Monday, April 30, 2007

Adam Says:Muisic that is too cool for you...

Some Guy Named Tom.
So I am on Stereogum today watching this rad video that I will speak about at length in a bit, but first I must tell you about Buffalo Tom! No clue who the band is really, I just heard it on the "gum mix," liked it and thought I should pass it on... no preasure... just one of those things that pops into your head and if someone digs it than great...

New Derek Webb!!!
The latest from Derek Webb drops this week! The Ringing Bell is amazing and you should own it... Jeremy and I can't say enough about Derek Webb, so we will let his music do the talking.

Does Even THIS Surprise Us Ms. Love?

So apparently Courtney Love is still producing music, and apparently she is still a mess! Pitchfork is reporting that Ms. Love will be auctioning of Kurt Cobain's stuff, which shouldn't really suprise us because 1) she needs money for crack 2) she need publicity for her upcoming album and 3) she is pure evil. If it wasn't official before it is now; Courtney Love has reached full Yoko Ono status.

Coachella Coverage Abounds.
More Coachella than you could ever need... thanks AT&T

See Previous...
As Jeremy stated before we love Rage Against the Machine, and so the more reviews we can get from their Coachella performance the better!

News Flash: Bjork is Enigmatic and Beautiful!

Bjork's new album "Volta" hits next week, but you can hear the whole thing online right now thanks to NME; which may be a great idea given the buzz her Coachella performance is creating. Oh and because we are contractually obligated we must mention that Bjork is enigmatic and beautiful... carry on.

Speaking of Music Online... (I do way to many "...'s")

Aol is streaming music this week, but it is all pretty lame. You can hear the Spider-Man 3 soundtrack which actually features three or four great singles from bands like Snowpatrol, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and the Killers of all people, but don't blow all the cash in your piggy bank for this one... as is the case with almost all soundtracks you could really just go spend four bucks on iTunes to get the singles and skip the rest of the pointless filler... and yes I am lumping the Flaming Lips into that category (sac relig right?)

The Greatest Office Ever!
So if you are under the age of thirty you have no doubt visited before; well it turns out that these folks are actually part of a larger company that's not really important except to say that they have an office that may just be the funnest office of all time... even funner than Dunder Mifflan! here is the video to prove it...

Blender Magazine: Trying to Capitalize on Trends Since 2001.

Holy crap Blender sucks! Just read their 500 top albums since your were born list... that is if you were born after 1979... Mindless populist rubbish... I think thats a series of questions on
Jeopardy! (Yes I realize that the exclamation point was superfluous, but that literally the title of the program "Jeopardy!")

What the Sparhawk is THAT?

Some of you may have heard of the meolodic/plodding pop-band Low; it's another one of those husband and wife things... the husband being Alan Sparhawk (cool name right?) So he is being featured on as a Take Away Show this week, and I think he is great so you should click here now!

Listen to Feist, California Needs Your Help.

Oh goodness Feist has a new album out and last time I checked California was harnessing the release of pent up excitment being released by her multitudes of fans... or something like that. Go to her myspace page and listen to the whole album for yourself, and maybe you can help California advert its energy crisis.

Adam and Jeremy Say: Rage On

That's right boys and girls, Rage Against the Machine is back in action and played their first show last night since disbanding years ago. Rolling Stone has a good article recapping the evening's events.

I am excited to say that Rage is back together and hopefully they will put out another album or two if they can find it in themselves to work together....or should i say if Zach can get along with the rest of the band.

One of the theories that Adam and I had about the reason they quit the first time, was because Rocha maybe just got tired of being angry. Well, according to the for mentioned article, that is far from true.

Adam and Jeremy would be more than happy to discuss why they like the band so much and how it can positively impact your life. Some may think its strange that a Christian would enjoy music than can be foul and negative at times.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Derek Webb Will Change Your Life and what not.

Derek Webb Likes to Ring Bells
So Tuesday is still very far away, but we need to tell you again how stoked we are about the new Derek Webb disc, "The Ringing Bell." While the disc drops on Tuesday you can still pre-order the special edition disc with the 96 page graphic novel until then for a mere twenty dollars. Head over to and hook it up.

28 Weeks of Awesomeness
So all the movie buzz of late has been focused on Spider-Man 3 which lands next weekend, but the movie Adam and Jeremy are goosed about is "Twenty Eight Weeks Later" which is the sequel to the surprise horror/suspense indie flick "Twenty Eight Days Later." So admittedly we at Adam and Jeremy are not normally zombie movie fans, but 28 days later was sooo good that we put our bias aside and gave it our support... and thus we do again for "28 Weeks Later," just go ahead and pencil this in as another Adam and Jeremy HIT! But if you must see it to believe it, here is the super rad trailer.

Adam and Jeremy Summer Reading List
Finally Adam and Jeremy Have released their summer reading list! Check it out.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: The Week Ends

The Week Ends and so...
It is Friday which means we are drawing to a close a very exciting week... I mean it was Virginia's Historic Garden Week, and TV Turn Off Week (How are you doing with that?) and on a more somber note this was Global Days for Darfur Week, and I hope you got a chance to read the guest post about it from Sarah. As an added bonus we found out that Rosie O'Donnell is quiting the View.
Plus I have this glut of goodies I have picked up over the last three days that I have yet to give you so now I spew them forth for your entertainment....

Beastie Boys
Beastie Boys new album titled "The Mix Up," and it promises to be way more old school punk Beasties than old school hip hop beasties... here are the details.

Spider-Man 3
The entire world seems to be buzzing about Spider-Man 3, and well they should (we could really use some entertainment right?!?) at any rate you can check out the super cool indie loaded sound track featuring music from bands like the Flaming Lips, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Snow Patrol, and the Killers, on the soundtrack myspace page.

Kurt Vonnegut Remembered
I think most literary fans are still shocked by the passing of Kurt Vonnegut, so here is a list of quotes from the Onion A.V. Club to fill the void.

Feeling Feist-y
Even though her album does not drop until next week in the states you can hear Feist new album, "The Reminder," on line; the whole thing is on Feist's myspace page right now... this has Popcandy all a flutter.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sarah Says: Darfur Something Must Be Done.

Never Again?

By Sarah Nagy

Another Holocaust? Never again. Another Cambodia? Never again. Another Rwanda? Never again. Again and again…never again. Yet—faced with the current genocide occurring in Darfur, Sudan—the world has arrived at another crossroads. Stand up or sit down? So far apathy seems to have a choke-hold on the international community.

How did we allow ourselves to arrive at this place once again? For three years now, with the international community standing on the sidelines, Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir has been waging a campaign of genocide against the “black” farmers of Darfur (the western province of Sudan). To quell a rebellion of farmers fighting the negligent policies of the Sudanese government, Bashir has trained a militia consisting of mostly Arab herders, which he then unleashed upon the “rebels” (although Bashir’s definition of “rebel” has come to encompass the entire “black” population of Darfur—particularly those from the Fur, Zaghawa, and Massalit tribes). Preceding the milita’s attacks, Sudanese soldiers flying helicopter gunships and Antonov bombers begin the destruction of villages and the murder of innocents. Then Bashir’s militia, or the Janjaweed (“evil on horseback”), descend upon villages—burning the buildings, looting people’s personal property, poisoning the water, destroying crops, killing the livestock, raping the women, abducting or killing the children, and killing the men. Racial epithets are shouted during the attacks, for example calling the farmers zurgas (a derogatory term for “blacks”).

