down (like the USSR)? Because there are sinful men in charge of them who do not want what is best for the whole, but I would rather hope for a day when we can make a communist society work than point fingers at the failures of evil men.

Adam and Jeremy Say: Global Cooling, and idol talk

According to to the National Satellite, Data, and Informational Services, last February, was the 34th coolest February in 113 years, and the coldest since 1979.
This comes at an "inconvenient" time as Al Gore's documentary on global warming just won best documentary at the Oscars last week.

I know this would be more significant if it was actually the "coldest" February in a century, but it definitely doesn't fit nicely into the theory of global warming.

I'm not qualified to really say if global warming is true or not. I've read/seen reports that give research both supporting and denying that global warming is real, but I thought this was ironical.

Interesting fact I heard on NPR today: Over 50% of African American males drop out of high school.... Is that shocking? Does this shed light on some of the problems African Americans face today? Who is to blame for this? What can we do to change it? What's the tipping point?

Apparently there is another scandal (read: publicity stunt) hitting American Idol. Well sort of... it appears that people are surprised that American Idol will let an attractive young woman with talent compete on their program despite the fact that she at some point had racy photographs taken of her as a gift for her boyfriend... while a couple of years ago American Idol would not let an unattractive woman with talent to compete because she had nude pictures of herself on a pornographic website... well thus far I think it may seem like a bit of a double standard but a wise business choice if your business is to get high ratings... however then Rosie O'Donnell decided to open her cavernous mouth; claiming that American Idol was racist because they let the attractive white girl stay but kicked off the unattractive black woman... well I don't see it and I certainly am not going to waste more of your time talking about it(I really just wanted to post my photoshop work up for laughs). Check out this link if you really care that much about this mess.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Adam Says: Give me 300 good men!

300, the epic movie based on Frank Miller's (Sin City) epic graphic novel of the same name, hits theaters this weekend! Get psyched and not just because Paulo from Lost is in the cast, but because this highly stylized retelling of the battle of Thermopylae may be the most exciting history flick of the year, and because it is following in the wildly popular footsteps of movies like Sin City and V for Vendetta.

For those of you who need a quick history update to better understand the movie it goes like this:

"In the ancient Battle of Thermopylae, King Leonidas and 300 Spartans fought to the death against Xerxes and his massive Persian army. Facing insurmountable odds, their valor and sacrifice inspire all of Greece to unite against their Persian enemy, drawing a line in the sand for democracy. " from Yahoo! Movies

I am excited to see this film because it meets all my man needs in sitting, and to make things sweeter the "critics" even seem to like it:

However even in all this positively rapturous hype the New York Times has found a way to try and draw a political correlation between a two thousand plus year old story and current world events; despite the fact that the author and director have both out right said there was none to be had... whatever go see 300 and enjoy yourself.

Jeremy Says: You have bad taste in music

Check out this dude who goes around to random concerts to start protest rallies. Obviously he is hugely unsuccessful, but it's funny none the less.

Please don't actually be stupid enough to donate to him no matter how good the cause.
We also urge you to not listen to bad music, but we don’t need money to say that....not yet anyway.

If for some reason, you feel it absolutely necessary to send him money, make checks payable to Adam and Jeremy and mail to 5 Mission Lane, Fairview, NC 28730

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Jeremy Says: We sing along, to every word and song

Four Score and Seven Years ago our fore rockers brought forth on this art a way for young and hostile folks to express the cathartic feelings.

Today the new album from Relient k hits the record stores. Not exactly a "cathartic" album, but one that you can have fun with while relieving your tension. You can stream some of the songs from their website, so check it out and go buy it.

Here is what the gospel music channel had to say “The name Relient K has always been synonymous with some of the most contagious power pop/punk rock, tongue in cheek songwriting and feel good fun anyone could ever ask for. But since the band's infancy, there has also been an upward evolution that includes tighter musicianship, increased songwriting smarts and a high-octane stage show regarded by fans at sold out shows from coast to's evident that Relient K thrive on raising the bar with each release”

We Christians often like to question a bands sincerity on their faith by listening to their songs, but there is really only one way to do that.
Know the guys personally.

Here’s a quote from lead singer Matt Thiessen on the subject of spiritual influence in this new album: "We're not trying to hide anything with the songs on this record, just to get what we feel out there," Thiessen summarizes. "We've also found it to be the hardest thing in the world to say 'Jesus' in a song and not be cheesy, so we definitely have our own way of singing about spirituality. But in the end that's who we are and what we believe in. We hope between that and the music, it connects with someone out there."

