Thursday, August 16, 2007

Adam Says: Cycle from Richmond to WIlliamsburg with MeadWestvaco

Not only is MeadWestvaco building that awesome new building down by the Federal Building in Richmond, but now they are making it possible for me to ride from Richmond to Williamsburg without being killed by large truks! Yesterday the Mayor and some other officials broke ground down by the canal on the Richmond half of the Capitol to Capitol bike trail that runs from Richmond to Williamsburg along Route 5, and all of this has come about because MeadWestvaco donated $300,000 to the project; which up until now had been put on the back burner as far as I can see. I think I will send the folks at Mead a thank you note, not just because I like to cycle, but because I have made that journey from Richmond to Williamsburg on my bike and not having to compete with SUV's and hotrodders is worth way more than $300,000 to me. Here is the press release from the City. (p.s. I would have forced the Mayor to take off those sunglasses, and I would have made them wear hard hats, but that's just my professional opinion)


  1. Sweeeet!!! I'm looking forward to the completion of the Richmond to Williamsburg trail and vice versa.

    And, yes, Mayor Wilder really needs to lose the "Look at me! I gotta wear shades!" look. :-)

  2. FYI - MeadWestvaco doesn't have a dash. This is good news though.