Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Adam Says: National Poetry Month! Hooray!!!

As we stated before April is National Poetry Month... which means "20 Something" guys everywhere are reciting cheesy couplets to their Vera Bradley muses, and girls in black turtlenecks are mourning the end of winter with ironically flowery language. Okay so maybe those cliches don't really do justice to the beauty of poetry, so we figured you might want a few links to help you get into the mood for National Poetry Month.

www.poets.org is about as official as website for poetry as you can find. Check out the great resources and sign up for the Poem-A-Day feature.

It is painfully obvious that public radio would have some sort of feature that would make a great companion to National Poetry Month, and in fact they do. Check out Garrison Keillor reading poems that have nothing to do with Lake Wobegon on the Writers Almanac from Public Radio.

You can find more great poetry at www.poetryfoundation.org.

You can get "Leaves of Grass" by Walt Whitman in its entirety online for free HERE; yes yes I know this is the second time we linked this, but its a great find and really worth checking out.

Last but not least I wanted to post my favorite poem in the whole wide world. The story behind this poem goes like this: My wife and I really loved it, thought it painted a great picture of the church as the bride of Christ and so we figured it would be an awesome addition to our wedding ceremony; and whom would we get to recite it? None other than Fat Jeremy himself. The poem is called "The Celebration Wedding" by Bradley Hathaway

This is for the ones whose hope is falling
And you no longer hear your Saviors calling.

This is for the ones whose backs are turning
And that passion-filled heart you once had has stopped burning.

This is for the ones abandoned now all alone with no solace and you think you’re stranded

This is for you empty, by life branded that had a vision that took leap but it never landed.

This is for the ones who are plagued by those mysteries of life and you feel torn inside by this mind and spirit strife.

This is for the ones whose desire to do good is always outweighed and you don’t do as you should.

This is for the ones whose mistakes are too many to count and the guilt on your chest just continues to mount.

This is for the ones who’ve been done wrong by sins at the corrupted hands of perverted men.

Hold On.


Because soon will come that celebration wedding and bundles of restoration will be our bedding.

The trumpeter is taking a breath

The guests are taking their seats

The bride is putting on a veil

The father is making last-minute preparations

There’s ten thousand times ten thousand angels waiting in a holy expectation.

The readied Groom is ready

Soon will come the celebration wedding

If you are hurting, your hurt will cease

If you are restless, you will find peace

If you are empty, you will be filled

All of these doubts and questions they’ll be stilled

If life for you is just too trying
Your tears will dissipate there wont be any more crying.

If the only thing you know is shame.
You will be cleansed and never again feel the same.

If you can’t see straight



And wait…

Soon will come that celebration wedding
And bundles of complete restoration will be our bedding.

Bradley Hathaway is this rad poet from Arkansas who I originally caught at a super sweet Blindside show down in NC. Since then he has put out a book, CD and DVD. Plus he tours all the time. If you like his stuff check out one of his shows or pick up some of his stuff because he is truly gifted. Check out his site www.thebradley.net

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