Monday, February 19, 2007

Adam Says: Archenemy

I have found my nemisis, my archenemy, the bane of my existence, the rival to rival all others...
Thats right the standard american toilet has been a thorn in my side for the better part of four days...including all three of my three day weekend days... As many of you may know my wife and I purchased a house in Richmond Virginia last fall, and we got a wicked good deal because the house needed some work... soon after we bought the house we found a small hole in the bathroom floor... cause for concern yes, but the rest of the floor was in good shape so I made a quick fix and moved on... this was my first mistake. Also soon after our purchase we noticed that the toilet had an audible leak... needless to say we let this go for several months... actually until Friday night when I decided to go to the Lowe's and pick up a new rubber flapper to try and stop the leaking noise.... well that did no good, so my wife and I decided to gut the whole tank and start over... so once more back to the Lowe's... this could go on for a while so let me shorten it up... after no fewer than seven trips to the Lowe's we finally came to the realization that we needed to replace the whole thing! Which then led me to make the stupidest decision of my entire life... I decided to also fix the floor in the process... urgh! Things were discovered... flanges where bought... plywood was cut... tile was cut and cut and cut... washers were tightened... obviously we were without a toilet and for the most part without water all weekend long... actually I was so stressed by the whole thing that it caused me to set up a new calming mood mix on the Itunes full of all the tuned down folk and acoustic music I could find... and once I completed the blasted project at roughly 530 this evening I put on my Pump Up mix to celebrate... oh yes nothing gets me going like Trick Daddy screaming "Lets Go!" To sum the whole thing up... buy a new home with all plastic plumbing. Am I the only one who has to deal with these home owner headaches?

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  1. I dont understand the issue. If there is a hole in the floor already, why do you need a toilet?