Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Adam and Jeremy say: Elton John and Kings of Leon Ring My Bell

Of all the new albums that AOL is streaming this week it is not Chevelle or The Academy Is... that have caught the ears of Adam and Jeremy, but Elton John! Go figure a greatest hits album by the queen of Adult Pop hits has way more songs that Adam and Jeremy know by heart than they would like to admit, but those standards easily surpass disappointing efforts by Chevelle and The Academy Is...

However, if you are a fan of Tool and the rest of the "Modern Rock Radio" rubbish that pervades sports video games these days then Chevelle still may be something you are into, and so we provide you a link. Adam and Jeremy are both disappointed that a band that once was so uncomercial and so edgy has now become shill for corporate rock... disillusioned is the word Adam used to describe his feelings.... by the way Adam and Jeremy never expected anything out The Academy Is... so they could care less that the album is total bomb.

On a brighter note the Kings of Leon have also released a new album "Because of the Times." The jam-y southern garage rock has earned the ire of some critics, who are still comparing them to "the Strokes of the south" and are not stoked about the less than structured layout of their latest. Adam and Jeremy say the music is as hot as a Nashville summer and you should check it out!

Play Kings of Leons On Call

Oddly enough, Adam and Jeremy didn't even know that Derek Webb had another new album coming out till last week, and after finding out yesterday that the album is being accompanied by a graphic novel(authored by D. Webb), they couldn't not contain their excitement. This is why you are seeing a post on it now instead of the normal Tuesday time slot here on the Adam and Jeremy Show... I mean Adam and Jeremy Blog.

The Ringing Bell hits music stores and ITunes May one. If you're like Adam and Jeremy you probably wont wait to pre-order the album and book.

Swing on over to the Ringing Bell website and you can listen to some full length tracks(which are totally rockin). They remind me of little Sufan Stevens or Ryan Adams. An interesting path that Webb has only touched on in his previous "folky" albums. Also on the website you can preview some of the book, so make sure you check it out now! your spare time, read the article in USA today about Webb!

Whilst sipping tea the Parasol Party today we happened to meander onto Relevants' website and low and behold there was a new review of Arcade Fire's "Neon Bible" URGH! We love Relevant Media and we love to plug them, but honestly this took far too long. The album was great and that's why we told you so... two weeks ago... at any rate go and check out the review... plus there is some other good stuff in there about other music that has biblical themes.

By now you have all hear about Keith Richards snorting his father... like a line of coke... and the denial/spin that has ensued... here is a great take on it from

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