Thursday, February 28, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Ask: What Would Happen if Peter Pan was a Tubby White Man with A Potty Mouthed Jewish Girlfriend and Lots of Celebrity Friends?

So this is how it starts...

Which begot this...

So this is what happens when two people go their entire lives without growing up...

Monday, February 25, 2008

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Adam Says: I Rock As Cities Burn

Honestly after a little shake up these kids have found a sound that I am really digging...

As Cities Burn

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Adam and Jeremy: Rock Politics Like No One Else

Adam: Hey so what do we think about Barak Obama... I mean we have had several posts about him, but are you ready for him as your president?

Jeremy: At first I really didn’t have a problem with him, and was even proud of myself for being open minded and kinda liking a black/"muslim named" dude being president.
My feelings for him have strongly declined since the campaign began. I don’t see any substance to any of his rhetoric. I mean, it might work well at a motivational conference, but I’m afraid it will take more than that to be president of America, and of course I’ve heard some people give me some tidbits of his past voting record that did not sound good. Granted those came from people who don’t like him, and I have not done my own research on his record.
I can’t help but hear the negative things about him possibly being Muslim. I mean even you, I think, would rather have a Mormon than a Muslim?
Then of course, there is the whole abortion/same sex marriage which is very important to me.
Between him and McCain it's not even close who I would vote for. Now, since I am a registered democrat, I’ll have to make a decision between him and Hilary, and if I go to the primary polls and there is another option, I might just take it, or I might just leave it blank. I was hoping for more than just a socialistic/immoral approach to politics from the democrats, but apparently they are incapable.

Adam: Hmmm... I agree he seems to be all rhetoric all the time, and his voting record does not jive with my own personal principals... examples being abortion and pro socialist policy. I think the Muslim deal is stupid gossip started by rednecks that send forwards on without having a clue what they are talking about. Even at that a Muslim scares me less then Mormons because at least Islam is a world religion with over a thousand years of history. Mormons are fake Christians from America with less than 100 years of phonies and lies to trick people. I think McCain is a qualified leader and so I think he is a better choice than Obama, but when it comes to qualifications I think Hillary and Obama have about the same about of experience.

Jeremy: Who does McCain have a better chance of beating?

Adam: Hillary in my mind... I mean some people may not vote for Obama because he is black, but I think for the most part Obama is a more uniting force than McCain... though McCain will be able to unite as well

Jeremy: North Carolina primary is a ways off, but I don’t think it will really matter by the time it comes around.

Adam: May it not?

Jeremy: They make it sound like it’s basically over. Obama vs. McCain.

Adam: Negative. Hillary may have no momentum, but she does have a real chance. Because democrats split their votes proportionally she could have a chance all the way to democratic national convention when the super delegates make their choices.

Jeremy: I guess we will see. Most of the media seems to disagree with you.

Adam: Check and tell me what the difference in delegates between the two is today.

Jeremy: In that case the race might be really tight by the time it gets to NC, but it’s not like NC has a ton of sway either way.

Adam: Yeah but in the last two elections it came down Florida in one and Ohio in another to determine the winner...

Jeremy: I don’t think that. It’s just hard to vote for non worthy candidates.

Adam: Like Ron Paul?

Jeremy: Like everyone.

Adam: You get the feeling that no matter which candidates get the nod you really don't have a choice?

Jeremy: Hmm....that might be part of it, but I was just thinking that it seems all the people running for president right now won’t really do a great job. I mean, being the president is a super hard job, so it definitely will take someone special to handle the responsibility. I don’t really think any of these guys/gals are that special, but who the heck knows. I could be very wrong.

Adam: I was just thinking about that Rage Against the Machine video for Testify…

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jeremy Says: Hooray for Germs!

Stuff like this makes me sick. Not because it "might actually" make you sick, but because germaphobes and their propaganda are out to make us live in fear of everything we touch. All the while our immune systems are dying because everything is so sterile.
There, I said it.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Adam Says: Dashboard/Kingdom/Superman

For the last five days I have been packing up my things and preparing to leave my old job... oddly enough this is a really good time for me... not that my old job was awful... but my old job was not what I needed. While doing this packing I came across a copy of the Dashboard Confessional Unplugged CD, and because all of my other music has already migrated back to my lair I have had nothing else to listen to but Dashboard... I was going to put up some long reflective post about Dashboard being the soundtrack of some of my worse break ups (ironic or just pathetic) and so there had been this sad meaning placed upon them, but now I am reversing the curse so to speak and they are becoming the sound track to sweet parting and new beginnings... that was until I saw The Kingdom on Saturday. Now I must post my unadulterated adulation for The Kingdom in all its boom boom bang bang glory! But wait... just as I sat down to revel in the glow of my Kingdom experience I had the distinct pleasure of getting to see this...

needless to say The Kingdom takes a back seat to superman(aka Dwight "man child" Howard)... but still the Kingdom rocks...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: Or you could always make your own t-shirt

If you missed our last post, make sure you go back and view the trailor for the New Indiana Jones.
After that, swing over to Snorg Tees for some more funny t-shirts. Here are some of the ones we like:

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: Are You Vexed or Preplexed?

