Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Adam Says: More Music News Than My Server Can Hold

Free New Music

AOL is streaming new albums from The Arctic Monkeys, Test Your Reflex, Snoop Dogg and The Night Watchman (Tom Morrello's side project ((Tom Morrello of Rage Against the Machine.))

The Arctic Monkeys

Barley a year ago the Arctic Monkeys blew up the blogosphere with "Whatever You Say I am, that's what I am not." These blue collar kids from England were touted as the next big thing, and to some extent it was true, but they were literally kids so they didn't handle the spotlight of fame so well. Now they are back with an album that is richer and deeper, but misses the greatness it reaches for. "Favourite Worst Nightmare" is good and at points its great, but the youthful guile that made their debut classic has been replaced by the jade of celebrity and so the heart begins to miss beats, the shine begins to ware. "Favourite Worst Nightmare" is step forward for the Arctic Monkeys, and if they keep this up they may be the type of grizzled veterans that can continue to make classic albums far into the future.

Well that's my take, check out what Pitchfork and the NME readers think...

Viva La Nightwatchman Revolution!

We are all giddy with excitement to hear that Rage Against the Machine is back together, and so the "One Man Revolution" by Tom Morrello's alter ego the Nightwatchman may be dropping at the perfect moment or it may be over shadowed by Tom's gigantic day job. "One Man Revolution" pulls heavily from names like Cash, Dylan, Young, Springsteen and the protest songs of the sixties; and even manages to do so without becoming some sort of burn out hippie caricature. On stand out tracks like "House Goes Up In Flames" Morrello does an excellent job of taking the intensity of his beliefs and pouring them into his voice and acoustic guitar, but on many other tracks the resplendence of Morrellos guitar work and its creativity that made Rage Against the Machine sound so unique in the rap-rock era is sadly missing. For the most part the message is stronger than the songs on this album, but maybe that was the point. I for one am more excited to see Tom at his creative height this summer as Rage begin to play shows again.

Can't Ever Get Enough White Stripes

More White Stripes news! Yeah so "Icky Thump" will drop June 19th (My Birthday!!!), but before that Jack and Meg plan to drop two singles on vinyl! Oh man music geeks prepare to geek out!... read the rest on Pitchfork. Oh there's also something about Gorillaz breaking up and Radiohead's next album in there, but come on who could focus when news about the White Stripes has just been unleashed.

If Stereogum says it, it must be true.

Stereogum.com has named Alberta Cross a band to watch... for what its worth.

Indie Music Videos? Isn't this an oxymoron?

Okay so you have to/MUST check out the Take-Away Shows! It is a group of videos of different amazing artist like The Shins, Andrew Bird, Arcade Fire, The National and Cold War Kids... shot live in all these non-video locations like freight elevators and back alleys... it is a totally gnarly project brought to us by the French of all people! Seriously the rest of this blog is meaningless if you don't ch-ch-ch-check it out!

Rollingstone? Ain't that funny?

So Rollingstone has come up with a snarky sarcastic list of ways the record industry can save CD's... wow what a great idea! Jeremy wouldn't you say that is an incredible concept that we should consider using in the future?

Top 10 reasons Letterman is way cooler than you, and American Idol for that matter!

So apparently American Idol is still on the air (Good thing we turning off our TV this week or we may have been tempted to watch it) at any rate this kid Sangria or something like that was apparently a big deal on the program and got kicked off... so of course Letterman did a Top 10 list with him. It is quite funny...

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