Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Vote for God and He will cut taxes

So Berg got an email forward the other day that touted the blatant Christian values that supposedly correspond to the thirteen folds in a American Flag during a military flag folding. The email was littered with images like this

And touted values like eternal life, and Christian Honor; well you can read the whole thing here at the Snopes website who, as it turns out, have proven that the whole thing is nothing more than an urban legend.

The whole thing got me thinking about the issue of national allegiance and religious allegiance... I mean this email is a perfect example of religious zealotry gone way out to pasture, but it highlights a group of religious people who want to make God a political figure who should be elected President of the Untied States, and I have a problem with this.

I mean as an American I am happy to be part of this country, and I do feel blessed but too often I find Americans have this Hebrew complex... like they want to be God's Chosen people, and in fact only the Israelites where chosen as a people/nation specially by to God to represent Him. Now that doesn't mean we are not special because I mos def think that God gave His Son Jesus to "the world" so that none "shall perish but have eternal life;" I just happen to be of the opinion that God sent Jesus to bless the entier world with His message of Love and the gift of Eternal Life... That's why I got so stoked a few weeks ago when I found this bumpers sticker online...

I think it gets the point across that God is not an American entity... He is far larger than that, and as Jesus pointed out, He wants us to Love Him first and Secondly Love others (meaning everyone... even our enemies)

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