Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Danielson In Movie Adaptation Of Life

Here is the short version:

Back in high school and college I knew about the Danielson Familie, but I was never really into their scene so I never really knew much about them... all that has now changed. After hearing several stellar reviews and having several people tell me how Sufjan Stevens owes his creative life to the Daniel Smith; I decided I should check out Danielson: a Familie Movie.
For those of you new to this deal Daniel Smith was a Rutgers senior who created an art project that included he and his brothers and sisters playing music. This grew from project to band (Danielson) and then some... you can get a primer about the whole affair on the Wiki.
At any rate I loved the movie! I loved getting to see a truly original artist take such a great adventure. By the end of the movie I had this feeling like this was what it must feel like to be the Melvins... here is Daniel Smith who has this amazingly grand vision of music and art coming together to glorify God, and some people get it but not everyone, and then his story intertwines with Sufjan Stevens who eventually takes the ideas that Daniel Smith is using in his performance and puts them into his own act as he spring board from Danielson into his own successful solo career; effectively becoming... Nirvana.
"Did I Step On Your Trumpet" - Danielson
It was really cool to see all of this happening in real time. the Danielson Familie are like the Neil Young of Friend Rock... At any rate the movie is awesome and all should go see it... the music is also good so you should check that out as well... seriously go check out Daniel Smith's label Sounds Familyer or Sufjans label Asthmatic Kitty and amaze yourself by the sheer number of bands on said labels that you only know about because you read a review on Pitchfork or some other obnoxious indie blog.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Rob Bell Is On His Way For Turkey and Cranberry Dressing.

Rob Bell is going on tour! That is correct; the man who brought you Velvet Elvis, Sex God, and the Nooma Video series is headed out on the "the gods aren't angry tour" this fall... which in and of itself is awesome, but even more awesome is that Mr. Bell will be in the area just in time for Thanksgiving! Think about it you could be eating turkey and stuffing with Rob Bell... or something like that. The Tour will come to the Raleigh NC Meymandi Concert Hall on November 21st and to the Washington DC Lisner Auditorium on November 23rd. You can visit the tour page for more information or Ticketmaster.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Adam Says: Giant Dead Things Get Me Stoked!

Am I the only one who still gets excited when people talk about giant animals that used to roam the earth? Seriously I was geeked when I saw this story on the wire today...
Giant prehistoric tusks found in Greece
By DEREK GATOPOULOS, Associated Press Writer
ATHENS, Greece - Researchers in northern Greece have uncovered two massive tusks of a prehistoric mastodon that roamed Europe more than 2 million years ago — tusks that could be the largest of their kind ever found...

Just look at those tusks!!!

As if that was not exciting enough here is another story I caught on the wire that got me imgination whirling...

Giant wombat bone found in Australia
SYDNEY (AFP) - Scientists in Australia announced Friday they had found the jawbone of a giant wombat the size of a large car that lived 20,000-40,000 years ago....

Adam and Jeremy Say: Texas Church Believes Jesus Would Help Communist

We are super stoked to see this article on Relevant's site today! The story in the Dallas Morning News features North Wood Church in Keller Texas; the church has been sending mission teams to Communist Vietnam for the last decade, which is amazing because Vietnam is closed to missionaries, but they have opened their doors to North Wood because they are willing to come in and build water filtration plants, orphanages and other humanitarian projects because the Church is willing to work there without preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in word... no words just actions.
We think this is a great example for Christians across the nation... honestly if someone ask you "What Would Jesus Do?" you can now say that he would go feed communist children in Asia and have phiscal proof to back it up. Jeremy and I are really encouraged when hearing stories like this and we hope that you are encouraged as well. It is great that stories like this are getting out there.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Kanye West, Will Oldham, Fiona Apple and Zach Galifianakis... Now thats a Party; just add Blood Diamonds

So I was sipping on a cold glass of filtered city water whilst perusing the Popcandy blog when I saw a link to this great little video for Kanye West latest track "Can't Tell Me Nothing." Produced and staring comedian Zach Galifianakis...

You may be wondering how a goofball like Galifianakis could get mixed up with someone like Kanye, and if so check out this link to Fader magazine that gives you insight to the whole story....Fader Magazine Story.... Galifianakis shtick may seem familiar because he did a similar comic video using the song "You Bring Me Joy" by Anita Baker...

He also did a similar video with pal Fiona Apple on her song "Not About Love"...

