Thursday, April 24, 2008

Adam Says: Look What I FFFFOUND...

Yeah I thought this image was cool, and so is just about everything else on they call it image bookmarking, but you will have to check it out to understand... but trust me it is worth checking out.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: Snopes is the bomb

Thanks to our friends at Snopes, we know that this is actually false. Should have known since it says "" in the first two seconds.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jeremy Says: I love my job

So my boss forwards me this picture today with this note attached.

This is the level of dedication we expect from all staff!
The Management

Monday, April 14, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: Old Dylan is New Dylan

“The Harmonica is the world’s best-selling musical instrument. You’re welcome.” – Bob Dylan

If you did not know this, these words were spoken by Dylan on his own radio show. That's right. he's still truckin and broadcasting to millions through XM. You can hear some clips by following the above link.

If you thought his old raspy voice sounded good via song, wait till you hear it on his show.

I think this picture makes him look like an old bitter mexican, but all random thoughts aside go take a listen to his show.

Adam and Jeremy Say: Rivalry Nonesense

We're honestly don't care much about the Yanks and the Sox, but you gotta get a little kick out of it.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: Our Conversations Are Not Allways So Complicated...

Jeremy -- Have you ever watched the miracle on ice game?

Adam -- Just the highlights.

J -- I've sat through a majority of it, and it’s not near as exciting as the movie (obviously), but it does get ya’ going.

A -- I thought the game and the movie were dull… I am not a big hockey fan, and beating the Russians is so 1980’s; it’s not like you and I were ever effected by the red scare.

J -- Come on, man! It was a huge deal. I remember visiting Berlin in East Germany when they were still apart of the USSR. It was a little freaky, but I guess you could say it was real to me.

A -- Yeah but all of that ended before we even got to middle school… I mean I was never worried about the Russians invading were you?

J -- Nah, but it was fun to think of them as the bad guys.

A -- Yeah when I was that age I was more into pirates and knights, so I usually didn’t pretend the Russians had anything to do with life.

J -- So you never really had a people group that you considered the "enemy" and imagined fighting against them? Like in the first half of the century I’m sure all the kids thought of the Nazis as bad guys. I guess now the kids would think of the Jihads as the bad guys.

A -- Nah… whenever we played war games it was always just my side, which was good, against their side, which was bad. I guess one of my natural sin proclivities is to view evil and good in relative terms… or maybe it’s not a sin but rather a statement of fact. There is one Good in the world, and one evil and so in between you have people who are varying degrees of one or the other.

J -- Good vs. evil like in Lord of the Rings? Underworld? Fight Club? The Matrix? Pirates of the Caribbean?

A -- Wait… are you good or are you evil?

J -- I represent all that is good. I am like Aslan

A -- I thought he was an allegory for Christ?

J -- …and Jeremy Melberg.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Adam Says: Spanish Parents Faking Divorce For School Spots

I have a brother who regularly enjoys a good rant about the evils of big government and the socialization of private industries... like health care. So I am filing this one under "News That Is Sure to Make Seth Rant."
Apparently in Spain their is much competition to get your kids into the best state schools, and to help get the little tykes in to the very best state schools (oxymoron) parents are actually faking divorce because of a loop hole in the rules for placement... if this sounds odd read the whole thing for yourself. If this sounds normal... vote Hillary in '08.

Adam and Jeremy Say:Politics and God are not the same thing

Jeremy said: Do you think we should still have military bases in Germany?

Adam said: Yes. From a military stand point it is beneficial to have bases in strategic locations around the globe. So if someone goes nuts in Turkey we will have soldiers we can move to that location within hours.

Jeremy said: Are you cool with keeping permanent bases in Iraq?

Adam said: Yep. It makes sense to have a base of operations in the middle east… especially since we are so close to Iran there.

Jeremy said: We were studying Genesis this past Sunday and i was reminded about how all this started in the first place. Imagine if Abraham had just chilled and waited a little longer for his wife to conceive before knockin' up that other chick. Arabs would technically not exist.

