Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Adam and Jeremy Say: People Who Say There is Nothing To Do in Richmond are either Liars or Spoiled

We are seriously amped up about the slate of spring shows that are coming to the Richmond. First and foremost our fav folk-rockers the Decemberists are coming to the National June 5th! (God bless the National) Second there is a list a mile long of other great shows that are coming to our very doorstep, not DC or Norfolk, but rightchear... Even with the Ting Tings show being canceled the Canal Club is still packing quite a punch in the next couple months with shows from indie darlings Matt and Kim, the Electric Six and Bayside (we think the guyliner set still listens to them, but we cannot tell for sure...) Oh but it gets better, if Toads Place ever gets it back together you can expect shows from Badfish, Dinosaur Jr. (who knew) and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. The National has a stellar line up of acts like TV on the Radio, Snoop Dogg, Tracy Morgan, Neko Case and Lady Gaga. Add in the Innsbrook After Hours, Friday Cheers, and the return of the Richmond Folk festival in October and the next few months are packed with musical delight... Oh and I am sure there will be musical exploits at the Church of Crystal Light, Alley Katz or the Camel... And on top of all of that Richmond's single greatest semi-pro sports team will be back in action at UofR Stadium... if you have not been out to see the Kickers lately you are doing your self a disservice... we are not joking when we say they are the best sports team to play in the City Limits and that includes you VCU Basketball (BTW GO RAMS!) Okay okay we think we have it out of our system now... the point is there is tons of great music and sports and what not in this little city of ours and you should be taking advantage of it and the next time you hear someone say something like "This city is boring" or "There is nothing to do here" SLAP THEM and tell them to move to Baltimore, Atlanta or some other hole if they think the big city is such a big deal! Seriously you have the official permission of Adam and Jeremy to back hand anyone who feels the need to slight our great city... Seriously.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Adam and Jeremy Say: Finally a solution for all our prolblems

Just in time...I thought I was going to have to give up golfing because of my overactive bladder.
Don't worry, ladies, I hear there will be a version for you coming soon.