Monday, June 30, 2008

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say:Viva la Coldplay

So the new Coldplay album is out in stores now, and as you may have guessed it has sold mucho copies in the first week. It's not setting sales records or anything, but people still like them.
One of those people...Adam and Jeremy. Sure they are totally in the mainstream Top 40 playlists right now and in trendy college girls' car stereo, but I don't really see how they have sold out, and although it's weird to like such a popular band as them, it's hard not to when they keep making good music.
I was borrowing the new album from a co-worker yesterday, and I must say, it's not incredibly inventive or anything(cue Family Force 5), but it's fresh and delightful. Go pick up an album, or at least stream it from the Adam and Jeremy mix tape.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: Talk about This American Life

Jeremy Said: So I was watching the new season of This American Life last night. amazed me as always, but i also found it a little annoying because it leaned obviously to the left.'s a really cool show. ira glass looks older than i remember.

Adam Said: Yeah the radio show has always had a leftward bent, but the one thing they do really well is tell stories, and in this day and to me the best way to communicate is through story.

Jeremy Said: yeah, but when you're communicating a story that is one sided and misleading, that's not really a good thing even if it is good communication. none the less, i can't complain much, because i still like the show, and i think its a good program.

Adam Said: Yeah but are not all stories meant to communicate the storytellers point of view? I mean if this were the news then I could see why it is bad to only give your point of view, but this is entertainment, and as such we are given the entertainers point of view.

Jeremy Says: i guess it comes down to...does "good communication" also involve the truth. I guess a lie can be communicated in a good way, and it's still good communication. I was just kinda thinking that good communication should also be "true" communication.

Adam Says: Wow and I will be the first to admit that relativity in the post-modern sense is driving my thought process on this, but I think in most cases that the truth is different depending on the person and the situation… some things like color and shape and size are absolute and in my mind Faith and God are as well, but other times absolute truth is harder to find… like what is the real story in Iraq… you ask a Marine in one area and it is that Iraq is doing great… you ask a poor person in another area and Iraq is doing awful… I mean there is a truth there, but people have a different perspective of that truth and we want to get a qualitative report about it when the truth is quantitative.

Jeremy Says: but a relative truth is not truth....when i think about truth, i think about absolute truth that you are talking. asjklgdft9p3t83hpvw4p5oy84p59y8hv4;ogalekrh;

let me start over...
i dont like it when someone says the truth can be one thing to one person and another thing to another person, and i understand how that is very possible, but i don't like the idea of throwing around the word truth like it can be relative depending on who you talk to. just because its "true to them" doesn't really mean it's truth. does it? truth can only be one thing in my mind, and its not like I always know it. actually I rarely know it. I guess I get annoyed when people speculate on whats true to them even though it may not be the actual truth....
and I understand im kinda walking a hypocritical line, because christians are often known for what is true to them, but not true to other people.

Adam says: Shall I say that you have done a wonderful job of explaining your point? I agree, and have obviously done a poor job of explaining my own point of view on this matter. Truth is true no mater what. In all situations there is truth. A cynic will try to destruct truth so that it is always relative, but in the end they are more or less parsing verbs. Let us take this example; I go to the store to buy a chair. When I get there I see a chair that has four legs (everyone can know that to be true) it is red (if you are color blind or if you know too much about shades of red you may not think it just red… but for the most part we think of it as red) it is covered in a soft material and is cushy to sit in ( soft and cushy are comparative terms based on my own experience and, while they may be informed by popular opinion, they are still subject to my personal interpretation.) In all three of these cases there is a truth. The chair has four legs, the chair is red, and the chair is soft and cushy. The relativity comes in to our own understanding of this truth. If I am color blind it is harder for me to understand the truth that the chair is red.

I think the same principal is in place for everyone in all situations. The truth is that God loves you, but if your dad was a jerk and you have never had anyone explain that God loves then it is harder for you to understand the truth that God loves you. I suppose that at the heart of all debates is peoples unwillingness to admit that they do not fully understand the truth.

