Saturday, April 28, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Derek Webb Will Change Your Life and what not.

Derek Webb Likes to Ring Bells
So Tuesday is still very far away, but we need to tell you again how stoked we are about the new Derek Webb disc, "The Ringing Bell." While the disc drops on Tuesday you can still pre-order the special edition disc with the 96 page graphic novel until then for a mere twenty dollars. Head over to and hook it up.

28 Weeks of Awesomeness
So all the movie buzz of late has been focused on Spider-Man 3 which lands next weekend, but the movie Adam and Jeremy are goosed about is "Twenty Eight Weeks Later" which is the sequel to the surprise horror/suspense indie flick "Twenty Eight Days Later." So admittedly we at Adam and Jeremy are not normally zombie movie fans, but 28 days later was sooo good that we put our bias aside and gave it our support... and thus we do again for "28 Weeks Later," just go ahead and pencil this in as another Adam and Jeremy HIT! But if you must see it to believe it, here is the super rad trailer.

Adam and Jeremy Summer Reading List
Finally Adam and Jeremy Have released their summer reading list! Check it out.

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