Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Adam and Jeremy Say: see if you can catch the real meaning behind this video

Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, but click on over the Bob Dylan's website and get some more info on his new Christmas album. One cool thing about this project is all of the Dylan's U.S. royalties from sales of the record will be donated to Feeding America.

Groovy! and kudos to Dylan (because that's really why he did get a shout out from AdamandJeremy).

Friday, November 13, 2009

Adam and Jeremy Say: We Challange you!

Well not us really, but more this dude, Josh, challenges anyone that if they can prove the unborn human fetus is not a living human, he will shut down his youtube channel.

Don't be turned off by Josh's dorkiness, and just accept the challenge.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Adam and Jeremy Say: What? You havn't seen Community?

Clever like 30 Rock...Here is just a tidbit that doesn't really do it justice, but how much time do we have to scour the internet looking for the a great clip and totally encompases the whole show...not possible.
But enjoy and watch the show with caution and strength...Wha?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Adam and Jeremy Say: This is something we recomend doing

...watching live on Sunday Night. We're not the biggest U2 fans, but this will be worth our time.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Adam and Jeremy Say: We hope this convicts you like it convicts us

On behalf of Greg Koukl...

"There is no reason to threaten our unity by frivolous debate. However, many debates are not frivolous, but are worthy of our best efforts.
Paul told Timothy to retain the standard of sound words, and to guard the treasure which had been entrusted to him (
2 Timothy 1:13-14). He told Titus to choose elders who could exhort in sound doctrine and refute those who contradict, teachers, he said, who must be silenced (Titus 1:9, 11).
This kind of protection of the truth is not a passive enterprise. It’s active and energetic. Arguments are good and dispute is healthy. They clarify the truth and protect us from error and religious despotism.
When the church discourages principled debates and a free flow of ideas it leads to shallow Christianity and a false sense unity. No one gets any practice learning how to field contrary views in a gracious and productive way. The oneness they share is contrived, not genuine. And they lose the ability to separate the wheat from the chaff.
When arguments are few, error abounds. "

Sometimes even Adam and Jeremy (and Jeremy is more guity than Adam) shy away from debate in fear that it could cause a break in unity or stir up a small amount if disention. Alas, after hearing what Greg had to say on the issue, we should think about the way we "argue" and move forward with the discussion...carefully.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Adam and Jeremy Say: We are not so sure about this

Found this video interesting, and also found it interesting that this song was one of the Top Ten Greatest Rock n Roll songs of all time according to Digital Dream Door.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Adam and Jeremy Say: We leave you with a question.

(this post best read while listening to "t-shirts" by Derek Webb)

Jeremy Says: Saw a lot of this at Bele Chere this past weekend. It makes me sad and upset.

Adam Says: Everyone is so angry. The “preacher” sounds angry and the crowd acts angry; it is really just an angry place. Disturbing.

Jeremy Says: So how do we respond?
Option 1: do nothing, because it’s not worth spending time on
Option 2: post it to the blog, and enlighten people that this type of behavior is not Christ like
Option 3: Confront such evangelists and stop them from hurting the kingdom
Option 4: Join them in their efforts to “spread the Gospel”
Option 5: Get angry and break something

Adam Says: I like options 2,3 and 5

Jeremy Says: Option three is hard.
Hard, because there’s probably not much you can say to convince them they are wrong, even if you present the right information with the perfect delivery. So then you walk away more frustrated.

Adam Says: Yeah, but what if you just walked around behind that guy handing out bottles of water wearing a shirt that said “I am sorry about that man, but Jesus does love you and let me show you how.”

Jeremy Says: Hmm…you’re ideas are good. do you think non believers would look at that and just blame us for not being “unified” as a body?

Adam Says: Perhaps. However, its that or nothing… do you want his message to stand as a representation for the faith you claim?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Adam and Jeremy Say: From one end of the "Christian" music industry to the other

By the way, we have listened to both the new Project 86 album and the new Derek Webb album, and they are definitely ones you should add to your itunes collection.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Adam and Jeremy Say: this is something we recomend doing...

Yep, it's that time of the year again...

Where Adam and Jeremy can't stop blubbering about Derek Webb and his not awesome awesomness.

Check it, and go buy the new album and watch the video:

Stockholm Syndrome Trailer from Derek Webb on Vimeo.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Adam and Jeremy Say: Murder is wrong, right?

Jeremy Says: Any thoughts on George tiller?

Adam Says: Who is George Tiller?

