Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Raiders of the Lost Tomb

So we recieved this email the other day from a cable provider:

As you may have heard, Discovery hosted a press conference in New York City this morning to discuss what arguably might be one of the most important archeological finds in human history. THE LOST TOMB OF JESUS, from executive producer James Cameron and director Simcha Jacobovici will air on the Discovery Channel on Sunday, March 4 at 9pm (ET) and on Discovery en EspaƱol on Sunday, March 18 at 9pm (ET/PT). This two-hour documentary exclusively reveals limestone ossuaries (bone boxes) and physical evidence found in a 2,000 year old tomb in Talpiot, Jerusalem that may have once held the remains of Jesus of Nazareth and his family. The film presents the latest evidence from world-renowned experts in Aramaic script, ancient DNA analysis, forensics, archaeology and statistics. Among the major discoveries chronicled in the program is new evidence that Jesus and Mary Magdalene may have had a son named Judah. For over 20 years, the Discovery Channel has been dedicated to a very simple mission: to explore the world, to satisfy curiosity and to support the biggest and boldest explorations that seek to answer the world's enduring mysteries. Throughout the production of THE LOST TOMB OF JESUS and now, the Discovery Channel has remained an impartial presenter without a point of view. Rather, it is our responsibility to provide a forum for credible information and research to be discussed and we allow our viewers to draw their own conclusions. However, because of the sensitive subject of the documentary and in conjunction with the publicity that this topic could generate, it can be reasonably assumed that Discovery could become the focus of a public discussion...

At first we didn't know what to think of it. I think we all can agree that making a claim that questions the diety of Christ is going to be contreversal, and call us suckers because we are tempted to watch this little escapade. Though we must admit to being very skeptical for a number of reasons... one: this is television (we never believe what we see on tv), two: this is James Cameron (that's the guy who forced Titanic on us), three: As Christians we believe Jesus Christ was crucified but then rose from the dead and ascended into heaven (making it imposible to find His remains.) So don't be suprised if we pan this latter, just as we are not suprised that such a conterversal topic (in the mold of the awful Davinci Code) ((yes I know that was an adhommiom attack)) would already be generating press at places like YAHOO "News." So we leave it to you; what do you think? Is this just more Davinci Code hype? Or is this something we should pay attention to?

If you want to look into this show further check out the Discovery Channel website.

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  1. You can see Reuters video coverage of the story here: http://www.reuters.com/news/video/videoStory?videoId=14210