Thursday, February 8, 2007

Adam Says: Good Morning

So this is a rather involved story, but try to stick with me and you will receive a rich reward. About a month ago I ran into an old high school acquaintance on facebook, or my space, or xanga, or some other site of that ilk. Since Tess and I were no more than acquaintances there was not much to catch up on... just the usually socially accepted niceties. While going through with these social practices I became aware of a blog that Tess kept; Parasol Party. Tess is a pretty interesting person so you may want to visit the blog just out of interest, but what caught my eye was a post she made about the photo blog 3191... Imagine that there were two artistic/crafty girlfriends that moved 3191 miles apart, and then imagine that they both loved getting up early... are you with me... so to keep in touch they decide to both take a picture every morning and then they post them together on a photoblog (3191.) If that line of thought excites you visit their blog now... if it does not... well you should still visit it, because, as you can see above, they have managed to capture some of the most beautiful moments a morning can produce and they are letting us all in on it! In fact this amazing blog is part of the reason I decided to make my new years resolution; to take a picture a day and make it into a photo blog... I promise more on that later but for now visit 3191.

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  1. So, I think 3191 is like the coolest thing I've ever seen. I love how they are able to make the ordinary so artistic and beautiful!