Friday, March 30, 2007

Adam Says: A Weekend of Highs and Midtones, but Really No Lows.

You should be jealous, because this Sunday at 2030 (830PM) I will be in Norfolk VA with my beautiful wife listening to the Mythical of voice of Colin Meloy as he and the rest of the Decemberist me with stories of murder, mystery, love and intrigue. Oh yes the day has fianlly come not only do I get to see Adam and Jeremy favs the Decemberist, and as an added bonus I get to see a personal favorite, My Brightest Diamond open the show. Man I feel blessed.

Unfortunately this feeling of excitement and blessing is tempered by my schedule for Saturday night. If you live in Richmond you know that the largest French film festival outside of France is VCU's French Film Festival, which happens to be going on this weekend at the Byrd Theater in Carytown. Normally I would be kind of excited, and since it is my wife's birthday she and I will be doing it by going to Can Can before catching one of the French Films on Saturday night... the only problem is this film will be showing at midnight! Heaven help me, I have not yet mastered my appreciation for foreign film and at such a late hour my ability to stay coherent for the duration is seriously in doubt, but dreams of the Decemberist will pull me through I am certain.

One last note. Certified Adam and Jeremy favorite Derek Webb is featured in article this week on USA Today. It talks about his Faith and his politics, so you know we here at Adam and Jeremy are excited about it and we strongly suggest you check it, and Derek Webb, out.

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