Thursday, April 5, 2007

Adam Says: Grass and Gasoline

If you look up urban-sprawl in a history book you will likely find information about a movement in America, that began just after World War II, where people moved from centralized cities to less populated open spaces that have now become the "suburbs." And most of these history books, in which you look up such information, will say that this was caused by a surge in wealth, the availability of automobiles, and desire to own land, but I beg to differ. Urban-sprawl stemmed from the nose... yes the nose! The only logical reason for people to leave an area that is more convenient, holds a higher cultural standard, and offers more of just about everything is the scent of cut grass and gasoline. I love that scent and can tell you from experience that it is the only thing that could drag me from my beloved metropolis; Richmond. Cut grass and gasoline should be a fragrance bottled and used by everyone because it is just that delightful.

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