Those that do survive the attack face a harrowing journey. Often with very few belongings, they must leave behind their home and the dead bodies of loved ones. For days, sometimes weeks, the farmer-turned-refugee must flee to the Chad/Sudan border to take shelter in one of the few established refugee camps throughout Darfur and inside Chad. Conditions within the camps are often squalid, hardly fit to be called a “camp.” There are not enough supplies available to the humanitarian aid organizations running the camps; refugees must become resourceful, putting up shelter using sticks, branches, whatever they can find. Long lines for food and water are a norm. Medical attention is meager, doctors doing the best they can given the situation. Trips outside of camp boundaries for firewood are exceedingly dangerous, with attacks upon women by the Janjaweed not uncommon. African Union forces are in place, but with only 7,000 troops to monitor an area the size of France and a mandate that does not allow the use of force, their ability to protect civilians is minimal at best. Most recently, there has been spillover of the conflict into Chad and the Central Africa Republic, with Janjaweed crossing the border and attacking civilians there. As a result, refugees are being made of refugees, and humanitarian aid workers—what few are still there—are finding themselves in an exceedingly dangerous situation.

It is important to keep in mind what led to the current situation Darfurians are faced with today. An ideology of Arab supremacism and racism has been in place at the governmental level since the 1980s, when a group called the Arab Gathering took power. They believe that only those truly following the Prophet Muhammad have the right to rule a “Muslim land,” and thus the “black” leadership in Darfur must go. A deadline of 2020 was set to complete the “project” in a 1998 directive known as “Qoreshi 2,” distributed by the new leadership. Qoreshi ideology singles out Darfurians as “half-caste,” and Arabs as “true”—thus “pure.” Out of this directive and ideology emerged the Janjaweed, and they have been responsible for carrying out genocide against the people of Darfur, with the backing of the Sudanese government. If allowed to continue, perhaps the Arab Gathering’s “project” will be completed sooner than 2020.

There is much the international community can do and should do to keep the Arab Gathering and Janjaweed from continuing the destruction of Darfur. Progress has been made by former Secretary of State Colin Powell calling the situation what it is: genocide. But it is not enough simply to call it genocide; the international community must act. Progress has been made with the passing of the UN Security Council Resolution 1706 in August of 2006, authorizing UN peacekeeping troops to enter Sudan (certainly “inviting” the Sudanese government’s consent, though not requiring it due to the invocation of Chapter 7 of the U.N. Charter). But it is not enough to simply pass a resolution; the international community must act. The following steps should be taken:
· Freeze the assets of Sudanese government officials who have already been linked to the genocide;
· Bring China and other countries with oil interests in Sudan to the table and make them part of the solution; countries such as the United States can use their power to make this happen;
· Enforce a No-Fly Zone over the Darfur region to ensure that the Sudanese government cannot continue its policy of destruction through the use of helicopter gunships and Antonov bombers;
· Place Peacekeeping forces on the ground—with or without consent from the Sudanese government. State sovereignty cannot continue to excuse upwards of 300,000 deaths and 3.5 million refugees;
· Take actions to ensure the flow of humanitarian aid into Darfur, without which the refugees cannot survive;
· Provide asylum within U.S. borders for Darfuri and Chadian refugees;
· Continue grassroots “Save Darfur” movements within countries such as the United States; this will ensure the issue to remain on the government’s agenda.

Instead of waiting for the genocide to be over and then proclaiming: “Another Darfur? Never again,” the international community must stand up now. The people of Darfur have suffered enough, and President Bashir is becoming too comfortable and receiving too many signals from the rest of the world that, while the world does not condone his government’s actions, the world will not intervene. It is time to start taking the proclamation of “Never again” seriously.


- Flint, Julie and de Waal, Alex. “Ideology in Arms: The Emergence of Darfur’s Janjaweed.” The Sudan Tribune. 30 August 2005.

- Gettleman, Jeffrey. “Toll of Darfur Underreported, Study Declares.” The New York Times. 15 September 2006.

- Kristof, Nicholas D. “If Not Now, When?” The New York Times. 29 October 2006.
Reeves, Eric. “Death in Darfur.” 20 October 2006.

- Wadhams, Nick. “U.N. Passes Darfur Measure, With a Catch.” The Associated Press. 31 August 2006.

Adam and Jeremy Say: Rose O'Donnell Quits View!


is MORE!

This may be the only reason I can find to start watching TV again... Rosie O'Donnell is quiting the View! Gasp! That's right no more Rosie on the View... I don't know how we will continue to watch if there is no Rosie... wait this might mean that we will get to see more of Elisabeth Hasselbeck! This boys and girls is what we call a win win situation!

Okay now that we have that bit of news out of the way... we would like to remind you that TV is evil and because of that we are celebrating TV Turn Off Week!

Adam and Jeremy Say: Turn Off that Stupid TV

As you Adam and Jeremy fans know this is TV Turn Off Week, and you also know that Adam and Jeremy are leading the charge in turning off their very own TVs even though Adam will miss this weeks episode of LOST!

However the news of the NBC boycott has added further fuel to the fire. Adam and Jeremy think glorifying violence is an evil thing especially if you are doing it for profit... so we support this boycott, and you may want to support it to... check it out.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Adam Says: More Music News Than My Server Can Hold

Free New Music

AOL is streaming new albums from The Arctic Monkeys, Test Your Reflex, Snoop Dogg and The Night Watchman (Tom Morrello's side project ((Tom Morrello of Rage Against the Machine.))

The Arctic Monkeys

Barley a year ago the Arctic Monkeys blew up the blogosphere with "Whatever You Say I am, that's what I am not." These blue collar kids from England were touted as the next big thing, and to some extent it was true, but they were literally kids so they didn't handle the spotlight of fame so well. Now they are back with an album that is richer and deeper, but misses the greatness it reaches for. "Favourite Worst Nightmare" is good and at points its great, but the youthful guile that made their debut classic has been replaced by the jade of celebrity and so the heart begins to miss beats, the shine begins to ware. "Favourite Worst Nightmare" is step forward for the Arctic Monkeys, and if they keep this up they may be the type of grizzled veterans that can continue to make classic albums far into the future.

Well that's my take, check out what Pitchfork and the NME readers think...

Viva La Nightwatchman Revolution!