And this is important because Fiona Apple will be joining Nickel Creek next Friday August 3rd at Innsbrook, right here in Richmond Virginia! Which just so happens to be the city I live in and the city in which I saw Blood Diamond last night (great movie by the way,) and as many of you know Kanye West has also tackled the emotionally charged topic of conflict diamonds in his hit song "Diamonds from Sierra Leone"...

And in case you are wondering... the bald white guy in the first video is Will Oldham who is the folk singer responsible for this song...

I do love ping pong.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Modesty is HOT!

Last week we posted a rather satirical letter to several young famous women on this very site... it was funny, but funnier still (in a completely different way ((way to go English language)) is this Newsweek Story on Modesty in America that has surfaced... the story outlines several online websites and programs that espouse modesty in women's behavior and dress. These sights target younger women and are starting to gain popularity... if that sounds interesting to you, and should be because modesty is hot, then check out some of these links:

Honestly its like someone posted a response to our letter and we can both say that we are happy to see it.

Jeremy Says: In a Perfect World...

In a perfect world caffeine would be non-addictive and proven to help add to a healthier lifestyle.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: New Spoken Track Hits Hard... Less Melody.

Short story: Way back in like 2000 Adam and Jeremy were working for top 40 Christian station in Lynchburg... Alas Adam and Jeremy did not fit into the "station environment." So Adam and Jeremy were given a late night weekend gig spinning the hardest music they could put their hands on... at the time that involved a lot of rap-rock, we are not proud of this, but one of the bands we got our hands on was Spoken, this little band from Arkansas that really rocked. well, our boys have come a long way since then (changing singers will make even seven years seem really long), and although they still seem to writing trendy music, Spoken still rocks so hard that you want to dance.
September 25th Spoken will release their self titled disc... Spoken (duh.) From what we have heard this latest album should be pretty rad... It is harder than their first few outings, much like the one off "Bitter Taste" from their last album... you can check out their purevolume page to here the first single "History Erased." I am sure they have a myspace page as well but that site is blocked in my office... so here are videos to help you get a taste for them...

Are they trying to give us an epileptic fit?

Yes we realize this video looks like a bad after school special, but the music is what matters... if you are into it you can also check out the Spoken website... http://www.spokenmusic.com/main.php

Adam and Jeremy Say: Music From the Good and Music From the Grave.

This has to be the strangest week for music that I have been a part of in a while...

Tegan and Sara release The Con today... which you should be really excited about, and if you are you can log on here tonight to catch them play tracks from The Con live at the Amoeba!

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs drop their "recorded on the fly" EP Is Is today... if you are a fan of "Gold Lion" then you will love this handful of rough tracks... and as always Karen-O and company manage to make everything entertaining... even their press releases... check it out and be amused.

Odd ball rapper MF Doom releases MM...Food today. This is the same guy who wrote raps about the characters from the Cartoon Network... so you know the masked one is a little off cue.

Several people are literally having cows (note Simpsons reference) over the new John Vanderslice album Emerald City... the singer songwriter thing seems a little over done but hey if its your thing then check out this live video on Stereogum.

AOL is streaming the new releases from Sum 41, Prince, and the Simpsons movie soundtrack... Sum 41 is trying their hands at the Greenday thing while Prince is being Prince... and well the Simpsons soundtrack is just a soundtrack... more importantly AOL is also streaming Is Is from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs... Oddly enough however AOL is also streaming the latest from, I am not making this up, Hanson, Billy Bob Thorton, and Billy Ray Cyrus... Now tell me that is not the oddest bunch of music rejects you have ever heard of... and they are all releasing new albums this week!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Adam Says: Not So Fast Downtown... Let's Check That Attitude At the Door.

Allow me to be cynical for a moment. I went down to Planet Zero tonight to check out the Downtown Planning Thing with the Deal, and let me say that it is really great to see ideas flowing so readily. I have to admit that I am excited to hear so much talk about public transit, green space, and most importantly ascetics. I, as much as any, would love to see Richmond mature into a cross roads of north and south, where the past meets the future, a place know as much for its open mindedness, culture, and environmental friendliness as it is for its banking, and civil war artifacts.

However I have heard this song and dance before... I remember the buzz about the river walk, and how it was going to be as successful here as it was in San Antonio... that really hasn't worked out... so let me give my list of concerns and you can decided if I am totally off base.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but it is not necessarily a recipe for success. Honestly why would anyone visit a city like New York if they could actually visit New York... So why are we trying to pattern ourselves after other successful cities instead of looking to bring out own originality and more importantly finding a niche that Richmond can hang its hat on.

