Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Adam Says: Guitar Hero has nothing on PC Punk!

So my good friend Bryan Smith plays the guitar, and he does so well. A few months back we are playing Guitar Hero on the Playstation and enjoying it. Near the end of the night Bryan says "Man wouldn't it be cool if there was a game where you could make your own songs?!!?" At the time I had never heard of Noisegames, but just this week both Relevant and Popcandy have gone bonkers for this new game that Noisegames has put out called PC-Punk. Basic premise: use your keyboard to play the rhythm and lead guitar as well as injecting vocals... this is the perfect game for everyone who once dreamed of being in the Sex Pistols but now works at desk in an overly beige building. But to make things even better Noisegames isn't just PC-Punk... oh no... they have lots of great games that center around making music... like guitarmachine and one where you make a frat boy sing in the shower.... oh you must check it out! And I must call Bryan and tell him the news!

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