We are all giddy with excitement to hear that Rage Against the Machine is back together, and so the "One Man Revolution" by Tom Morrello's alter ego the Nightwatchman may be dropping at the perfect moment or it may be over shadowed by Tom's gigantic day job. "One Man Revolution" pulls heavily from names like Cash, Dylan, Young, Springsteen and the protest songs of the sixties; and even manages to do so without becoming some sort of burn out hippie caricature. On stand out tracks like "House Goes Up In Flames" Morrello does an excellent job of taking the intensity of his beliefs and pouring them into his voice and acoustic guitar, but on many other tracks the resplendence of Morrellos guitar work and its creativity that made Rage Against the Machine sound so unique in the rap-rock era is sadly missing. For the most part the message is stronger than the songs on this album, but maybe that was the point. I for one am more excited to see Tom at his creative height this summer as Rage begin to play shows again.

Can't Ever Get Enough White Stripes

More White Stripes news! Yeah so "Icky Thump" will drop June 19th (My Birthday!!!), but before that Jack and Meg plan to drop two singles on vinyl! Oh man music geeks prepare to geek out!... read the rest on Pitchfork. Oh there's also something about Gorillaz breaking up and Radiohead's next album in there, but come on who could focus when news about the White Stripes has just been unleashed.

If Stereogum says it, it must be true. has named Alberta Cross a band to watch... for what its worth.

Indie Music Videos? Isn't this an oxymoron?

Okay so you have to/MUST check out the Take-Away Shows! It is a group of videos of different amazing artist like The Shins, Andrew Bird, Arcade Fire, The National and Cold War Kids... shot live in all these non-video locations like freight elevators and back alleys... it is a totally gnarly project brought to us by the French of all people! Seriously the rest of this blog is meaningless if you don't ch-ch-ch-check it out!

Rollingstone? Ain't that funny?

So Rollingstone has come up with a snarky sarcastic list of ways the record industry can save CD's... wow what a great idea! Jeremy wouldn't you say that is an incredible concept that we should consider using in the future?

Top 10 reasons Letterman is way cooler than you, and American Idol for that matter!

So apparently American Idol is still on the air (Good thing we turning off our TV this week or we may have been tempted to watch it) at any rate this kid Sangria or something like that was apparently a big deal on the program and got kicked off... so of course Letterman did a Top 10 list with him. It is quite funny...

Monday, April 23, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Save Darfur, Kill TV, and Visit a Garden


You may have hear about Darfur but you may not really know what people are talking about when the talk about it and the genocide happening there. You may not know that Darfur is a region of Sudan, or that the genocide in Darfur is spilling into neighboring Chad or that one of the primary causes of the genocide is religious intolerance from two waring Muslim factions. Here is a little background form the site

"Darfur has been embroiled in a deadly conflict for over three years. At least 400,000 people have been killed; more than 2 million innocent civilians have been forced to flee their homes and now live in displaced-persons camps in Sudan or in refugee camps in neighboring Chad; and more than 3.5 million men, women, and children are completely reliant on international aid for survival. Not since the Rwandan genocide of 1994 has the world seen such a calculated campaign of displacement, starvation, rape, and mass slaughter.

Since early 2003, Sudanese armed forces and Sudanese government-backed militia known as “Janjaweed” have been fighting two rebel groups in Darfur, the Sudanese Liberation Army/Movement (SLA/SLM) and the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM). The stated political aim of the rebels has been to compel the government of Sudan to address underdevelopment and the political marginalization of the region. In response, the Sudanese government’s regular armed forces and the Janjaweed – largely composed of fighters of nomadic background – have targeted civilian populations and ethnic groups from which the rebels primarily draw their support – the Fur, Masalit and Zaghawa"

Obviously this is a huge tragedy and we can not continue to sit aside while it occurs, that is why we are taking part in Global Days for Darfur, a huge movement across the globe to mobilize people in recourse in support of ending the genocide in Darfur... obviously this is a huge and complicated issue so we are going to bring in a guest blogger this week to enlighten us from a more educated standpoint, but we also encourage you to log on to sites like and find out the truth about the horrors of Darfur.

Kill Your Television (Or at least turn it off)

On a completely unrelated topic (though one could say that the televisions medias refusal to cover the Darfur issue is one reason to take part in this...) This is also National TV Turn Off Week! YIPPIE! OK so many of us spend tons of time in front of the television getting stupider... don't believe me?

Here are the facts... there are 2.55 people, on average, in a household. There are 2.73 televisions, on average, in a house hold... there are more TV's than people in America. Seriously 50% of American House Holds have three or more televisions. The Average American watches 4.35 hours of television per DAY!

It is pretty obvious that obesity is a problem in this country and the television is not helping! So make a pact with us and turn off the boob tube for seven days... come on you can do it... plus you have TiVO anyways so you wont even miss your favorite shows... In the last week it has become painfully obvious to Adam and Jeremy that television is a negative in our society (24-7 analysis of a mass murder is enough to make even the most calloused heart sink) We hope you will take this challenge and "Kill Your Television," or as the Red Hot Chili Peppers put it "Through Away Your Television." Not sure what to do with your free time? Check out this link... it has some pretty cool ideas... by the way the fact that you don't know what to do with your free time is a clear indication that you are watching way too much TV.

Historic Garden Week in Virginia

Because all this talk of Saving Darfur and Killing Your Television may be a little heavy, and because you may not know what to do with your extra 2 to 5 hours of time when you turn off your TV we would also like to point out that this is Historic Garden Week here in the Old Dominion. On Saturday Adam and his extended family went to check out the azalea gardens at Joseph Bryan Park in Richmond, and Adam highly recommend the experience. There are tons of great gardens to check out in the greater Richmond Area like Maymont and Lewis Ginter Botantical Garden... when the weather is as great as it was this weekend your really shouldn't waste it on TV even if their wasn't a campaign this week, but since there is take it as a sign and go discover the beauty of God's creation.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Adam Says: It's still National Poetry Month and thus I give you poetry!

So yeah I said it before but it bears repeating that April is National Poetry Month (Get Psyched) ! (Yes I realize that it is way redundant to insert the phrase get psyched before an exclamation point, but I don't care!) At any rate I figured I would share with you a bit of lyrical wording that has meant a lot to me over the years and may mean something to you....

I thought about fire in the sky.
I thought about fire.
I thought about love burning in your eye.
I thought about fire.
It hurts that drops of fire would fall so precise,
and how everything else would lose its meaning.
What a beautiful, what a painful surprise.
There is no peace outside if there is nothing within.
It hurts. But like coming home, once dried up.
I guess this is what you get when a heart expands.

I thought about...

Love is destructive for the ego.
And Your voice is the only thing
that speaks rebelliously in this world of claiming your own.
There is no peace outside if there's nothing within.
Love is addictive for the spirit.
And Your voice whispers with a roar,
that fire rises up, refills.
Place the right king on the throne

I thought about...