How long can we suppress capitalism? in a perfect world we could balance Richmond's art and college vibe with its serious business side, but sooner or later the money will talk and many of these high and lofty ideals that are floating around right now will be smashed in favor profit... does Richmond have the stomach to say now to corporate greed and yes to a higher goal?

Finally, money. How much would this cost? And then how long will it take to complete? Or at least how long till we get to a place were we see results? The dollar number has to be huge... and the amount of time it would take to complete some of these ideas would far out last our attention spans... so by the time one project would be complete we would all be sick of paying for it with our taxes and we would all be sick of hearing about it...

Can we succeed as a city? Yes! Is this a great step? Yes! Is this a real solution? Probably not.

Adam Says: You Have 48 Hours To Clean Up This Mess While I Am At The Film Festival

Oh man the office is a mess! It's moving day here so forgive my curt ramblings...

Tomorrow night the 48 Hour film festival will be screening entered films in Asheville (NC) at the storied Brew N View... so if you are in the area... And for those of you in the RVA there is still time to enter the Richmond 48 Hour Film Festival for this weekend! Quick review... 48 Hour Film Festival is a travelling festival that gives film makers 48 Hours to make a film and then it screens it for the public. The Richmond screening will be held at the historic Byrd Theater in Carytown on Saturday August 4th. It sounds wicked fun so even if you are not making a film you should get out and catch the screenings.

Finally I am going to try and make it up to Planet Zero to see all this Richmond Downtown Planning Hype in person tonight... I hope I am pleased... either way expect me to throw my two cents in soon, with aimless insight from Jerms as well.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: A Message of Concern for Celebrity Skanks

Dear, Lindsay, Nicole, Britney, Christina, Paris, and Nikki,

Ladies we have a problem; you girls are falling apart and Americas youth are starting to notice! Not long ago you women stood as van guard for young women; your whorish appearance, hilarious hijinx, and not a girl not yet a woman routine were text book examples of what a young girl should aspire to.

Britney your “I am a virgin” bit was amazing; the way you swung it out in every ones face while you shook your assets in that little school girl outfit… my goodness no one has even come close to matching that genius. Oh and Christina you were not to be out done by one of your Mouseketeer alum where you? If Britney wore body glitter you wore KY jelly, if Britney stripped down to her bathing suit your stripped down to your birthday suit; seriously millions of young ladies looked for you for inspiration when they were picking out costumes and make up for their “Pimp N Ho” parties.

Lindsay, you my dear out shone them booth… while Britney and X-tina had already cornered the market on hooker make up and tramp stamps you took the game to a whole new level.; no way were you going to cornered into the sweet innocent child actor/family movie star role. No, by sixteen the whole world knew how many freckles where on you most obvious surgical enhancements, and by eighteen you were already trying to kick a Jack Daniels and Speed Ball habit that was costing you more money a night than the entire GDP of Ecuador (Paris, GDP stands for Gross Domestic Pro… oh forget it.) Taking your cues from those crazy Girls Gone Wild chicks you were showing every little “tweener” how a respectable young woman should “get down” while out on the town.

Oh Paris, Nicole, and Nikki don’t think we have forgotten you. It was so cute the way you girls would pick little “fights” with each other and then make up the next day, so girlie, and just adorable how you did lines of blow off some unknown models abs while double fisting Sparks, and best of all it was just so cuddly the way you would show your fuzziest parts to the whole world so they could feel like they were tight with you like a skuzzy “movie director” with a night vision camera. I almost forgot how cool it was that you played dumb on all those TV shows so that those little girls who look up to you would not have to feel pressured into putting work into their education and instead could go work on something more productive, like their tans. Man what girl wouldn’t want to grow up to be just like you!

Those were the heydays ladies and we miss them, how can the female 6 – 16 set look up to you now? Britney you have been pregnant twice, gotten a divorce and gone crazy… that is so not the Britney we remember in those “Slave for You” videos. Christina has gone all “respectable,” a husband and baby on the way, what’s next a black lab and white picket fence? (Heaven Help US!) Rehab Lindsay? Come on any half-talent-pseudo-soul/pop-star from England can tell you that rehab is for losers. Paris you and Nicole can’t seem to burry the hatchet. Nicole is knocked up and you’ve been in and out and back into jail more times than my Argentinean-crack-dealing-gun-smuggling pen-pal. Oh and poor little Nikki I almost forgot about you, but I am sure you will excuse me, because so has the rest of America. Seriously the only way you could get back on the cover of US Weekly is by killing your sister.

