Monday, February 5, 2007

Adam Says: Chevelle will not make you laugh...

So Berg is out of action for a few days so let me drop some knowledge real quick and then, if you are really good, maybe later I will give you more of the DL.

Two months from now Chevelle will be releasing a brand new album. Jeremy and I can both agree that Chevelle is an amazing rock band... and while they may not be critical darlings they do lay down the wood on the lost are of the rock song so log on to and check out their brand new single... NOW!

This evening I introduced my wife to the funniest website in the whole world... at this very moment she is harassing me because she claims she had a hand in finding them... alas all she did was remind me how funny this site is. Barats and Bereta are a hilarious student film making duo from Gonzaga University, which is in Washington state. log on and see the funny.

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