I thought about a burning fire
I thought about a loving fire
I thought about Your love

Song: About A Burning Fire
By: Blindside
Album: About A Burning Fire

Friday, April 20, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: What is Up With Global Warming

Dear Global Warming,

We hear you are going to be back in town soon, and we are super pumped! It has been way too long and we have a lot of catching up to do. Your buddy AL GORE tells us that you have been up in the polar ice caps or something like that, but we find it hard to believe the man who invented the internet... we never believe anything we read on the internet... unless of course its a rumor about a new Lindsay Lohan Nipple slip photo! We just figure you took another trip to South Africa to work at that “resort” again. Oh and that note; please tell whoever that girl is with the French accent to stop calling us in the middle of the night from your cell.

You have been ever so missed; this excessively long winter and its destructive weather is becoming quite a pain in the buttocks. Our spring blooms are deader than Jessie Spano’s career, and the poor Bradford pears look like they have gone back into hibernation. Yes, we are blaming you, but we’re doing it because we care so don't get discouraged. Get your bum back here quick, people are eager to being their summer travel, but we certainly can’t hit the beach without you big fella.

Oh and hey when you finally get back in town bud we need to warn you that there have been some “scientist” saying some real mean things about you. A couple of these guys have even said that you have it in for us... Ok so we really don’t want to listen to these jerks, but man they have us second guessing. We're cool right? You aren't planning to sabotage our jobs or stealing our wives are you?

And more than that, you know for some of us it all comes down to the Benjamin’s. If you start costing us more money, than we may have to excommunicate you. Something it appears we are willing to do if we have too. Of course it may cost us more in the short run, but we will probably be better off financially without you in the long least that what the politicians say. I know you see your demise coming around soon, but don't lose heart. I mean we have got to be due for another ice age soon, and I’m guessing even an ice age will be too much for you. Funny enough it’s those same “scientists” that are telling us this.

Those guys seem like trouble to me, but don't worry if they try to kick you out; you can crash at our house... just don't bring your crazy friend el NiƱo again... last time that guy stayed he put a hole in the bathroom wall, broke my wife’s favorite lamp, puked on our Anthropology bed spread and some how we lost four of our good silver spoons. I know you won’t be able to stay long, and you have to get over to the African desert before the rainy season has a chance to start, but while you are here do you think you want to go visit your friends at GM... I know they are worried that all the money they are sinking in bio diesel may go to waste if you don't show up soon, so it would really mean a lot to them if you could put in appearance, even if you only give them a quick "how’s your uncle" and grab a cup of coffee I am sure they will be ecstatic to have you.
Oh, and let me thank you for sparing us the hurricanes last year. I know the naysayers' were saying last summer was going to be worse than the infamous Ivan/Katrina year, but we appreciate the lack of tropical activity last year. If you could do so again this year, that would be sweet… thanks.

Real quick before we go, we just want to say we are worried. Let’s face it, people are saying some pretty ugly things about you and to tell the truth we don't think it’s cool. If this keeps up people will be hunting you down with pitch forks and torches like you’re Mel Gibson or something; so we have come up with five easy steps to regain your good name, and put an end to all this doom and gloom talk.

1. Change your name to Global Tanning - We think a name change like that will really reinforce one of your biggest positives to the under 25 college co-ed set. You know there is nothing a college freshman wants more than a golden tan, well that and a larger credit limit from mommy and daddy, but you get the picture.

2. Lay off the polar ice caps. Melting icebergs don't look too great...even during the summer. Start targeting less popular locales like the Australian deserts.

3. Carbon Offsets! All the hip kids are trying to reduce > their footprints these days by purchasing carbon offsets... nothing says "I care about the environment" like purchasing theoretical offsets of carbon emissions, just ask your pal ALGORE.

4. Be consistent. Don't show up for a week in January, then leave, and then come back in June. Likewise, don't show up for 10 years, and then be gone for 10 years. We recommend showing up for a few months straight then take a long break during the cooler months.

5. Finally man you need to go green... people have this idea that you are an eco-enemy so you need to prove that you are a friend of the environment... start simple recycle and replace the bulbs in your house with fluorescents, and work your way to a bio diesel car or maybe solar panels on your roof... whatever it takes to let everyone else know what we know... that your not a bad dude and your are totally environmentally conscious.

Alright champ we are eager to see you; we have the table set for three and your favorite hard cider in the fridge. Take luck man and we will see you soon.

Adam and Jeremy

Adam and Jeremy Say: It's the Freakin' Weekend Calender!!!

Hey did you know that Adam lives in Richmond and Jeremy lives in Asheville? Of course you did, and now you can find out where to find these guys every weekend; with the Adam and Jeremy "Its the freakin' weekend" Calender! That's right Adam and Jeremy are combing through their respective cities looking for the best in entertainment and serving it up to you on silver platter... or at least a blog.

Our Picks for Friday Night

Brand New at the Norva

If that's not your cup of tea The Orange Peel, Canal Club, and Alley Katz will all feature local and regional artist on Friday night; cruise over to their sights and see if its your "bag man."

Saturdays Picks

Both Richmond and Asheville are holding Earth Day festivals on Saturday, and its a great way to spend the afternoon doing something fun and supporting the environment. In Richmond the festivities will take place in the Manchester District while in Asheville they will take place at the Center of Unlimited Possibilities (we love hippies.)

If you are willing to drive up to DC you catch Hot Chip during the early show and VA natives Clipse during the late show at the 930 Club

Closer to home the The Camel will feature Pace Cadets and the Last Waltz and The Orange Peel in Asheville will have the Toubab Krewe on Friday and Saturday night.

For the theater crowd Tegonni will be performed at the Modlin Center for the Arts this weekend
or you could go and check out the Richmond Symphony Pops perform with Pink Martini.

Oh and we would be remiss if we did not mention the WRIR pledge drive benefit concert Saturday night in Richmond or Richmond's Slam Championship at ArtSpace.

Sundays Picks

You can catch Mozely Rose and Scare Crow Collection at Alley Katz and you have another chance to see Indie Buzz band Hot Chip at the Orange Peel .

Plus Sunday begins National Historic Garden Week in Virginia.

If all else fails you can go check out Dream Girls and Letters from Iwo Jima for a buck twenty five at the Byrd or a Night at the Museum and Pans Labyrinth at the Asheville Brew and View.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: In Light of Virginia Tech...

Obviously the events at Virginia Tech are on the minds of everyone in the nation, and Jeremy and I are no different. We were not sure how to go about expressing our thoughts and feelings, and have taken several days to assemble them together via email. What follows are our insights pertaining to the event… it goes without saying that our thoughts and prayers are with Virginia Tech, and so what follows has little to do with well wishes and more to do with how we each dealt with the situation.

Jeremy: Monday as I was walking into our local grocery store (Ingles), I had been watching the news about the shootings at Virginia Tech and it was heavy on me. It was weighing on my mind and I was thinking about the aftermath of this tragedy and how it might affect everyone. One of the first things that popped in my head was "People are probably going to blame God and ask the default tragedy question: Why would God let this happen?" so I felt like asking God that question. "Why would you let this happen?" Because He loves us.