Jeremy Says: Abortionist who was murdered over the weekend.

Adam Says: Did someone kill him because he was an abortionist?

Jeremy Says: yes

Adam Says: Well that seems a little hypocritical doesn't it?

Jeremy Says: Of course, but unfortunately it's a little more complex than that.
Think of the babies that he was scheduled to kill this week that now have a 2nd chance at life...

Adam Says: Is there any moral or spiritual mandate to kill a man to save babies?

Jeremy Says: There is a moral and spiritual mandate to stop him...and if the only way is to kill him in the process then...
Unfortunately, the Supreme Court does not recognize this mandate in all cases.

Adam Says: Interesting... I can easily say I completely disagree with you. Just as Christ asked Peter to put away his sword we have also been asked to lay down are arms and turn to our Savior for help... I think killing people would be the opposite of turning to Christ for help.

Jeremy Says: You disagree with the point I made. I didn't say I agreed with it.
Anywho, is there ever a moral or spiritual mandate to kill anyone?

Adam Says: That is a very good question. In the book of Isaiah the prophet tells us that God brought Babylon to power to subdue the rest of the earth so that he could save the remnant of Israel... I would assume that means that God either directly or indirectly is responsible for what the Babylonians did in their conquests (which mos def included killing people.)

Jeremy Says: Or an easier example is David and Joshua. They were directly commanded to kill people with their own hands. Agreed?

Adam Says: I agree. Was it Joshua who was commanded to kill everyone man woman and child? I mean that seems so raw... like I don't really understand it.

Jeremy Says: I believe it was him. Yes, I don't really understand it either, but the main point I'm getting at is that God does require his people to kill other humans at times, right?

Adam Says: Do you think he(God) is doing that now?

Jeremy Says: If he is the same God that he was back then, then I definitely think it's possible.
I don't know if he does it in the same manner that he did back then (thundering voice from the sky versus a quiet conviction from the holy spirit). so yes, I think he does require us to do those things sometimes, but that doesn't mean the manner in which he does or the manner in which he requires us to it is the same. Unless of course there is scripture that says otherwise.

Adam Says: Well, I suppose I find that hard to believe. However, I want to see the miraculous God of action that I first believed in and not the cowardly, over contented and overstuffed man made God that the Church has created, and I believe a thundering voice from heaven would fall along those lines... so lets see if we can't make that happen.

Jeremy Says: You could also go jump off a bridge trusting that God would not let you die because of your faith, but that would be foolish.
We should not test Him, so I don't think we can sit back and do nothing while innocent people die, because we are simply waiting for God to take his vengeance.
Does that justify killing abortionists? NO, because there is a big difference between doing nothing and the opposite extreme of murder.
I believe there are other means to prevent the murders of the unborn that don't involve more killing.

Adam Says: I agree completely. I don't think murder is ever in the equation...

Jeremy Says: Yes. I don't think God would ask us to commit murder, defy the government, and be hateful to the abortionist and their families in order to "speak for those who cant speak themselves".

For more info on this topic visit

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Adam and Jeremy Say: Dishonorable dudes with no fathers

Someone recently asked me what summer blockbusters i looked forward to seeing most during 2009, to which i didn't really have an answer.
I'm not a big enough Star Trek fan to get all excited like some crazy people, and Terminator will probably be good, but nothing special like T2, so nothing was really looking spectacular.....
Until now.
(no doubt Terantino will bring the graphic violence, so weaker brothers procede with caution, but the story looks great)

object width="425" height="344">

Monday, May 18, 2009

Adam and jeremy Say: This is old music you've never heard

You might ask yourself: "What the what does Adam and Jeremy have to say about Keith Green? That was twenty years ago and not very rockin."
Well, we don't have much to say about him because we weren't there, but you can hear what other people said him.
Off the cuff, he kinda reminds of us a '70s version of John Mark McMillan.

And we think what other people said about him was pretty cool.

If you're up for a good story, click here.

If you're up for another good story, watch this:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Adam and Jeremy Say: We support some types of violence

Maybe not this kind, but here's a shot of testoterone if you're running a little low.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Adam and Jeremy Say: Whistle our bell

So we are still recovering from the aftermath of Scrubs being over, but this is helping us recover.
We are now moving on to the next phase of our latest project and were lucky enough to acquire the following piece of equipment.
See below for all the cool bells and whistles this baby's got.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Adam and Jeremy Say: The end of it.