So, go buy the new album. Dance in your car with the stereo cranked to 11(or 40 if you have a new Panasonic stereo). Go see them live, and try to remember how it was fun to sing along.

Adam's Note: Am I the only one who finds it ironic that Arcade Fire's Neon Bible would release the same week as Relient K? Ah well, both albums are great so go pick them up today!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Adam says: Huge Fire Sale at the Mega Church!

Here is an article from Relevant that takes a look at the modern church and its culture of commercialism and mass marketing... very interesting for those quasi-socialist out there, and probably a pretty offensive to those "mega" church folks out there.

The Commercial Church
Aaron Van Voorhis

For thousands of years, the Church was everything for communities. People not only went to church for worship and Christian fellowship but for connection to information and the community around them. Church was a major weekly event in people’s lives, because there wasn’t much to rival it. This was the time before a plethora of leisure activities, TV, movie theatres, radio, Internet, telephones and massive amounts of publishing on every subject imaginable. We look to the media for everything in the West; including influences on theology. The amount of messages competing out there for our attention and acceptance are so varied that it’s nothing short of overwhelming. The Church is no longer seen as the sole proprietor of truth and spirituality. Church attendance continues to drop. But just listen to songs on the radio, dialogue on TV and in movies. Theological messages—veiled and not so veiled—are everywhere, creating a swamp of spirituality. And so the Church struggles to have its voice heard. The problem is that the Church believes it must compete with commercial enterprises, mass marketing and the entertainment industry to reach and influence people. Our society is bombarded by hidden messages and subtle imperatives as never before in history. These powerful messages come to us through ads, entertainment and even company logos (icons of identity). These messages imply that to succeed, to be loved, to be beautiful, to be influential, we must conform to or buy into something. And so we do. It is absurd. Many western churches are using these worldly methods in hope of attracting listeners, converts and members—as if to say somehow it will be our arts, programs and entertainment that attract people to the Gospel. The question has become, how can we make Christianity and church look cool? Or, at least, how do we keep Christianity and church from looking uncool? How do we market God to a world of consumers? These are entirely the wrong questions. These questions lead us into a paradigm of unbiblical values. I know a pastor that calls Sunday morning “show-time.” How does calling church “show-time” impact theology and our message? Most ministers I know spend much of their time event planning and advertising for things like movie nights, sporting events, meals, band rehearsals, marketing schemes and special effects for Sunday morning service. If these things are paramount, then seminaries should be giving MBA’s instead of MDiv’s.I am not saying that having sports programs, videos, special lighting, dramas, rock bands and marketing is evil and without merit. But when these things become the focus, they pull us off track. When the majority of a minister’s time is spent on all these cool tools, there is a problem. I realize there will always be different kinds of churches. That is not just a fact, but a necessity. Diversity is essential. The Reformation taught us that. The question is, where is the focus? And you can easily answer that by looking at how time and money is spent. Many churches are focused on what is called the A, B, Cs: attendance, building and cash. Many churches spend 90 percent of their time and resources on preparing for Sunday mornings and 10 percent on discipleship. You value most what you measure. I am measuring the disconnected status and lack of spiritual depth among many Christians in the Church. I am calling for a shift in focus.We want people to have this enriching spiritual life, but we communicate on Sunday mornings that most of it is fluff: i.e. flashy music, videos, dramas, dances, cool lighting, announcements, ads for upcoming events and multiple transitions. Many times, we create spectators rather than participators. I am not saying there are not good results with the model that we have. Many people have come to know Christ and have matured. But just because I can use a wrench instead of a hammer to drive nails doesn’t make it the best tool for the job. The problem is many ministers of our time believe that the Gospel and Christian community is not enough to pull in the masses. Instead they try and attract people with marketing methods because the world has persuaded them that this is how to reach people. The result is that many churches have forgotten how to preach the Gospel. The Gospel has been marginalized in all our motivational sermons, programs, busyness and fun. The focus and trust is not on the power of the Gospel but in our powers of persuasion. What did Paul say in 1 Corinthians 2:4? “ My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit's power” (TNIV).Unfortunately, the power of God in the proclamation and revelation of the Gospel has been minimized. Our trust in church growth theory, imported and translated from corporate America, has shifted our focus. The non-Christians are now called the “un-churched” or in other words, the “un-institutionalized.” Is that our goal, to “church” people? And so we wonder why people are feeling dry and disconnected from God even though they are active in their church. It’s a vicious cycle. Nevertheless, I believe the Church is still vital. We are relevant, but not as a show, product or media. Church is not in that worldly category. It’s when you try and put church in that category that things go wrong, like trying to fit a square peg in a circular hole. Church is a sanctuary, an alternative from all the shows, products and media. Church should be simple in preparation, presentation and participation. Church should be a time of undistracted prayer and worship—a time of learning and fellowship. But we have corrupted these virtues for the sake of competing with a multimedia and commercialized world. The simple is subversive today. That’s why you hear statements like “simplify and intensify.” Simple is counter-cultural. I recommend that we take the same time and money used to make church what it is now into a simpler form. I dare say most have no idea what that would even look like. Once again, we need a change in focus. The Western Church has tried hard to remain relevant to the modern world around it by trusting worldly methods and simultaneously but futilely rejecting those methods true values of consumerism; which creates total confusion. Churches are not tooled for such simplicity, nor do they have a vision for it. They have multiple full time and part time staff members to help create and maintain all the programs and methods; to keep the church running like a YMCA or Broadway production. It’s not easy to change. People’s livelihoods are at stake to one degree or another. But change is never easy and some changes are impossible with men. But nothing is impossible with God. God can change His Church and use us to reach more people if we shift our trust onto him and away from the methods of the world.

