Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Adam and Jeremy: Tegan and Sara, Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Bat for Lashes... How is that for an original title?

Band - Tegan and Sara - Song - Back In Your Head - Album - The Con
Yeah so they are attractive twin sisters that just so happen to be...... Canadian , but they certainly planned to be amazing musicians... as this track clearly proves.

Band- Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Song - Is Is - Album - Is Is
Hey the Yeah Yeah Yeah's are on tour... oh and this EP is ten times better than every other full length album Sheryl Crow put out combined and placed into a nuclear rocket.

Bat for Lashes highly anticipated release Fur and Gold has finally landed on American soil and you should go out and buy it TODAY... don't listen to me... listen to this guy... okay he may be a crack pot so listen for yourself and decide... the album is streaming on AOL; which is also has the 1990's for you listening pleasure. Oh I should war you... the album is kind of different... and by that I mean Bat for Lashes kind of sounds like some sort of medieval all girl techno-influenced band... which is way more "Goth" than your average Marylin Manson.

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