Friday, April 20, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: It's the Freakin' Weekend Calender!!!

Hey did you know that Adam lives in Richmond and Jeremy lives in Asheville? Of course you did, and now you can find out where to find these guys every weekend; with the Adam and Jeremy "Its the freakin' weekend" Calender! That's right Adam and Jeremy are combing through their respective cities looking for the best in entertainment and serving it up to you on silver platter... or at least a blog.

Our Picks for Friday Night

Brand New at the Norva

If that's not your cup of tea The Orange Peel, Canal Club, and Alley Katz will all feature local and regional artist on Friday night; cruise over to their sights and see if its your "bag man."

Saturdays Picks

Both Richmond and Asheville are holding Earth Day festivals on Saturday, and its a great way to spend the afternoon doing something fun and supporting the environment. In Richmond the festivities will take place in the Manchester District while in Asheville they will take place at the Center of Unlimited Possibilities (we love hippies.)

If you are willing to drive up to DC you catch Hot Chip during the early show and VA natives Clipse during the late show at the 930 Club

Closer to home the The Camel will feature Pace Cadets and the Last Waltz and The Orange Peel in Asheville will have the Toubab Krewe on Friday and Saturday night.

For the theater crowd Tegonni will be performed at the Modlin Center for the Arts this weekend
or you could go and check out the Richmond Symphony Pops perform with Pink Martini.

Oh and we would be remiss if we did not mention the WRIR pledge drive benefit concert Saturday night in Richmond or Richmond's Slam Championship at ArtSpace.

Sundays Picks

You can catch Mozely Rose and Scare Crow Collection at Alley Katz and you have another chance to see Indie Buzz band Hot Chip at the Orange Peel .

Plus Sunday begins National Historic Garden Week in Virginia.

If all else fails you can go check out Dream Girls and Letters from Iwo Jima for a buck twenty five at the Byrd or a Night at the Museum and Pans Labyrinth at the Asheville Brew and View.

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  1. Thanks. Now that I've read this entry, I keep singing that R. Kelly song, "It's the freakin weekend baby, and we're gonna have us some fun" in my head. I appreciate it. A lot. :)