Check out

Adam and Jeremy say: Boo Blood Basketball

Jeremy: this is retarded. Check out this video on how the state of washington is talking about placing a ban on "booing" at high school athletic games:

Adam: What's next a ban on smashing in the face of your opponent? Then what would my beloved Blue Devils do to show their aggressions on the court?

Jeremy: the big question: was it intentional?
my answer: who the heck knows?

Adam: Who the heck cares? Seriously sports media people are idiots... they waste hours of time every day talking about things that don't even matter to the people who actually play the sport, let alone the common fan.

Jeremy: otherwise, it was a pretty boring game up till that point.

Adam: Disappointing if you're a Duke fan like myself

Jeremy says:Never Overhyped

I know we have been talking about Anberlin a lot recently, but let me reenforce that all our rhetoric is worthy.

Tonight they will be appearding as guests on the Late Late Show. Be sure to tune in and see them play a single off their new album.

Oh, and im getting older and probably wont be up that late, so thats why we have a MOXI box.(our cable company's version of TiVo). but make no mistake i will be watching tomorrow morning.
Oh Oh, Anberlin is also featured in this months issue of Relevant Magazine!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Adam Says: Scavenger Hunt Fun

So for the last two days my wife and I have been fiendishly searching the greater Richmond area for 26 "things," we are taking part in this great online photographic scavenger hunt put together by the folks at 26 Things. 26 Things is this great sight that puts together a list of 26 scavenger hunt items every month, based on user suggestions, and then uses the photo site Flickr to let users submit their findings. It is tons of fun and I seriously suggest that you check it out!
Here are some of the Things we have found thus far...

"apple""favorite drink"

Friday, March 2, 2007

Adam Says: Admit it you have a mancrush!

My top ten list in no particuler order: Clive Owen, Karl Marx, Johnny Cash, Edward Norton, Josh Holloway, Christian Bale, Zach Braff, Bob Dylan, Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso
Should I feel guilty for not including Jesus Christ?

Adam Says: Proof the World Doomed

It's Friday and that means it is time for Adam and Jeremy to offer you more proof the world is doomed! What happens when parody goes terribly wrong...
Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show (Episode 1)

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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Adam Says: What the Icky Thump is that?

Adam and Jeremy favorites The White Stripes have announced that they have finished recoding and mixing their latest record; to be titled Icky Thump, but have yet to give a release date. I won't go into details but you can learn more at the White Stripes website. You know you are big when people get excited about you announcing when you will release an album... sorry about all the music post latley... I feel a little one sided, but dude this is the White Stripes! And if all goes well I hope to see them at Bonnaroo this June (alas Jeremy is the only one of us to have actually see the greatness of Jack White in person)

Jeremy Says: Adam and Jeremy for President

Our good buddie John Mccain announced last night that he is officially running for President in 2008, however it wasn't the official announcment.

I guess he is waiting for a more formal setting to make his "formal" announcment. Either way, lets make bids on how many candidates we think will be officially running for US President in 2008......i say 20....and that doesnt even include Adam and Jeremy for president.