Monday, April 30, 2007

Adam Says:Muisic that is too cool for you...

Some Guy Named Tom.
So I am on Stereogum today watching this rad video that I will speak about at length in a bit, but first I must tell you about Buffalo Tom! No clue who the band is really, I just heard it on the "gum mix," liked it and thought I should pass it on... no preasure... just one of those things that pops into your head and if someone digs it than great...

New Derek Webb!!!
The latest from Derek Webb drops this week! The Ringing Bell is amazing and you should own it... Jeremy and I can't say enough about Derek Webb, so we will let his music do the talking.

Does Even THIS Surprise Us Ms. Love?

So apparently Courtney Love is still producing music, and apparently she is still a mess! Pitchfork is reporting that Ms. Love will be auctioning of Kurt Cobain's stuff, which shouldn't really suprise us because 1) she needs money for crack 2) she need publicity for her upcoming album and 3) she is pure evil. If it wasn't official before it is now; Courtney Love has reached full Yoko Ono status.

Coachella Coverage Abounds.
More Coachella than you could ever need... thanks AT&T

See Previous...
As Jeremy stated before we love Rage Against the Machine, and so the more reviews we can get from their Coachella performance the better!

News Flash: Bjork is Enigmatic and Beautiful!

Bjork's new album "Volta" hits next week, but you can hear the whole thing online right now thanks to NME; which may be a great idea given the buzz her Coachella performance is creating. Oh and because we are contractually obligated we must mention that Bjork is enigmatic and beautiful... carry on.

Speaking of Music Online... (I do way to many "...'s")

Aol is streaming music this week, but it is all pretty lame. You can hear the Spider-Man 3 soundtrack which actually features three or four great singles from bands like Snowpatrol, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and the Killers of all people, but don't blow all the cash in your piggy bank for this one... as is the case with almost all soundtracks you could really just go spend four bucks on iTunes to get the singles and skip the rest of the pointless filler... and yes I am lumping the Flaming Lips into that category (sac relig right?)

The Greatest Office Ever!
So if you are under the age of thirty you have no doubt visited before; well it turns out that these folks are actually part of a larger company that's not really important except to say that they have an office that may just be the funnest office of all time... even funner than Dunder Mifflan! here is the video to prove it...

Blender Magazine: Trying to Capitalize on Trends Since 2001.

Holy crap Blender sucks! Just read their 500 top albums since your were born list... that is if you were born after 1979... Mindless populist rubbish... I think thats a series of questions on
Jeopardy! (Yes I realize that the exclamation point was superfluous, but that literally the title of the program "Jeopardy!")

What the Sparhawk is THAT?

Some of you may have heard of the meolodic/plodding pop-band Low; it's another one of those husband and wife things... the husband being Alan Sparhawk (cool name right?) So he is being featured on as a Take Away Show this week, and I think he is great so you should click here now!

Listen to Feist, California Needs Your Help.

Oh goodness Feist has a new album out and last time I checked California was harnessing the release of pent up excitment being released by her multitudes of fans... or something like that. Go to her myspace page and listen to the whole album for yourself, and maybe you can help California advert its energy crisis.

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  1. As I mentioned before Whining Against the Machine sucks. They make the most odd and ignorant statements. Having different political views and even radical views is fine. But just being an idiot making illogical statements is just asinine. I put them on the same level as gangsta rappers. Complete embarrassments. Not to mention there music sucks.