What?! Letting people kill people seems like the opposite of love. A loving God would protect us. I don't really know how to explain it, but when God created us he knew the only way for us to be truly happy was to give us our own will, and freedom to do as we choose as far as He would let us go. How could He be a loving God if He controlled our every action and did not give us free will? What’s troubling is that our own will is exactly that, and it usually desires to please itself. God wants us to worship Him, which is often the opposite of a self pleasing will. He knew this would happen when he created us and yet, He still did. I have no answer for that, but I'm not going to complain about the opportunity to have a life.

Back to the point: God so loves that He gave us our own will even though we will use that will for evil and hatred towards Him. This is the same selfish will that causes people to self satisfy their life by putting them first.....sometimes that means killing other people. If only they knew the most self satisfying action is to give your will completely to the devotion of glorifying God.

Adam: You know my wife's brother attends Virginia Tech and I have countless friends who have graduated from the school, so when I heard the news I was concerned, worried, shocked, sad, disillusioned, and many other adjectives that I can't come to grips with at this moment. As the news broke my family had no idea if our relatives and friends were safe; which caused chaos in my life, but as I learned that those I loved and cared for were safe I began to think about what, if anything, I could do. Prayer was obviously something I had been doing since the news broke, but as the day wore on I began to search for something more tangible, and so I began to think, do we need gun control? Is there something wrong with our society? Both of these questions were pertinent and both should be discussed in the future, but the problem I came back to was me!

I literally found myself crying in my state van on the way back from Nottoway County as I realized that I had caused the death of more than thirty people. Did I give someone a gun? Did I pull a trigger? Did have anything physically to do with this incident? No, but maybe that is my greatest sin. Jesus Christ taught that the two greatest commandments are to Love God with all you have and to Love Others as yourself, and seriously I think I have fallen short. More importantly I think most people who claim to follow Christ have fallen short. We claim we love God, but we have ignored the hungry and the cold; those who are unloved and forgotten; we have become more preoccupied with our buildings and our lives than we have with people God loves, with the people who need hope.

In another place in the Bible Jesus teaches about the final judgment; He teaches that there will be many people who feel like they should spend eternity in Heaven because the said pretty things and preached pretty sermons in Christ name, but He will say that He never knew them, obviously they will be dismayed and Jesus tells them that when he was hungry, naked, sick and alone they ignored Him, and they will say “but we never saw you this way” and He will say "What you do to the least of these you do to me." What He is saying is that the world is full of people who are cold, hungry, naked, sick, alone and hopeless; and those who truly follow Him will be the ones who meet these peoples needs, the ones who give people hope! So I will repeat what I cried to my Lord in the van yesterday...

I am sorry!

I am sorry that I have not loved, I am sorry that I have not shared my hope. There is no solution to the problems in this world. The world is really without hope... the Lord says that one day the whole thing will be destroyed and replaced by a new Heaven and new Earth. Obviously that does not bode well for this planet, but that doesn't mean that those of us who live on it are without hope, no, Jesus Christ came and sacrificed Himself as God and Man on the Cross so that everyone may have hope. A hope of a life filled with purpose, love and joy. Hope of an eternity in the awesome presence of God. A Hope for the end of the pain and the suffering of this world. I work in Petersburg VA, a desolate, crime and poverty ridden city, and everyday I drive down Washington and Wythe streets in the heart of the city and every day I see the most amazing sight... literally dozens and dozens of Churches, and ministries line the streets. And I ask why? Why are they there? What is the point of having a church or ministry when the people next door can’t pay the rent, and the girl on the corner has turned to prostitution, and a boy down the alley just got shot while dealing drugs? Why even exist if people are living under bridges, drinking away their pain, and waiting for HIV to kill them? Christians have failed! These people, all people, WANT HOPE and these churches and ministries have not given it to them; more importantly we have not given it to them. I could rant for days about the modern church and its worthlessness but instead I will just say... I am sorry.

I have to man up and say that the faith I represent is letting people down. Why can’t we love people why won’t we give them hope? I am no free love hippie, I don’t thing giving out hugs will cure the world of its ills, but I do think that loving the people God loves can stop people from walking into schools and killing innocent boys and girls... and I do think that giving people hope can break them of addiction and stop the cycle of poverty and pain... I think there is a God mightier than all the woes of this earth and I think if we are faithful to Him we can see this world changed, and I will never again have to say I am sorry when more than thirty people are killed by a man who had lost all hope.

Jeremy: Word. I think you have more hope for this world than I do. I confess that I have convinced myself that this world is hopeless and although I may try to reach out, I do so with the grief that my efforts are not going to change the world. I feel like the world has gotten so far from the cross that there is no turning back, and I wish Jesus would just come back and make everything right. Or maybe God could go back on his word and send another flood. Your hope is encouraging, but I will probably always struggle with the fact that I’m hopeless for the world. Don't get me wrong, my personal hope for my future and the future of my wife is based solely on the fact that we have accepted the grace of God and His salvation.....but as for the world....I know God can do miracles, but I feel the world is hopeless. So it’s almost out of sheer discipline that I do the work of the kingdom with the thought that it probably won’t change the world, but at least maybe it will just help this one person. "...if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land..."

Adam: Man I am sorry to hear you say that , and I hope that you change your mind and take the Lord seriously when He taught us to pray; “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Let the will of God be done on earth, and let us strive for the Kingdom.

Adam and Jeremy Say: The Landlord = Funny

Will Ferrell gets roughed up by a boozed up 2 year old landlord! Come on thats funny! Oh if you dont dig words of the four letter ilk then please don't watch this... don't say we didn't warn you.

Adam and Jeremy Say: White Stripe Torture

Why is NME teasing me so?!!? Yes I am super stoked about the White Stripes new album "Icky Thump" which hits streets June 18th, but honestly an article that summarize each song... its like torture... evil vile torture!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Free Ice Cream, Asheville, Rock N Roll, and German Food

My public speaking professor once told me that I need to start my speeches with an attention grabber so... It's Free Ice Cream Cone Day at Ben and Jerrys! Whether this has anything to do with the tax deadline I am unsure, but from noon to 8PM all Ben and Jerry's locations will be giving away Free Ice Cream Cones!!! Must I say more? Go Now!... actually read the rest of this rad post and then make haste.

So for those of you who do not live within a 90 mile radius of Asheville NC Adam and Jeremy where both there over the weekend! The guys got together for good ole fashioned shenanigans which included no less than three criminal citations...

The city of Asheville NC is located in the western part of the state about five hours north of Atlanta and offers rad architecture like this:

On Friday Adam and his misuses spent the day in Ashveille hanging out with an abundance of hippies in the many different shops on Lexington Ave. learning about various forms of mysticism and Americanized Buddhism. Oh did we mention that it is National Library Week? Head over to your local library to learn more about Ashveille NC and various kinds of mystical religions. Oh and we found this hype link for Better World Books... which is this rad online book store that sells used books super cheap to raise money for literacy and other charitable causes... and there is free shipping... seriously Better World Books check it out.

