Monday, February 26, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: We are the arsons who burn your Cities down

I'm sure you all know by now the new Anberlin album Cities hit the stores last week. Here is an Adam and Jeremy dialogue of our first impressions of the record.

Jeremy: i picked it up over the weekend. i love it! if i had to summarize them as a band, i would say that have put together a sound that is really good/talented and fun to listen to, and they are really good at creating and playing it.

Adam: Yeah, I really love this album. its much fuller in sound and subject matter than their first two albums... but I think they fall into a category that most bands shy from these days and that would be the plain old rock n roll... sure there are some emotive themes and sure there is some pop sound, and every once in a while you catch a punk vibe, but really it's a median of pure rock n roll

Jeremy: did you get the DVD also? that was really cool to see the making of it. and when they were talking to the drummer and how he felt this was his strongest album, i had to strongly agree with that. before i even saw the video, i could feel the drums were tighter and more important to the sound of the songs.

Adam: I think before they just put rocket fuel in the tank and ran with it... I really feel like everyone took more time to think this one out.

Jeremy: good call. i hate saying a band has matured, but i do think they have almost perfected their sound and are really good at writing and performing songs that make you want to dance... make you think... make you angry... push the envelope... songs that have a point, and opinion, or at the very least something to say.

Adam: Amen... I also really like how they embrace their faith, but don't force it into the spot light... instead they let you discover it without letting you miss it.

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