Monday, April 16, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Free Ice Cream, Asheville, Rock N Roll, and German Food

My public speaking professor once told me that I need to start my speeches with an attention grabber so... It's Free Ice Cream Cone Day at Ben and Jerrys! Whether this has anything to do with the tax deadline I am unsure, but from noon to 8PM all Ben and Jerry's locations will be giving away Free Ice Cream Cones!!! Must I say more? Go Now!... actually read the rest of this rad post and then make haste.

So for those of you who do not live within a 90 mile radius of Asheville NC Adam and Jeremy where both there over the weekend! The guys got together for good ole fashioned shenanigans which included no less than three criminal citations...

The city of Asheville NC is located in the western part of the state about five hours north of Atlanta and offers rad architecture like this:

On Friday Adam and his misuses spent the day in Ashveille hanging out with an abundance of hippies in the many different shops on Lexington Ave. learning about various forms of mysticism and Americanized Buddhism. Oh did we mention that it is National Library Week? Head over to your local library to learn more about Ashveille NC and various kinds of mystical religions. Oh and we found this hype link for Better World Books... which is this rad online book store that sells used books super cheap to raise money for literacy and other charitable causes... and there is free shipping... seriously Better World Books check it out.

After a day of cycling through the hills of Asheville's downtown (and getting harassed by several "carpetbaggers" in semi-environmentally friendly vehicles) Adam and Jeremy decided a walk in the woods with the dogs would be a great way to unwind, and it was... until The Berg sent his Labradors into a lake to harass a goose! As any loyal dog would the dog jumped right in and began to swim after the water fowl... alas the water fowl was in the exact middle of the lake and thus the dog swam nearly 100 yards into the middle of the lake, but the goose, being sensible, swam away... alas the dog continued to swim after him... this continued for twenty minutes until the dog was nearly out of gas! it was at this point that Adam and Jeremy stripped down into their skivvies and began to wade out into the lake... eventually the dog came close enough to Adam for him to swim after, retrieving the dog (yes we get the irony). This is the point Adam and Jeremy decided they should regroup in Jeremy's mountain lair.

Great food was then had at Black Forrest... a superb German Restaurant in Asheville, unfortunately afterwards Adam and Jeremy decided to express their feelings for corporate pop music... as you can see (we apologize, but the picture tell the story.)

Saturday Adam and missuses Adam traveled down to a wedding near Macon GA, congrats Pat and Megan, but on the way back the weather got mean and Adam decided it would be a good idea to stop in Athens for dinner... Athens is the home of UGA, and Athens rocks! Adam and the Lady ate at Amici which was gnarly! Athens GA certainly gets the Adam and Jeremy seal of approval!

When the Adam and wife returned to Asheville the night quickly turned into the morning, and at some point the boys sat down to watch SNL which featured Avril Lavigne as the music guest... disappointing... we stray away from calling anyone a sell out here at Adam and Jeremy, seriously she has become a corporate sell out. Not only have her handlers done an amazing job of prettying her up and watering down her music... but the performance was so choreographed, and Avril looked so unhappy to be up there that there is now way to ignore it... Avril just happens to be dropping an album this week which you can listen to in its entirety at the AOL listening party.

You can also listen to the latest Nine Inch Nail album (Adam and Jeremy are not industrial fans, but you may be) at AOL, and most excitingly you can listen to "What's the time Mr. Wolf" by Adam and Jeremy buzz band the Noisettes! That album is super great and on sale this week for $7.99 at Best Buy.

Back to the story...

Some times Sunday the assembled Adam and Jeremy awoke and Jeremy and his amazing wife prepared the most fabulous meal ever! What great hosts!

The weekend was a huge success... everyone had fun (as you can see below) and aside from a blizzard that hampered Adams return to the greatest city in the world, RICHMOND VA! Everything was awesomeness.

Oh let it be known that Adam and Jeremy are building buzz for three albums in the pipe line from Project 86, MxPx, and Thousand Foot Krutch! Expect to hear so much more in the near future.

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