Thursday, April 12, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: 100 Facts You Need To Know

Sweet Action! This is our 100th post! We are so stoked that we have come this far, and we are so glad you have come along for the ride. So in honor of our 100th post Adam and Jeremy offer you 100 Facts You Need to Know About Adam and Jeremy.

1. Adam has an entourage
2. Jeremy isn’t funny just funny looking
3. Adam is funny but that’s because he’s ugly
4. Jeremy was a loser in middle school
5. Adam was prom king
6. Jeremy likes playing with fire
7. Adam and Jeremy mountain bike for fun
8. Adam and Jeremy have been to a combined 2632 concerts
9. Adam and Jeremy are DJs
10. Jeremy smells bad
11. Adam smells worse
12. Adam cant dance
13. Jeremy cant sing
14. Adam once trained under Ansel Adams
15. Jeremy won $10,000 in a wet t-shirt contest
16. Adam and Jeremy like trucks
17. Jeremy likes sports cars and motorcycles
18. Adam and Jeremy have herb gardens....not "herb" gardens
19. Adam and Jeremy actually own a fifty one percent stake in Lindsay Lohan
20. Adam and Jeremy are experts in Dada art
21. Jeremy is a distant relative of Michael Jordan
22. Adam once held a private debate with John Lennon on McCarthyism
23. Jeremy had a license to drive a big rig.
24. Adam and Jeremy once had minor roles in a minor hit.
25. Adam has a thing for girls with dark hair and fair skin.
26. Jeremy has a thing for girls.
27. Adam and Jeremy once aided the FBI in capturing a Mexican Drug lord in a plea bargain they cannot speak about to this day.
28. Adam and Jeremy are rebels with many causes
29. Jeremy hugs trees
30. Adam tastes like trees.
31. Jeremy would live in a tree if his wife allowed
32. Adam would live on the beach if his wife allowed
33. Jeremy can play 10 different musical instruments
34. Adam is ambidextrous
35. Adam and Jeremy raced in the Daytona 500
36. Adam and Jeremy played a small but crucial role in the Cuban missile crisis.
37. Adam and Jeremy also played a small but crucial role in the Bolshevik Revolution.
38. Adam wet the bed until he was fifteen.
39. Adam and Jeremy are world speed scrabble champions.
40. Jeremy is a volunteer fireman on weekends and state holidays
41. Adam is a volunteer escort on weekends and state holidays.
42. Jeremy inherited 5 million dollars from his grandfather, but had it stolen the next day.
43. Adam has stolen 5 million dollars from an unknown trust account.
44. Adam started the fire.
45. "Jeremy" is actually French for Filthy Red Haired Dog Loving Hippie
46. Adam has been married twelve times to five different women... none of which are his babies’ mother.
47. Adam is a terrible liar.
48. Jeremy is Shriner
49. Jeremy lost two toes while visiting Thailand but refuse to tell anyone how it happened.
50. Adam thinks it was a shark.
51. Adam will strip naked on the spot for 100 dollars.
52. Jeremy will do it for five and a hotdog.
53. Adam and Jeremy love Bratwurst.
54. Jeremy can juggle
55. Adam can walk on his hands
56. Jeremy is 5% Chinese
57. 5% of Adam's body is made of Chinese take out.
58. Adam and Jeremy are secretly fans of Julio Igleasias and the Hoff.
59. Jeremy once beat Chuck Norris in a staring contest, and is missing a testicle to prove it.
60. Jeremy is often mistaken for Robert Redford
61. Jeremy was convicted or arson in Niceville, FL.
62. Adam and Jeremy know the secret to the next big thing
63. Adam has an irrational fear of sharks.
64. Jeremy has an irrational fear of short people.
65. Adam eats short people.
66. Jeremy wants to become a venture capitalist when he grows up.
67. Adam and Jeremy once played in a Beatles cover band called “The Calendar Girls”
68. Jeremy has never posed nude
69. Adam and Jeremy can beat you in spades
70. Adam has been compromised several times because of his weakness for sweet tea and peanut butter.
71. Jeremy published a report dissecting the communication theories presented in episodes of Barney and Sesame Street.
72. Adam and Jeremy are directly responsible for the success of over fifty movies and albums.
73. Jeremy pees outside whenever he can
74. Jeremy can recite the names of the capital of every South American country, backwards and in Spanish.
75. Adam can recite the names of every member of the cast of Saved by the Bell, backwards and in Spanish.
76. Adam and Jeremy once spent a year at a monastery in the German country side.
77. Actually Jeremy spent a year; Adam was kicked out after three months for the inappropriate use of the word "cracker."
78. Adam's shoe size: 13.
79. Jeremy's shoe size: 6 1/2.
80. Jeremy picks up hitch hikers
81. Adam and Jeremy… “Smarter than Al Gore.”
82. Jeremy loves Star Wars
83. Adam can breath under water
84. Adam hates Wal-Mart
85. Jeremy loves Wal-mart
86. Jeremy eats a hotdog with every condiment known to man
87. Adam can't spell very well.
88. Adam and Jeremy were once arrested in Mexico
89. Adam can eat his weight in Pizza
90. Adam's favorite movie is "You've Got Mail," but he is not gay.
91. Jeremy greatly dislikes Oprah
92. Jeremy thinks shoes are bad for your feet
93. Adam and Jeremy know more about music than you do.
94. Jeremy is not phat.
95. Adam and Jeremy are not lovers.
96. Jeremy is a filthy hippie.
97. Adam is on a government list as a suspected communist.
98. Adam loves brownies.
99. Adam and Jeremy know what you did last summer.
100. Adam and Jeremy love Jesus

Craziest thing Adam and Jeremy are actually both going to be in Ashveville this weekend, so expect less post for the next four days and then a bunch of hilarious post come Monday. Oh and if you are in Asheville send us a line we would love to meet you.


  1. My favorites are #51 and #52. Hey you both will be in Asheville this weekend, and both myself and the Ousdahls will be in Lynchburg this weekend!

  2. I'm almost positive that most of these are b.s. But still. Amazing.

  3. I want to be in Asheville this weekend.