After a day of cycling through the hills of Asheville's downtown (and getting harassed by several "carpetbaggers" in semi-environmentally friendly vehicles) Adam and Jeremy decided a walk in the woods with the dogs would be a great way to unwind, and it was... until The Berg sent his Labradors into a lake to harass a goose! As any loyal dog would the dog jumped right in and began to swim after the water fowl... alas the water fowl was in the exact middle of the lake and thus the dog swam nearly 100 yards into the middle of the lake, but the goose, being sensible, swam away... alas the dog continued to swim after him... this continued for twenty minutes until the dog was nearly out of gas! it was at this point that Adam and Jeremy stripped down into their skivvies and began to wade out into the lake... eventually the dog came close enough to Adam for him to swim after, retrieving the dog (yes we get the irony). This is the point Adam and Jeremy decided they should regroup in Jeremy's mountain lair.

Great food was then had at Black Forrest... a superb German Restaurant in Asheville, unfortunately afterwards Adam and Jeremy decided to express their feelings for corporate pop music... as you can see (we apologize, but the picture tell the story.)

Saturday Adam and missuses Adam traveled down to a wedding near Macon GA, congrats Pat and Megan, but on the way back the weather got mean and Adam decided it would be a good idea to stop in Athens for dinner... Athens is the home of UGA, and Athens rocks! Adam and the Lady ate at Amici which was gnarly! Athens GA certainly gets the Adam and Jeremy seal of approval!

When the Adam and wife returned to Asheville the night quickly turned into the morning, and at some point the boys sat down to watch SNL which featured Avril Lavigne as the music guest... disappointing... we stray away from calling anyone a sell out here at Adam and Jeremy, seriously she has become a corporate sell out. Not only have her handlers done an amazing job of prettying her up and watering down her music... but the performance was so choreographed, and Avril looked so unhappy to be up there that there is now way to ignore it... Avril just happens to be dropping an album this week which you can listen to in its entirety at the AOL listening party.

You can also listen to the latest Nine Inch Nail album (Adam and Jeremy are not industrial fans, but you may be) at AOL, and most excitingly you can listen to "What's the time Mr. Wolf" by Adam and Jeremy buzz band the Noisettes! That album is super great and on sale this week for $7.99 at Best Buy.

Back to the story...

Some times Sunday the assembled Adam and Jeremy awoke and Jeremy and his amazing wife prepared the most fabulous meal ever! What great hosts!

The weekend was a huge success... everyone had fun (as you can see below) and aside from a blizzard that hampered Adams return to the greatest city in the world, RICHMOND VA! Everything was awesomeness.

Oh let it be known that Adam and Jeremy are building buzz for three albums in the pipe line from Project 86, MxPx, and Thousand Foot Krutch! Expect to hear so much more in the near future.

Adam and Jeremy: Filler

Create Your Own PaloozaHead - Visit

You can find the game at as in lollapalooza... its kind of a big deal.

New Switchfoot video for the song "Awakening" from

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: 100 Facts You Need To Know

Sweet Action! This is our 100th post! We are so stoked that we have come this far, and we are so glad you have come along for the ride. So in honor of our 100th post Adam and Jeremy offer you 100 Facts You Need to Know About Adam and Jeremy.

1. Adam has an entourage
2. Jeremy isn’t funny just funny looking
3. Adam is funny but that’s because he’s ugly
4. Jeremy was a loser in middle school
5. Adam was prom king
6. Jeremy likes playing with fire
7. Adam and Jeremy mountain bike for fun
8. Adam and Jeremy have been to a combined 2632 concerts
9. Adam and Jeremy are DJs
10. Jeremy smells bad
11. Adam smells worse
12. Adam cant dance
13. Jeremy cant sing
14. Adam once trained under Ansel Adams
15. Jeremy won $10,000 in a wet t-shirt contest
16. Adam and Jeremy like trucks
17. Jeremy likes sports cars and motorcycles
18. Adam and Jeremy have herb gardens....not "herb" gardens
19. Adam and Jeremy actually own a fifty one percent stake in Lindsay Lohan
20. Adam and Jeremy are experts in Dada art
21. Jeremy is a distant relative of Michael Jordan
22. Adam once held a private debate with John Lennon on McCarthyism
23. Jeremy had a license to drive a big rig.
24. Adam and Jeremy once had minor roles in a minor hit.
25. Adam has a thing for girls with dark hair and fair skin.
26. Jeremy has a thing for girls.
27. Adam and Jeremy once aided the FBI in capturing a Mexican Drug lord in a plea bargain they cannot speak about to this day.
28. Adam and Jeremy are rebels with many causes
29. Jeremy hugs trees
30. Adam tastes like trees.
31. Jeremy would live in a tree if his wife allowed
32. Adam would live on the beach if his wife allowed
33. Jeremy can play 10 different musical instruments
34. Adam is ambidextrous
35. Adam and Jeremy raced in the Daytona 500
36. Adam and Jeremy played a small but crucial role in the Cuban missile crisis.
37. Adam and Jeremy also played a small but crucial role in the Bolshevik Revolution.
38. Adam wet the bed until he was fifteen.
39. Adam and Jeremy are world speed scrabble champions.
40. Jeremy is a volunteer fireman on weekends and state holidays
41. Adam is a volunteer escort on weekends and state holidays.
42. Jeremy inherited 5 million dollars from his grandfather, but had it stolen the next day.
43. Adam has stolen 5 million dollars from an unknown trust account.
44. Adam started the fire.
45. "Jeremy" is actually French for Filthy Red Haired Dog Loving Hippie
46. Adam has been married twelve times to five different women... none of which are his babies’ mother.
47. Adam is a terrible liar.
48. Jeremy is Shriner
49. Jeremy lost two toes while visiting Thailand but refuse to tell anyone how it happened.
50. Adam thinks it was a shark.
51. Adam will strip naked on the spot for 100 dollars.
52. Jeremy will do it for five and a hotdog.
53. Adam and Jeremy love Bratwurst.
54. Jeremy can juggle
55. Adam can walk on his hands
56. Jeremy is 5% Chinese
57. 5% of Adam's body is made of Chinese take out.
58. Adam and Jeremy are secretly fans of Julio Igleasias and the Hoff.
59. Jeremy once beat Chuck Norris in a staring contest, and is missing a testicle to prove it.
60. Jeremy is often mistaken for Robert Redford
61. Jeremy was convicted or arson in Niceville, FL.
62. Adam and Jeremy know the secret to the next big thing
63. Adam has an irrational fear of sharks.
64. Jeremy has an irrational fear of short people.
65. Adam eats short people.
66. Jeremy wants to become a venture capitalist when he grows up.
67. Adam and Jeremy once played in a Beatles cover band called “The Calendar Girls”
68. Jeremy has never posed nude
69. Adam and Jeremy can beat you in spades
70. Adam has been compromised several times because of his weakness for sweet tea and peanut butter.
71. Jeremy published a report dissecting the communication theories presented in episodes of Barney and Sesame Street.
72. Adam and Jeremy are directly responsible for the success of over fifty movies and albums.
73. Jeremy pees outside whenever he can
74. Jeremy can recite the names of the capital of every South American country, backwards and in Spanish.
75. Adam can recite the names of every member of the cast of Saved by the Bell, backwards and in Spanish.
76. Adam and Jeremy once spent a year at a monastery in the German country side.
77. Actually Jeremy spent a year; Adam was kicked out after three months for the inappropriate use of the word "cracker."
78. Adam's shoe size: 13.
79. Jeremy's shoe size: 6 1/2.
80. Jeremy picks up hitch hikers
81. Adam and Jeremy… “Smarter than Al Gore.”
82. Jeremy loves Star Wars
83. Adam can breath under water
84. Adam hates Wal-Mart
85. Jeremy loves Wal-mart
86. Jeremy eats a hotdog with every condiment known to man
87. Adam can't spell very well.
88. Adam and Jeremy were once arrested in Mexico
89. Adam can eat his weight in Pizza
90. Adam's favorite movie is "You've Got Mail," but he is not gay.
91. Jeremy greatly dislikes Oprah
92. Jeremy thinks shoes are bad for your feet
93. Adam and Jeremy know more about music than you do.
94. Jeremy is not phat.
95. Adam and Jeremy are not lovers.
96. Jeremy is a filthy hippie.
97. Adam is on a government list as a suspected communist.
98. Adam loves brownies.
99. Adam and Jeremy know what you did last summer.
100. Adam and Jeremy love Jesus