Girls we need to correct course. Jessica Simpson is starting to ho herself out with that John Mayer kid and people talking. Hillary Duff is getting down to an Olsen weight (well if you combine both of them fully clothed and soaking wet), and this Ferggie woman is corrupting the minds our little ladies with her insane implants and fugly facial expressions. These are seriously dark times and if we don’t do something about it a whole generation of girls will grow up without knowing how to hold your head their head up while hitting the hash pipe, or how to put on just enough eye make up to make them look like David Bowie circa Ziggy Star Dust (So cool!) or what “fire crotch” means or how to spread their legs just so when exciting a car so everyone can know exactly what religion they are. This won’t do… we can’t stand another moment of AJ and Ally or the Disney Channel. To sum it up… yeah you ladies were complete skanks, but at least you were an innocent variety of skank and in these dubious times that counts for a lot. We miss you and hope you all make it back soon.

People Concerned for the Future of Americas Youth

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Adam Says: Dylan Isn't There Yet...

While on the Popcandy today I ran across a link to Spinner that captivated my mind! By now you should know that a high concept Bob Dylan biopic, "I'm Not There," is hitting theaters September 21, and that alone should be enough to have you buzzing through the summer, but now a clip from the movie has hit YouTube.com and the whole world can get the first taste of Dylan as played by Cate Blanchett (If that last part seems odd click over to the Spinner story to get all the crazy details)

Man how great is this... Sunday September I will be in Austin Texas seeing Dylan perform live and then less than a week later this movie drops... oh anticipation!

Adam and Jeremy Say: MxPx - Secret Weapon - In Stores TODAY!

MxPx - Secret Weapon - In stores today! Adam and Jeremy are offically stoked about this release and you should be as well! MxPx have been doing great punk rock for over a decade, and Secret Weapon is another fine example of their work!
Not so sure about some random band that Adam and Jeremy are touting?!? Well click over to AOL and hear MxPx's Secret Weapon from start to finish, streaming free just for you (okay that's a lame marketing slogan, but it is a free stream)!
Once you have heard the greatness you will no doubt want to run out on the spot and pick it up... well Richmond's very own Circuit City has the best deal in town $9.99, and for you fan rats who can't leave the city limits get on your scooters and hit up Plan 9 they have it on sale as well (just not quite as cheap.)
While your here check out the title track for the album, Secret Weapon...

Oh and just to remind you...


Monday, July 16, 2007

Adam Says: Nickle Creek and Fiona Apple In Richmond

Many reading this rubbish right now are no doubt big fans of Fiona Apple, and many of you are no doubt are not fans of Nickel Creek. For whatever reason the latter has not attained the same hipster love that Ms. Apple has, and thus Fiona opening for Nickel Creek when the come to Richmond on August 3rd may be a suprise. Well hold it in kiddies and act cool because even though Fiona Apple is a very talented singer-song-writer-pianits she will be at least the fourth best musician on stage if not even further back. This is in no way a strike against Ms. Apple but a credit to the terrific trio that is Nickel Creek, and thus my quandry begins. I do enjoy both acts thuroughly and would love to see them, but every hipster and their mom will now be crawling all over Innsbrook to see her, not to mention the glut of obnoxious beer swilling pseudo-cultural rednecks that will show up to any live event in Richmond if it serves the nector of the gods... Can I put up with that? Can I handle being called a music lemming? To see such tallent on one stage you bet I can!

Adam and Jeremy Say: "Mahony apologizes for clergy abuse", but is that enough?

After a Sunday evening dragging through Will Smith's absolutely horrible Pursuit of Happyness I was stoked, to say the least, to hear this morning of Cardinal Roger Mahony's apology to 500 or so victims of clergy abuse in Los Angeles diocese, and the monetary settlement the church has come to with those victims. (read more from the LA Daily News story)
For many years now Jeremy and I have been outspoken critics of the Catholic Church and it's handling of, what can only be termed, the clergy abuse epidemic. I don't think I would have been so bold as too call for the banishment of the Catholic Church had the Catholic Leadership not been so sinister in trying to cover up these abuses, but once it came to light that the church had been covering these abuses up for years; I could think of no other course of action.
So I proclaimed "Ban the Catholic Church," obviously that is not going to happen but I felt something had to be done... and I think Cardinal Mahoney's apology is a huge first step, but can it can't change the past and it can't heal those who are broken... I just pray that those who have been abused by these evil men will be given peace that passes all understanding, because nothing in this world can do that for them.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Adam Says: Relax With the Soothing Sounds of Art Brut... Sarcasm Noted.