We know we just made a post about Scrubs just two posts ago, but tomorrow if the series finale. Yep, the SERIES FINALE.
There are talks about maybe doing a spin off or some type of Scrubs show next season, but we know it won't be the same without JD. Not that it will be bad; just not the same.
It's very sad, but if we stick together and hold tight to our "guy love" everything will okay.
Oh, yeah, and don't forget to watch tonight at 8pm for the 2nd to last episode (something with Obama made them air both episodes this week).

As we try to hold ourselves together as the greatness departs, watch this sneak peak below.

(warning:they use the "p" word in this clip)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Adam and Jeremy Say: This is something we recomend doing

Participate in NPLTW!

Yep, yesterday kicked off a week long event to help promote the notion that people shouldn't kill babies (idea sounds simple enough, right?).

National Pro-Life T-shirt Week goes from April 28th through May 4th.

It doesn't matter where or who you are, show your support by wearing some kind of pro-life t-shirt over the next week.

And if you're in the mood, swing over to the NPLTW website, and enter their picture contest of yourself wearing a t-shirt that fits the theme for the week.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Adam and Jeremy Say: What, you didn't know scrubs has cool online videos?

Well, maybe not cool, but worth watching if you have some time to waste.

We are very infatuated with this year's season of Scrubs on ABC. Make sure you watch it so, it'll score good ratings, and they won't cancel it.

So swing over the the ABC web page for Scrubs, but in the mean time, enjoy this clip:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Adam and Jeremy Say: this is something we recomend doing...

If you have yet to visit our friend, Greg Koukl's, blog over that the Stand To Reason website, you are missing out a much better commentary than you will ever see at Adam and Jeremy (I know, hard to believe, right?), but you will also find tons of resources handy for some of the deeper issues in life and things that really matter.

Yeah, we all need our daily vid to take the edge off, but when your in the mood to not be shallow, check it out.

I was reading the daily blog today, and they were referencing a particular article discussing the recent ARI survey about the decline of Christianity in America...particularly over the past two decades.
Gasp! I know, it sounds dreadful, but the author of the blog made a very good summation that puts it in proper perspective:
"...I think what that survey indicates is that our culture has changed. But what it doesn't show is that the church has already been changing, too, for the better...."

It's important to realize that our culture is changing, and that it may not be as "easy" to be a Christian anymore, but I think it's also important to know that the church is adapting to the changes in culture in way that is more effective for the cause of Christ. Some critics might be disgruntled and think if you change anything about the traditional church, because you would be straying away from the purity originally established by early believers.
The church is changing for the better because, for the most part, it is holding onto the foundational principles outlined in the Bible and teachings of Jesus without appearing archaic.
I say "for the most part" because some people have gone off the deep end and still somehow mix themselves with the church, but I think it's very small minority, so you can't discredit the whole cultural movement because of a few wackos.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Adam and Jeremy Say: People Who Say There is Nothing To Do in Richmond are either Liars or Spoiled

We are seriously amped up about the slate of spring shows that are coming to the Richmond. First and foremost our fav folk-rockers the Decemberists are coming to the National June 5th! (God bless the National) Second there is a list a mile long of other great shows that are coming to our very doorstep, not DC or Norfolk, but rightchear... Even with the Ting Tings show being canceled the Canal Club is still packing quite a punch in the next couple months with shows from indie darlings Matt and Kim, the Electric Six and Bayside (we think the guyliner set still listens to them, but we cannot tell for sure...) Oh but it gets better, if Toads Place ever gets it back together you can expect shows from Badfish, Dinosaur Jr. (who knew) and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. The National has a stellar line up of acts like TV on the Radio, Snoop Dogg, Tracy Morgan, Neko Case and Lady Gaga. Add in the Innsbrook After Hours, Friday Cheers, and the return of the Richmond Folk festival in October and the next few months are packed with musical delight... Oh and I am sure there will be musical exploits at the Church of Crystal Light, Alley Katz or the Camel... And on top of all of that Richmond's single greatest semi-pro sports team will be back in action at UofR Stadium... if you have not been out to see the Kickers lately you are doing your self a disservice... we are not joking when we say they are the best sports team to play in the City Limits and that includes you VCU Basketball (BTW GO RAMS!) Okay okay we think we have it out of our system now... the point is there is tons of great music and sports and what not in this little city of ours and you should be taking advantage of it and the next time you hear someone say something like "This city is boring" or "There is nothing to do here" SLAP THEM and tell them to move to Baltimore, Atlanta or some other hole if they think the big city is such a big deal! Seriously you have the official permission of Adam and Jeremy to back hand anyone who feels the need to slight our great city... Seriously.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Adam and Jeremy Say: Finally a solution for all our prolblems

Just in time...I thought I was going to have to give up golfing because of my overactive bladder.
Don't worry, ladies, I hear there will be a version for you coming soon.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Take a break tonight and watch the Soup. Yeah, we know it's on E! Entertainment tv, and we agree that half the content on the show is in inappropriate, but it helps us put things back into perspective when we go a little media crazy.
And thanks to the soup, we can show you this click:

Monday, February 23, 2009

Adam and Jeremy: We think this is worth checking out.

