Monday, April 2, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: APRIIL!!! HOORAY!!!

First there are not enough words in my lexicon to properly describe to you last nights My Brightest Diamond and Decemberist show at the Norva, but fortunately I think I have found a word that summarizes it well... AWESOME. You were not there and so I must tell you that you suck.

April is a great month; the madness of march is finally over and now the sweet center of spring falls to us. I always look forward to April, I love the since of excitement that resounds from the Church Sanctuary on Easter Morning to Bryan Park with its azaleas in full bloom, one of the most special moments for me in April is the flurries of white flowering pare blossoms that flutter throughout Richmond. April signals the end of NCAA Basketball season and the start of the baseball season, but those sports events are not the only happenings that make April so noteworthy.

Of course Easter is a big deal to Adam and Jeremy. Celebrating the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ is always tops on our lists, but even for those whose faith is not so ardent Easter Morning is at the very least a chance to take part in the glitz and glam of an Easter service, and of course the kids get to go hunt for treat filled eggs... so all around its a great time.

While not as important, Ben and Jerry's Free Cone Day, is close to a religious experience for many. This year it falls on April 17th and trust us we will be urging you to get out and enjoy it (like you need it.)

April 21st kicks off Historic Garden Week here in Virginia, and may we recommend Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden or Maymont Park.

Not coincidentally April 22nd is Earth Day. You can be sure that this year Earth Day will cause all sorts of fuss and buzz, but for the rest of us, who are not Al Gore, Earth Day is a great time to celebrate the beauty of Gods' creation; as well as celebrating our responsibility (whats that?) to be good stewards of it.

Ironically April 23rd marks both the start of National Turn off your TV week and Global Darfur Days. Add Virginia's Historic Garden week and you should have no problem finding something positive to do with your TV-less week... and if gardens and social justice are not enough to fill up your TV void April is also National Poetry Month and National Zoo and Aquarium Month... plus if you live anywhere south of Mason Dixon Line April marks the first solid month of warm weather so hop on a bicycle or grab a basketball and get outside.

So that's our quick overview of April... obviously there are some really important dates this month so expect to hear more about many of these subjects again, but for now get our your monthly planner and try not to be too jealous about the AWESOME Decemberist show I saw last night!

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