Friday, February 2, 2007

Jeremy Says:Proof the World is doomed

I'm sure many of you by now have seen the you tube video with the bridezilla going crazy over her terrible haricut. I'm only giving you the link to the video, because i dont think it deerves another outlet to be seen like the adam and jeremy blog.
unfortunatly, i was stuck watching Good Morning America this morning, and they were talking about this video, and how it seemed to be a big thing that was impacting our culture in a huge way(seriously, they did say "impacting our culture").
now, im not going to complain about how the whole video was a hoax and how the girls are big fakers, because that happens all the time, and we know better than to believe everything we see on the internet.
what i think it is completly stupid is how the "old broadcast media" is giving it so much attention that would make the lead story on GMA this morning! just watching the anchors made me sick about how they were trying to blow this into a huge story, and they were even interviewing all the girls who made the movie, and asking them if they thought this movie would be so huge. its time for the old skool news sources to die.
ugh.....stupid ABC

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