Sunday, August 5, 2007

Adam Says: Nickel Creek and Fiona Apple Melt Face and Rip Out Heart of Richmond.

Friday night was fab... wait this not some ditsy gossip blog but seriously I was totally blindsided by Nickel Creek and Fiona Apple on Friday... I went to the show thinking I was going to see two bands perform, but instead I saw one super group get up on stage and blow my entire mind out of my skull and on to I64 somewhere... The amalgamation of talent was both exciting and unsettling... hearing the soulful vocals of Fiona against the folk tapestry that is Nickel Creek was amazing... their union proved that music can transcend labels... To sum it all up, You have not heard music until you have heard Ms. Apple perform the hit soul-pop of Criminal to the tune of a blazing blue grass ho-down.

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  1. someone's put lots of videos of the concert on youtube, after reading your review thought you'd like to see!