Craziest thing Adam and Jeremy are actually both going to be in Ashveville this weekend, so expect less post for the next four days and then a bunch of hilarious post come Monday. Oh and if you are in Asheville send us a line we would love to meet you.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Eat!

Next time your in Hofheim, Germany, make sure you stop by Waldgeist.
Adam and Jeremy are big fans of staying healthy and abiding by the "everything in moderation clause", but sometimes it may be good to indulge and enjoy the blessings from above. take a look at the website, but here are some photos to wet your appetite.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Adam Says: Guitar Hero has nothing on PC Punk!

So my good friend Bryan Smith plays the guitar, and he does so well. A few months back we are playing Guitar Hero on the Playstation and enjoying it. Near the end of the night Bryan says "Man wouldn't it be cool if there was a game where you could make your own songs?!!?" At the time I had never heard of Noisegames, but just this week both Relevant and Popcandy have gone bonkers for this new game that Noisegames has put out called PC-Punk. Basic premise: use your keyboard to play the rhythm and lead guitar as well as injecting vocals... this is the perfect game for everyone who once dreamed of being in the Sex Pistols but now works at desk in an overly beige building. But to make things even better Noisegames isn't just PC-Punk... oh no... they have lots of great games that center around making music... like guitarmachine and one where you make a frat boy sing in the shower.... oh you must check it out! And I must call Bryan and tell him the news!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Adam Says: Further Seems Forever and Jesus Christ Superstar

If you spent any or all of your college career from 1999 to 2006 you probably cried last year when Further Seems Forever announced they were disbanding. The band that defined "emo" for me was finally going to let it go (Hope the boys from Fall Out Boy are taking notes.) Well color me excited when Further Seems Forever released a CD/DVD set last week, "The Final Curtain", with all sorts of great acoustic tracks and b-sides, some that even feature original singer Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Conffesional fame, and a video of FSF final show. A way cool disc worth checking out...

With the excitement about a final Further Seems Forever album I had the opportunity to do some memory lane wandering and a little Internet surfing (which led me to find the amazing FSF concert photo from 1999 that you see above), and I came across a great bio of FSF on Wikipedia that actually has a pretty good rundown of the multiple FSF lead singers, and did you ever wonder what happened to the man who would be Chris Carrabba? Jason Gleason got married to Bella Gleason of Element 101 "fame" and they started a group called Action Reaction. They have an album out and you may check it out if you wish, but it does not come with the Adam and Jeremy stamp of approval as "The Final Curtain" does.

Oh and since it is the day after Easter.... I give you the top 12 Jesus' in entrainment history... as presented by I still don't think you can beat The Caviezel, but I may be biased... yeah I one look at this list and you suddenly realize why we are all under the misconception that Jesus was a slightly feminine white man... sad... I mean the dude cleared out an entire temple court with his bare hands and an whip; lets see Chuck Norris do that!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Easter

Easter has come reminding us of Christ victory for all of mankind. Jeremy and I have been discussing this week what it must have been like for disciples two thousand years ago... Can you imagine palm Sunday from them? Here is a group of guys who have been following Jesus because they think he is the Messiah, and now finally after what seems like forever he is entering Jerusalem like a conquering king! I am sure they had friends and family members who were asking them questions like "Are you serious with this Jesus guy? If he was really the Messiah wouldn't he have done something by now?" and I am also sure that the disciples had personal doubts... these guys were all under the same bad impression that the Messiah would come as an earthly conquer and so this moment on Palm Sunday must have really made them feel vindicated (sing Dashboard now.)

But that feeling didn't last long, because as soon as they wave the Palm branches Jesus refuses the mantel of conquer, and basically calls out all of Jerusalem because they can't see that He is the Messiah, but he is not the conquer they expected. The Bible doesn't say this, but I bet this was the point at which Judas made up his mind to betray Jesus, and I am sure he rationalized it by thinking that doing this would keep the other disciples from wasting their lives with this Jesus freak.

The roller coaster does not stop their for them... Good Friday comes and here is Jesus all super worried and they don't see it... all they can do is sleep... and suddenly people are taking Jesus... arresting Him for being Him, and to make it even more painful one of their own led the mob there; one of their own betrayed him. There is confusion, swords are drawn, others run, and suddenly that feeling of doubt the disciples had when Jesus denied the mantel of conquer is so strong its blinding them. They can't see that this all fulfills the prophecies, all they can see is a man whom they once hoped would be the Messiah is now being taken away like a common criminal.

The masses are gathered outside Pilot's court as he offers them a choice of which criminal to redeem. The disciples where there watching and hoping, but as soon as the crowd begins to scream "crucify" they begin to leave... maybe even one or two of them cried crucify as well.

So here is Jesus on the cross, beaten and tortured, a few have not lost all hope and so they stand by with Jesus' family. As He hangs there He cries out to God, "Why have You forsaken Me?!!?" For the disciples there it must have seen like the darkest hour of their lives... they had all put their trust in Jesus to be the Messiah, but now He hangs on the cross like a common criminal screaming in anguish, and it seems like the end. Final, with His last breath, Jesus cries "It Is FINISHED!" and the world goes dark, the earth quakes violently, the dead walk among the living there is utter confusion. Even brave Roman soldiers cower in fear and awe.

