Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: We Burned Past 200 Posts, And Had An Awkward Conversation About Rock Music.

Hey we just realized that we passed our 200th post this week... alas we did not notice and so did not prepare any hilarity for you... so check out our 100th post... we guarantee at least five "LOL" moments (we are not sure if we used the term "LOL" with or without irony... we forget which way is cool.)

So Adam had an interesting conversation after church Sunday with old pal Lil' Lee... we forget what band it is, but Lil' Lee is in some local band and has been for a while so his conversations with Adam usually revolve around music. On Sunday however the conversation did not go so well... It went kind of like this:

LL: Hey have you heard the new stuff from such and such a band?

Adam: Nope

LL: What about this other band?

Adam: Nope

LL: Well I know you have hear some such track from this other band?

Adam: Sorry

LL: You suck.

Adam: Yeah I know... I'm old.

As you might be able to garner from the conversation Lil' Lee and Adam have divergent tastes in music... actually at one point they were on the same wave length but then Adam got all caught up in that haughty-better-than-everyone indie rock rubbish; while Lil' Lee continued to rock out to the DIY screamo/punk/hardcore/whatever it is people here on MySpace these days... So to make Lil' Lee happy we give you this:

A While back Adam ran into Lil' Lee at Alley Katz for a show in which the band As Cities Burn was playing... while As Cities Burn is not and Adam and Jeremy approved band, they aren't bad so it is with guarded enthusiasm that we present the As Cities Burn Myspace page... On which you can currently here their entire new CD Come Now Sleep for free an entier week before it blows up shelves on Tuesday (forgive us but we are ex-DJays and some time we get caught up in the moment)... so got check out the myspace page and make Lil' Lee happy by supporting semi-professional Rock N Roll!

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