Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Jeremy Says: Christian MTV

Call your cable provider today and ask for the Gospel Music Channel. I don't really care much for the name, because when i hear "Gospel Music" I think Kirk Franklin and old fashioned cheesy music.


The Gospel Music Channel reaches out to everyone and has snagged me with a couple of their shows: "Rock Block" and Metalhead". Both shows play music videos from current and older christian rock bands, and its nice to finally something other than Justin Timberlake in the music video realm.
What makes it even better is that they are very similar to MTV starting out with a very small budget. So much so, they can't afford to hire a VJ, so it's nothing but Music Videos all the time! Finally music television that is actually music television.

P.S. nothing against kirk franklin, but when you need rock, you need rock.
P.S.S. I recommend sending them an email from the website and giving them feedback. ive already requested to see videos from specific bands, and they actually took the time to respond to me.

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