I just got back from a jam packed day! I cut myself some cheese cake and poured a huge glass of Sweet Tea, and now its time to relax with some Art Brut...

Honestly that is some super fun Greco Roman excitement! It is almost as exciting as this Greco Roman super fantastic excitement!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Old but good news

It seems since the summer has begun I have been out of the loop in la la land(thanks to Adam for carrying on the blog). Well, I have officailly been brought back down to earth(in a good way) since finding out yesterday that Derek Webb will join back with Caedmons Call this summer for a new album and tour!

Oh, happy day.

If you don't know, Webb has made a wonderful solo career for himself since leaving Caedmons years back, but this reunion is going to be great for all parties involved.
You can pre-order the new album and search tour dates from the Caedmons website.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Forget Richmond vs. Asheville; Bring On Richmond vs. Mexico!

So many of you have been blogging about this RTD article that talks about Richmond patterning itself after Asheville NC... which is interesting because Jeremy lives in Asheville and I live in Richmond, so we have a very unique perspective on it, but even more interesting is the route our conversation about the article takes... from Asheville vs Richmond to a more unique solution for Richmond that does not involve just copying some other city (how has that San Antonio River Walk thing worked out?)

Adam: Check out this article where the author talks about how Richmond should be like Asheville... I thought you may enjoy.

Jeremy: I'm guessing you don't like this article. Particularly the end where the write says: “Richmond could start by encouraging local entrepreneurship and abandoning its constant search for a Downtown Savior -- a single project that will turn things around"
A completely pro capitalist statement.

Adam: It's all good... I would like to see Richmond live up its rather obvious potential... I was just thinking the other day that I think it would a great idea if Richmond started offering bigger tax breaks and incentives for businesses to bring more jobs into the city... I also think it would be great to see Richmond plan a Spanish speaking neighborhood on the south side... right now many Spanish speakers live on the south side, but Richmond seems reticent to acknowledge that... I say screw that... over people with Hispanic backgrounds incentives to move to the South side and call it little Mexico... open up community centers were people can learn English and Spanish offer all services in bi-lingual form... open up a legal services office to help low income people with legal matters including immigration... Any large city you go to has sections of town where English is the second language and the culture is decidedly un-American I think Richmond should accept and embrace that.

Jeremy: I like that idea. I'm curious about the Hispanic culture in our area. It appears to be growing, but I have no clue where they live/hang out. I see them working construction or of course we have all the Mexican restaurants, but I couldn't tell you where to find these people in the off hours. But, I think if you had a large majority of them in a certain location like "the bottom" or that’s probably different from real "south Richmond". Then I would say it would be good for the city to support something like what you are talking about.

Adam: Yeah the bottom is a whole other thing, but yeah not only would it be beneficial for the city, but think of the great PR... or bad... but Richmond would be the city that has opened it's doors to the one group people still feel like it is okay to hate... while others a trying to kick them out we are asking them to come and be part of our great city...

Jeremy: Yeah, good call. What do you think it would take to get that done?

Adam: A Mayor and City Council that get it and are not afraid to think outside of the box... It is a pretty low overhead deal... maybe a few new signs and banners like they have in DC's Chinatown, maybe you rename a few streets with Spanish names and maybe you post all the public signs in both English and Spanish... but really the idea is just to entice people into the area... but like we have already said this is not a normal idea and I don't think normal politicians would be willing to make it happen.

Jeremy: Do you have a normal mayor and city council?

Adam: Wilder might be crazy enough as a mayor but the Council are all corrupt old school politicians who would never think this far outside the box.

Jeremy: hmm....it doesn’t really seem like a hard idea to grasp? Are Hispanics really that despised up there?

Adam: I would say that people around here don't outwardly treat Hispanics poorly, but they are more than willing to continue to stereotype them and push them into some sort of servant class economically.

Jeremy: So I think you should talk to the mayor and see what they think?

Adam: A proposal of sorts...