What are the disciples supposed to think of all of this? They don't know the huddle together in upper rooms, because they have become a family and this is a time for family. Day after day they ponder what has happened once again forgetting Jesus' own words telling them that He would rise on the third day. Sunday dawns and they are all together eating brunch (so that's a creative liberty) when suddenly Mary barges in screaming like a woman who has seen a ghost... Peter and John interpret the shrieks first and take off for the tomb as fast as they can. John gets their first, and then Peter... gone, Someone has taken his body, but wait whats this... He is alive? How? Joy and confusion burn inside them as they sprint back to the other disciples. They lock the door, because they don't know if this was all a trick by the Pharisees, but they hope that its the truth, and then it happens, then they see Him right in their midst! He is alive! He is alive!

What a roller coaster that must have been for them, from the peak of Palm Sunday to devastation of Good Friday and then the Ultimate high of Easter Sunday! I am not sure of this but I am willing to bet that even though ten of them died awful deaths for their faith in a risen Savior I think none of them ever came back down from that ultimate high. That's not to say that every believer should always feel great, but I think there would be a joy for those eleven like we can only glimpse and that is the kind of experience that will mark you not just for this life but for all eternity. Praise the Lord, Jesus is Risen! My Savior Lives... I just hope I can do half as much with this joy as those eleven who transformed the world.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Adam Says: Proof that the World is Doomed!

It's Friday so it is high time that Adam and Jeremy offer you more proof that the world is doomed. This week we delve into the world of professional ice hockey.

Let me be frank; I don't like hockey. I don't go to Richmond Renegades games and I certainly don't go to Capitals games. But this story I came across last night may make me rethink that. It is a story filled with all the necessary elements to peak anyone's interest (read: males 16-35); there is sex, violence, and scandal. Who could pass on a story like this.

Here's how it goes...

The New York Islanders are a NHL team that has a huge rivalry with the other New York NHL team, the Rangers. However, the Islanders have something extra... they have the Ice Girls... which are basically a group of athletic attractive young women who serve as cheerleaders/grounds keepers during Islanders home games... certainly there are those out there who find the objectification of women like this to be enough proof that the world is doomed, but hold on this story gets better!

So the other night the two big rivals, Islanders and Rangers, are playing each other at the Islanders home rink. During the breaks on the ice in between game play the Ice Girls are supposed to come out in their "swimsuit-y" outfits with squeegees and clean the ice, and apparently this includes the area around the opposing teams goal... well the Rangers goalie had a problem for this so he would not move to let one of the Ice Girls do her job... in fact he was so perturbed by this young woman that he decides to slap at her squeegee with his stick to get his point across... the problem being that this action causes the long handle of the girls squeegee to punch her in the stomach... now it appears this poor girl was not hurt just shocked by the incident... and so far I feel like this is just a story of bad judgement on both peoples part... but then things go tragically wrong.

The girl has to skate past the Rangers bench to leave the ice and as she does so one or more of the Rangers players spit on her.... disturbing.... really disturbing, and things only go worse because during the next break on the ice another girl goes out to clean the ice... this time a ref tells her to stay away from the obviously cranky goalie, but as she skates back past the Rangers bench she too gets spat on, and because of the nature of her uniform (there is barely anything there to begin with) the spit hits her on her bare back... Gross! Now of course the two organizations are making a big deal about this, as they should.

But my take is this... I don't ever think its a good idea to whore out women's bodies for entertainment, and lets be brutally honest... that's what the Islanders were doing, but just because these women were being degraded for entertainment does not give any man the right to hit or spit on them... or any woman for that matter, but as a man I am willing to hold our sex to a higher standard and call these men out... they are disgusting punks who are picking on young women (18-26) that ridiculous... come on guys... I know your Canadian so you really can't help it, but this is too much. This kind of rubbish has to stop... we cant keep having athletes abusing and mistreating women... I think we as the public need to hold them accountable for their deplorable actions!

Obviously I want everyone (read: males 16-35) to read this post so here is a link to the story on and a picture of the Ice Girls so you can get a better understanding of what we are talking about.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: An Open Letter to Iran

Dear Iran,

Way to go guys! First let us congratulate you on your excellent foreign policy. It must have taken months of planning and implantation to be able to capture the British Marines like you did, and then letting them go because you are such a nice guy... well that’s the coup de gras, what a brilliant plan of warfare!

We are quite certain that the world will respect you now! Nothing like taking someone’s lunch mone... we mean soldiers to garner the respect you so desperately desire. Oh and don’t worry about those nay-sayers that claim your bastardization of Islam will cause the rest of the world to view it as a militant semi-political religiously fundamental army that is bent on destroying all of western culture and bring about the return of the twelfth Imam. Nah... They will no doubt see your actions as just an out growth of Islam’s peaceful path towards heaven... or however that is supposed to work for you guys... we fell asleep frequently in our world religions class.

We must also congratulate your leadership, who seem completely sane, sensible and rational, not since Adolph Hi...we mean Aristotle have we seen such brilliant minds at play in the political arena.

And we most commend your other recent international relations; they have been far above superior. The record speaks for itself. Almost getting banned from the World Cup for claiming the Holocaust never happened. Flipping the bird to all the UN inspectors that investigate your uranium research. Sending insurgents and weapons into Iraq to kill all those really bad and mean coalition forces... how dare they try to bring peace and equality to a nation! Oh and we are particularly bemused by your domestic policy, I mean I am sure “W” and Tony “B-lair” are at home right now smacking themselves over the head because they didn’t think of torturing and killing any citizen that doesn’t agree with them! That’s top flight guys, no way will you have any problems at home with that kind of iron fisted, and yet sound rule.

We know how hard it is to be a third world country, a lot of countries have done far worse than you with the moniker (Somalia), but honestly you can't let it get you down. How about this we send you some of our great commodities, like Coke Zero, self check out, the Designated Hitter, and the Pussy Cat Dolls... and you stop your silly little nuclear weapons program. Sure sure we know that you feel like having a big bomb will get you respect, but history may have some well tested wisdom for you. Remember Napoleon was a little guy who couldn’t get respect and so was Hitler; so what did they do? You guessed it, they tried to take over the world, and we don’t want to be pesamistic, but both of them fell pretty hard in the end, and seeing as we are friends and all we would hate to see you fall into that same trap.

Ok, Ok, so we can't get you to stop, but can we at least get you to shut up... I mean you’re like a drunk sorority girl on spring break... you get louder and louder with every "panty dropper" but you never say anything... and all we get out of it is the stench of your breath and the creepy feeling that you are picturing us naked in bath full of marshmallows and jello. I mean the whole, "we have your soldiers" thing was not cool, and all this talk of destroying Israel and brining on the end of the world... also not cool... we for one are really content with our new bio diesel Jetta and Nintendo Wii and would like a little more time to enjoy could you at least spare us all the apocalyptic rhetoric and quite down so we can listen to the new Modest Mouse CD without you hanging on us like drunk circus monkey on a tilt-a-whirl.

Best Wishes,

Adam and Jeremy

P.S. We totally know that you have been messing around with Syria behind our backs, but we are not going to make a big deal out it because she is kind of a skank anyways. So she is all yours brother. Just don’t use the same straw when your sharing a frosty… trust us on this one.