Have you ever experinced this:

You are sitting at home listening to some sweet new As Cities Burn when suddenly you feel very fat. The solution? Go to the gym. So you get up and drive fiftene minutes down 360 to Swift Creek AmFam but as you pull into the parking lot there are cars pulling out of the parking rows nearest to the road so you can't pull in to them to find a place to park so you decide to roll all the way to the front in hopes of circumventing the maele by getting to the other end of the lot. As you turn on said front lane there are not one but two cars waiting for prime parking spots right in front of the building... not because the weather is bad or because its cold... just because they are lazy. So now you are stuck behind cars waiting for other cars who are waiting for parking spots... all the while you could have parked on the back row and made it in faster... and the whole time you sit there waiting the crushing irony of people trying to park closer to the doors of the gym so they dont have to walk as far is almost too much to bare.

Or this:

So maybe your job isn't great and you decide to get a new one, and once you do nab a new job you put in your two weeks at your old job. Whilest you burn off 80 hours of work by watching Matt Damon and Sarah Silverman sing about their sexual exploits on Youtube your co-workers continue to stop by to congratulate you... which is cool... but for some reason they also feel the need to tell you how awful the place you are leaving is with language that would make a Taiwanese sailor blush... which is not cool. Sure you are happy they are happy for you, and you are glad that the walls have finally come down and they feel they can open up to you (I think Oprah calls it being real), but the foul language is so rough that you almost wish that maybe the walls would go back up a little... just to the point where Nouns and Verbs are injected between the FCC banned materiel.

Adam and Jeremy Say: Pick up your pencils!

Did you hear? There's been a writer's strike going on.
Much to our enjoyment, it appears that it's finally over and we can get back to watching new episodes of The Office, 30 Rock, and Scrubs. We're still a little perplexed as to how Lost got on the air during all of this, but anyway...
Enjoy your TV watching!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: New Music

If you like new wave metal and emo vocals, you might enjoy this new Tooth and Nail band. Take a listen to their Ecard here:

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: Obama - Yes We Can or All Of The Hype That Your Money Can Buy

Adam and Jeremy Say: Hows about some same ol', same ol'?

I've been streaming a few songs off the new Ivoryline album. I'm not really hearing anything "off the hook" innovative, but I'm enjoying it none the less. Click over to their ecard and take a listen.

Adam and Jeremy Say: The Next Time Someone Says "I am soooo bored" Break Out This List

The folks over at All Things Richmond have a great To Do List for Richmond on their site today. This List coupled with the Weekly Rant are a nearly exhustive resource for those who want to do in the "big" City.

Adam and Jeremy Say: Free Pancakes to Go With Your Primary Balots

What joy! We are less than a week away from the greatest day of the year thus far... I am not talking about the Virginia Primaries (thought those will be exciting) I am talking about IHOP's annual National Pancake Day! Free Pancakes for everyone! It's Amazing!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: Is This Superbowl Ad Anti-Gay

Online Videos by

So the kids over at AfterElton (a homosexually centered blog) have posted a rant about this superbowl ad featuring Richard Simmons and Bridgestone tries. They claim that an add promoting the desire to want to run over Richard Simmons (a self proclaimed straight man) is homophobic and promotes anti homosexual violence. However, they have neglected to mention the fact that of all the people in the world, gay or straight, Richard Simmons is the one most deserving of being run over by really sweet tires... but we don't want to get on our soap box... you decide is this ad Anti-Gay or just really really really really funny?

Adam and Jeremy Say: Free Commercials

did you watch the Superbowl last night. Or did you at least watch the Superbowl Comercials? Honestly, I thought they were good. Better than that have been in the past few years.
Well, if you missed them, swing on over to yahoo and watch them. Here is the commerical they ranked as number 1, and I can't really argue. It was good.

Adam and Jeremy Say: Giant Davids Slay Hooded Goliaths

So I know that Jeremy and I are not big on sports posts, but let me just say that seeing the underdog prevail agains the goliath was amazing... it helps that goliath is a cocky jerk who has a band wagon the size of California... but it also helps that the media didn't give the Giants a chance and now the media must eat their humble pie... obviously they wont... sports casters will be rehashing the game trying to show us how the Giants did it... shut up... the Giants had more heart and more drive and they just wanted it more... the better team won the game and now we can stop going on and on about the Patriots... seriously the media coverage was almost as bad as the coverage of the USC v Texas bowl game from two years ago... of course David won that game as well, and then as now I was happier for it.