We are really excited about this new project that our friend Dan Portnoy has started working with. We are always heartened by people who go the extra mile to tell the story of God's love.


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Friday, February 13, 2009

Adam and Jeremy Say: Wives own us, but music is good and Demitri is hillarious

So for most of his life Adam has felt vastly superior to most in regards to his knowledge of popular music (not pop music) that was until Ms. Adam came home babbling about some amazing Rivers Cuomo track that features a Dartmouth a cappella group and piano prodigy... to whit Adam was like "huh?" needless to say a visit was quickly made to the internets and presto! Awesomenss smacks him right in the face...

Needless to say Adam has a new found respect for Ms. Adam... and for a few days Ms. Adam held her epic win over Adam's head until he showed her this...

And thus order was restored to the world.

Adam and Jeremy Say WhoRay... New Bat for Lashes Music...

Feel free to check it out here on the Stereogum, or don't and go on living your life wondering what it would like to have the guts to be great.

Adam and Jeremy want you to know that Joaquin Phoenix is funnier than us...

either that or completely insane... We guess its the former. If you have 9.5 minutes think for yourself.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Adam and Jeremy Say: Superbowl Commercial Breakdown

If you missed the Superbowl last night, first you missed a great game, and although the underdog Cardinals did not win as we hoped, it was still enjoyable to watch till the last play.
As for the commercials, we are still not up to par with years in the past, but it was a valiant effort on the part of the sponsors.

Here are Top Commercials according to

A few thoughts first.
-What's with people getting hit by buses?
-Crotch hits are always funny
-When did we need to special glasses to watch a commercial? (we're a little bummed we didn't have them)
-The movie trailers were good, but I would rather watch something else during the Superbowl.
-Major props to Miller High Life for sticking it to the man
-We may not agree with all the content of these spots, so it's purely for your entertainment
-Sorry for all the Trust Me ads

If you want to know what happened to Jack, see below:

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Adam and Jeremy Say: The Superbowl is on Sunday, you know what that means....


Well, hopefully they will be funny. They have still yet to be of the high caliber commercials during the 90s. Maybe this will be the year...

But to get you in the spirit, we present to you the Top Ten Commercials from 2008...according to someone on youtube.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Adam and Jeremy Say: Get in touch your nerdy side

Appologies for this far to late announcement, but one of our most beautiful people and favorite authors has recently released another book in the Ender's Game series.
Swing on over to to see some more info on the book, but there is also a good review here.

So we have not actually read this book yet, but we have no problems boasting at it's marvel before even picking it up.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Adam and Jeremy: Crash Burn Preserver

Nearly 8 years ago planes crashed and buildings fell. One day ago a plane crashed again, but this time there was no building to fall. "Why do you make that connection Adam and Jeremy?" You may ask. Well aside from both incidents involving planes and both happening in NYC they both showed us that people work. When we are faced with the worst we see the best in people. All day I have read and heard stories of heroism in NYC, and I can't help but remember these same beautiful stories rising from the ashes of 9/11. The point is that when it comes down to the nitty gritty it's not the Federal Government or even the US Armed Forces who will save the day, but its you and your neighbor who resolve to preserver in the face of even the harshest atrocities. And no matter what the President or Congress may think it is the people who are in charge because it is the people who will be here long after they are gone.

Read more about the NYC plane crash.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Adam and Jeremy Say: Ryan Gosling for Kenny Loggins via Childrens Choir

As some of our good friends have pointed out Jeremy and Adam managed to get through Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years and even Epiphany without even so much as a passing glance at the holidays on this beautiful blog of ours... we really are not to sorry about that... but for those of you who demand a satisfaction here is a belated gift... we don't want to ruin the suprise but we will say that it invovles Pianos, Childrens Choirs, Poor Lighting and Ryan Gosling!

Are you happy now?!!? We are.
Happy birthday Kenny Loggins...