Friday, June 5, 2009

Adam and Jeremy Say: Murder is wrong, right?

Jeremy Says: Any thoughts on George tiller?

Adam Says: Who is George Tiller?

Jeremy Says: Abortionist who was murdered over the weekend.

Adam Says: Did someone kill him because he was an abortionist?

Jeremy Says: yes

Adam Says: Well that seems a little hypocritical doesn't it?

Jeremy Says: Of course, but unfortunately it's a little more complex than that.
Think of the babies that he was scheduled to kill this week that now have a 2nd chance at life...

Adam Says: Is there any moral or spiritual mandate to kill a man to save babies?

Jeremy Says: There is a moral and spiritual mandate to stop him...and if the only way is to kill him in the process then...
Unfortunately, the Supreme Court does not recognize this mandate in all cases.

Adam Says: Interesting... I can easily say I completely disagree with you. Just as Christ asked Peter to put away his sword we have also been asked to lay down are arms and turn to our Savior for help... I think killing people would be the opposite of turning to Christ for help.

Jeremy Says: You disagree with the point I made. I didn't say I agreed with it.
Anywho, is there ever a moral or spiritual mandate to kill anyone?

Adam Says: That is a very good question. In the book of Isaiah the prophet tells us that God brought Babylon to power to subdue the rest of the earth so that he could save the remnant of Israel... I would assume that means that God either directly or indirectly is responsible for what the Babylonians did in their conquests (which mos def included killing people.)

Jeremy Says: Or an easier example is David and Joshua. They were directly commanded to kill people with their own hands. Agreed?

Adam Says: I agree. Was it Joshua who was commanded to kill everyone man woman and child? I mean that seems so raw... like I don't really understand it.

Jeremy Says: I believe it was him. Yes, I don't really understand it either, but the main point I'm getting at is that God does require his people to kill other humans at times, right?

Adam Says: Do you think he(God) is doing that now?

Jeremy Says: If he is the same God that he was back then, then I definitely think it's possible.
I don't know if he does it in the same manner that he did back then (thundering voice from the sky versus a quiet conviction from the holy spirit). so yes, I think he does require us to do those things sometimes, but that doesn't mean the manner in which he does or the manner in which he requires us to it is the same. Unless of course there is scripture that says otherwise.

Adam Says: Well, I suppose I find that hard to believe. However, I want to see the miraculous God of action that I first believed in and not the cowardly, over contented and overstuffed man made God that the Church has created, and I believe a thundering voice from heaven would fall along those lines... so lets see if we can't make that happen.

Jeremy Says: You could also go jump off a bridge trusting that God would not let you die because of your faith, but that would be foolish.
We should not test Him, so I don't think we can sit back and do nothing while innocent people die, because we are simply waiting for God to take his vengeance.
Does that justify killing abortionists? NO, because there is a big difference between doing nothing and the opposite extreme of murder.
I believe there are other means to prevent the murders of the unborn that don't involve more killing.

Adam Says: I agree completely. I don't think murder is ever in the equation...

Jeremy Says: Yes. I don't think God would ask us to commit murder, defy the government, and be hateful to the abortionist and their families in order to "speak for those who cant speak themselves".

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