Saturday, February 24, 2007

Adam Says: We're gonna need a bigger boat

great white shark

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The great white shark, Carcharodon carcharias, also known as white pointer, white shark, or white death, is an exceptionally large lamniforme shark found in coastal surface waters in all major oceans. Reaching lengths of about 6 metres (20 ft) and weighing almost 2,000 kilograms (4,400 lb), the great white shark is the world's largest known predatory fish. It is the only known surviving species of its genus, Carcharodon. They are also regarded as an apex predator with its only real threats from humans and occasionally Killer Whales, which have been known to feed on great whites.

Honestly I have the most irrational of fears when it comes to sharks... I mean I can't even go into the ocean without freaking out about them, but then I see a video like this and realize that maybe its not so crazy to worry about them... I mean imagine a school bus with razor sharp teeth... thats pretty much what you get when you see a full grown great white shark... totally frightening and totally fascinating at the same time.

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