Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Eisley Meet MAE... MAE Meet Eisley

The major label debut from Virginia Beach's own MAE hit today. Singularity marks their biggest project to date, which also means we can now expect to hear the phrase "sell out" any moment. Adam and Jeremy have been fans of MAE sense Embers and Envelopes but most of you probably didn't come on board until the Everglow... either way these guys have a unique sound that may or may not be watered down on the latest record... we are reserving judgment, but don't wait for us... head over to MAE's myspace page or purevolume page and take a listen to Singularity for yourself... oh and because this album is being released by Capitol you can bet that it will be in record stores everywhere.

Even more exciting for those of us here at the A and J compound is the release of Combinations the latest album from Eisley... seriously we could go on for days about the sibling connection or their haunting melodies, but honestly that will do you no good so we will just say that Eisley is good/great ... Combinations also good/great... visit their myspace page and hear the goodness and check out this video for Invasion; the albums first single.

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    they're so cute and talented. They're also on the cover of RAGGED.

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