Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Jeremy Says:Proof the World is Doomed

As we all know by now B. Spears has strived for yet another attempt at attention(negative or positive) by shaving her head bald.

I know, thats very judgmental of me to say that she only wants attention, because she could, of course, just love the way bald women look....i dont think so.

And now, we see everyone's attempt to make some cash on this bizarre event.

Other than the bloated media coverage , the salon, at which she had her lovely locks trimmed, is now auctioning off her hair for a minimum offer of $1,000,000!

Sure it's kinda neat to have celebrity relics to show off to your friends and neighbors, but paying
that much money for someone's hair is insane.

I'll have to admit I'm not surprised Britney is approaching the deep end, and I'm also not surprised people are trying to make money anyway they can, but i am doomingly surprised that we are at a point where people will pay that much money for someone's hair....i mean its just dead skin cells after all.

Best of luck to Britney and her road to recovery in rehab. Let's just hope we dont see her ripping up pictures of the pope at her next concert

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