Saturday, February 24, 2007

Adam Says:Adaopt... Please

As a Pro-Life individual I believe that Pre-Born Children should be protected, but as a Pro-Life individual I also believe that protection should extended to all of Gods Children, which in turn means I oppose the Death Penalty and I oppose war that isn't singularly intended to protect the lives of others. I know this makes me a freak to most of you but, don't tune me out just yet.

I would hate to say that I just oppose this and that and not give a reasonable solution or alternative to the course of action I oppose. When it comes to the issue of abortion I feel that adoption is the most constructive, positive and proactive solution we can offer/take part in. I wont get into my whole apology for adoption but I did want to give you this link to a great informational piece on the pros and cons of adoptions, replete with links and jump off points for the entire topic.

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