Monday, April 9, 2007

Adam Says: Further Seems Forever and Jesus Christ Superstar

If you spent any or all of your college career from 1999 to 2006 you probably cried last year when Further Seems Forever announced they were disbanding. The band that defined "emo" for me was finally going to let it go (Hope the boys from Fall Out Boy are taking notes.) Well color me excited when Further Seems Forever released a CD/DVD set last week, "The Final Curtain", with all sorts of great acoustic tracks and b-sides, some that even feature original singer Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Conffesional fame, and a video of FSF final show. A way cool disc worth checking out...

With the excitement about a final Further Seems Forever album I had the opportunity to do some memory lane wandering and a little Internet surfing (which led me to find the amazing FSF concert photo from 1999 that you see above), and I came across a great bio of FSF on Wikipedia that actually has a pretty good rundown of the multiple FSF lead singers, and did you ever wonder what happened to the man who would be Chris Carrabba? Jason Gleason got married to Bella Gleason of Element 101 "fame" and they started a group called Action Reaction. They have an album out and you may check it out if you wish, but it does not come with the Adam and Jeremy stamp of approval as "The Final Curtain" does.

Oh and since it is the day after Easter.... I give you the top 12 Jesus' in entrainment history... as presented by I still don't think you can beat The Caviezel, but I may be biased... yeah I one look at this list and you suddenly realize why we are all under the misconception that Jesus was a slightly feminine white man... sad... I mean the dude cleared out an entire temple court with his bare hands and an whip; lets see Chuck Norris do that!

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