Adam said: But sin would, so it would have happened some how. I was talking about this last night, so often we try to explain why it's not okay to steal and why you shouldn't kill by just saying God says so… but when it comes to God the same rules don’t apply… God sees our sins and the sins of others and allows them to happen so that he can be glorified. So God knew Abraham would mess up and he knew Arabs and Jews would hate each other and he let it happen so he could be glorified… how all that works I don’t know but I do know it does.

Jeremy said: I know God wants to be glorified, but don't you think he would rather us glorify Him through our holiness than our sin. I know he will use both, but you would think if he had a preference between the two, he would choose holiness. Sure he allows us to sin, but I don't think he prefers that. But you would think if there was a better way he would obviously know how to do that, and thus do it.

Adam said: I think that God is beyond our minds… and so when we think of things in a logical way we are not even coming close to understanding Gods purpose. Human values are not Gods values… human values are a representation of Gods values.

Jeremy said: so when we think of a "loving God", that's different that what God thinks of a "loving God?"

Adam said: Sure, here is something I can grasp. As a husband and eventually future parent I often feel like I know what is best, but it is better sometimes to let people figure that out for themselves… of course I intervene when letting someone do something goes from learning a tough lesson to putting their life in danger… but for God he actually knows everything… so he has no shortcomings in judgment, and better still he can let someone learn a lesson that is life threatening because he ultimately controls everything. So metaphorically God can let us learn that guns can kill because even if the gun kills you or someone he can bring them back from the dead. You and I could not risk letting a child learn that but because God is God he can.

Jeremy said: Right on. Are you up for posting this to the blog even though we basically said an entire people group exists only because of sin, or did we justify the point that they don't necessarily exist because of sin, but because God has a plan to glorify himself regardless of how we see things?

Adam said: I am cool with it… I do think we started kind of negative, but I think we explained it well… and if people don’t read far enough to have it explained, it is on them in my mind.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: Remember when the Final Four was played in Mexico?

In this image released by the Mexican advertising firm of Teran/TBWA on Monday April 7, 2008, an advertisement created for Swedish Absolut Vodka which ran in Mexico, shows a map of the border of Mexico and the United States where it stood before the Mexican-American War of 1848. The Absolut vodka company apologized for the ad campaign amid angry calls for a boycott by U.S. consumers.

Adam and Jeremy Say: Old Music

If you've never seen this video from Jars of Clay (yeah, remember them from '97?), we think it's pretty cool. A simple idea, but it can give you some complicated feelings.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: New Music

I just got a chance to listen to the new Search the City's album.

The good news is, they sound like Anberlin
The bad news is, Anberlin is better.

Take a listen for yourself using their e-card

Friday, April 4, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: This is a tribute to female drivers everywhere

Adam and Jeremy Say:Listen up all you MySpace Junkies!

Cynopsis Digital announced Fox Interactive Media made MySpace Music official, tapping the music libraries of each major label except EMI to create a comprehensive DRM-free music retail site that will feature free ad-supported audio and video streaming, paid MP3 downloads, concert tickets and merchandise. News Corp./Verisign joint venture Jamba will provide an adjacent mobile storefront offering ringtones, wallpapers, etc. The service represents the first marriage between a major social network (30 million users and counting) and a major content offering (50 million bands.) The service is expected to roll out incrementally over the next few months.

Adam and Jeremy are skeptical about the benefit of this service, but we thought you should know the deal. This could be greatest thing ever or the downfall of Western Civilization...and we're not exaggerating at all.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: A Tribute to Colbert

For a very brief moment the Richmond and Asheville branches of AdamandJeremy united at our nations capital over Easter weekend. It was a jolly ol' time, but will always be remembered most for our visit to the National Portrait Gallery and getting our picture taken with Steven Colbert....Okay, so it wasn't the real Colbert(just a picture), but it was still fun. Below you can see Adam and Jeremy in our full glory...smiles and all.
Rock on!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: "Life is Pain..."

First who can tell me where that quote is from?
Second, we don't usually post email forwards on the blog for originality's sake, but these pictures are to gnarly not to share. Enjoy!
(a minor caution for those with weak stomachs)