Adam and Jeremy Say: St. Vincent is on a Crusade in the name of Sufjan

Sufjan Stevens is taking over the world! Let me explain; as of late Sufjan disciples (those whom have played with or been backed by the Soof) have been popping up everywhere... My Brightest Diamond, the National, Half Handed Cloud, Danielson Famile... I guess it is all part of the Friend Rock thing, but it is starting to worry me. It seems that all the musical talent in the world is being drawn to Mr. Stevens, and the music they are producing is some of the most beautiful and challenging stuff this side of Beethoven... the Latest Sufjan Disciple is St. Vincent (the code name for the lovely Annie Clark). Her music is just about amazing and oh yeah she can throw down on the six string... don't freak out it will be okay you can catch tonight at the Grey Eagle in Asheville NC and Saturday up in DC... for all the details and for more information about her new album "Marry Me" check out her website http://www.ilovestvincent.com/, and if that's not enough for you check out this live video of her killer track "Paris is Burning."

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: We Guarantee at Least Three References to Punk Rock.

There is a load of great music that found its way to your local Plan 9 today...

Against Me! - New Wave - Yeah the hype keeps building... if you like NOFX, the Dead Kennedys, and Rage Against the Machine you will totally love these guys!

Interpol - Our Love To Admire - The Joy Division comparisons will not stop with new album, but that's a good thing if you were already into them... and if you don't know who they are then this is a good time to find out you love them.

Bad Religion - New Maps of Hell - Ever heard the cliche "don't judge a book by its cover"? Well sometimes that's total rubbish, but even if they are a bit antagonistic they have payed all the dews and deserve a listen from you.

Spoon - Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga - Seriously I had to count the number of "Ga's" when I was typing this... but no matter... if you have ever found yourself in some hipster boutique humming something about "the way you get by" or "turning your camera on" then you are a fan of this band and you did not even know it... find out why now.

Adam Says: Lesbian Gangs Join Global Warming and Terror War to Frighten American TV Viewers

Jeremy and I have both been outspoken in our criticism of the "News" media in the past... their blatant fear mongering, sensationalizing, and down right scandalous "reporting" tactics have become comical... or would be comical if people were not treating them as fact. What makes all this insanity even more insulting is their blatant use of their medium for profiteering... I mean I get that they have to make money but it has become disgusting how they have twisted the truth or just lied to make the news "interesting." They do this on big issues like the "war on terror" and "global warming," and they do this on small issues like "lesbian gangs." I am not kidding watch this clip from Bill O'Rielly and judge for yourself...

Apart from the fact that Bill is using a sensational topic like "lesbian gangs" to get people to watch his program (much like Internet sites that register tag words like "sex" and "nude" to get people to click on their sites that have nothing to do with sex or nudity), Bill is actually lying here... sure there are a 150 gangs in the DC/Virginia/Maryland region... not lesbian gangs; just gangs... in actuality there is only one "lesbian gang" in the whole region... but Bill wouldn't say that because that won't get people to tune in... but 150 gangs of crazed lesbian gangsters taking over the mid-Atlantic sure will... Pathetic.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Godspeed Anberlin... Funny How That Rhymes With Godspeed John Glenn.

We have told about a million and one times how much we love Anberlin... so count this as a-million-and-two. Check out this video for the latest single "Godspeed;" from their album Cities.

Adam and Jeremy Say: Interpol Meets Joe Black

Joy Division devotees, and indie rock darlings; Interpol drop their new album "Our Love To Admire" today! Check out the video for the first single "The Heinrich Maneuver" that actually has nothing to do with Chicago Bulls star guard Kirk Heinrich and everything to do with Joe Black...

Yeah so its good but nothing compares to the original!!!

From the movie Meet Joe Black

Monday, July 9, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Now that is actually Ironic and we have the proof

This is why I love the Smoking Gun...

You can see more lovely mug shots of people wearing t-shirts with painfully ironic slogans on them here however none of them will ever live up to my all time favorite Smoking Gun mug shot...

Adam Says: In A Perfect World...

In a perfect world "scientist" would spend more time figuring out why some people suck and less time figuring out why it's hot in Arizona.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Adam and Jeremy: Rant About Vacation.

Oi... we just got back from vacation so don't expect miracles, but do check out www.weeklyrant.com. Any community website can offer an online calender of events that features acts like Taylor Hicks and First Fridays, but the Weekly Rant digs down deep to find the great stuff for Richmonders of all ages... most importantly Richmonders who don't have kids or a dependency on alcohol.