Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Adam Says: Rage Garners Negative Media Coverage

How appropriate that on May Day, when union workers and secularist are being beaten and kicked by "police" in Turkey for celebrating the proletariat, the San Jose Mercury news would blow the coverage of the completely awesome Rage Against the Machine (Adam and Jeremy Favorites) performance at the Coachella Festival; reporting that Rage front man Zack de la Rocha...

"He also railed against the war in Iraq and likened Bush administration officials to Nazi war criminals.

"This current administration is no exception. They should be tried and hung and shot," he said."

That's strange because we just read that same quote on the Rolling Stone review of the concert, and they completely missed that whole Nazi thing... don't believe me? Read for yourself...

During the final pre-encore song, “Wake Up,” de la Rocha finally spoke to the crowd at length, spitting a furious political rant that began by suggesting that every U.S. president should have been hung for war crimes. “This current administration is no exception –- they should be hung and tried and shot,” he said, during the song’s breakdown. “But the challenges we face go beyond the current administration… It’s not a system that changes every four years.. It’s a system we have to tear down, generation after generation.” The band moved back into the main riff, while de la Rocha screamed “Wake up!”"

Odd it seems that bias does not know blue or red, but only green! Sure Rage is over the top, but at least they are trying to draw attention to the plight of the poor and working class the world over... the class that makes it possible for me to sit on this computer right now and make this post...

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  1. You are right about one thing. MercuryNews did blow the coverage. Zach is even wierder than I thought. "Every President should have been hung..." What the heck does that mean. Like I said, he does nothing but embarrass the working class with illogical and asinine statments. Not to mention his lyrical song structure is that of a 6th grader.

    Anyways, I really enjoy reading the blog periodically.