Jeremy Says: So is there a solution to the problem? Can someone like Ira Glass explain the truth to someone without giving his own perspective? He probably could, but like you said, that is more like the job of a news anchor and not so much like a subjective communicator like Mr. Glass.
Let's say I'm trying to communicate a point of view of the truth, but I understand that it could be interpreted different ways. Should I speak as if it is the absolute truth, or should I give suggestions as to "this is my interpretation, but you could think something else..."
I think the latter is a better form of communication. I think when you open yourself up to being venerable like that, people who may not share the same point of view with you are more likely to hear you out and then make a decision on whether you are right or wrong in your interpretations of the situation. Sure some people may look at your vulnerability as a weakness, but if you are passionate about why you believe that, they will get past the weakness, and simply listen, I think.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: The Music and Community TOUR is finally here

Oh, you haven't hear about The Music and Community Tour?
Matrimony's Facade is and old school emo band you probably haven't heard of originally from El Paso, TX, and now relocated to Florence, SC. Their idea behind this new tour is to not just go to different cities and play shows and entertain. At each place the stop, the whole day prior to the show that night, they go out into the community and reach out to people in need whether it be bums on the street needing a sand which, or old ladies in the suburbs needing help with work around the house.
So this is a great thing!...and now it has come to Asheville.

They'll be playing at Graffiti Music Hall on Thurs night with a couple other heavy rock bands for $5. See you there!

Here are the other stops on the tour, so make sure you go and support.
June 29th - Columbia, SC
July 8th - Kansas City, MO
July 11th - Middlebury, IN
July 17th - Morristown, TN
July 18th - Louisville, KY
July 27th - Charlotte, NC

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: Stupid Media News

"The $3.85 billion Sirius Satellite Radio/XM Satellite Radio merger limped forward toward approval on Monday when FCC Chairman Kevin Martin laid out a series of conditions he would like to see met before greenlighting the deal. Conditions include an a la carte channel provision (sound familiar?,) a price freeze for existing subscribers for the next 36 months and allowing third-party manufacturers to build and sell tuners for the service. XM has about 9.3 million subscribers and 170 channels and Sirius serves 130 channels to 8.6 million customers."

I didn't even know there were talks of a merger, and although this has the makings of a satellite radio monopoly, I see good things "emerging" from this(man, that pun was so bad I feel like giving myself a Dr. Cox toungue lashing).
Anywho, I don't in fact have my own satellite radio, but I imagine it's a pretty cool thing and about to get cooler.
Just imagine...if you are craving 60s pop music like I was the other day, just push a button and you shall recieve.
Oh, and if you didn't hear....Blue Ray won.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: put this in your pipe and smoke it

Inhale Exhale has a new album out right now. Swing on over to their e-card and take a listen.
Oh, hold on to your face.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: This is something we recomend doing

Like listening to the all the Shine 96.7 out of Greenville, SC.
It reminds us of the good ol' 90.9 The Light, but of course to be above 92.0 on the radio dial you need to have sufficient funding, so the bad news is they are owned by the evil empire that is Clear Channel Communications.
Anywho, swing on over to the website and listen to a live stream and if you are in the Greenville, SC area, don't be afraid to turn off the ipod and tune in.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: Quick Movie Previews

As I was watching re-runs of Scrubs on Comedy Central last night the trailor for The Dark Knight played during a commercical break.
You already know, we are stoked about this movie, but this was the first time I had seen the preview. Take part in the excitment:

And as I searched for this clip online, I stumbled across a preview for the new X-Files movie. New, X-Files movie you say? Yep, I said the same thing. Freaks and Geeks rejoice!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: The end of Operation Chaos

As you all know by now the Presidential Primaries are over. The good news is that Adam and Jeremy have secured the nomination for the Mithras Party.

We thought it would be appropriate to show a video clip of Hillary conceding her defeat while still boasting about getting more popular votes, blah, blah, blah..or maybe a clip of Oh, Bama accepting the nomination of the Democratic Party.

Of course that would be boring so instead, we'll give you the following clip

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Adamd and Jeremy Say: It's worth watching

We can't say many good things about the Switchfoot album, Nothing is Sound, but this video is pretty sweet.