Thursday, August 2, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Worship Music Is Not Always Bad.

"Worship" Music is what Christians call the music portion of their church services. It, like church population, varys greatly in style; some churches play old hymns on organs and pianos, while others play "Rock N Roll" sounding songs on electric guitars and drums, and everything in between. However, for the most part the only thing that makes any of this music worth noting is the extremly religious content of the lyrics. For the most part, especially in what people call modern worship music, the actual music itself is boring, and out dated. Hence the confusion for many non-believers in church services; here is a group of people getting really excited about what sounds like dollar bin soft rock, because they obviously are not drawn in by the spiritual message of the lyrics. Adam and Jeremy have long felt that though this is the rule with worship music there are some exceptions and one of those exceptions happens to be the song "Every New Day" by the ska band Fiver Iron Frenzy (who were popular in the mid to late 90's.) We could try to explain it but we would much rather you read the words for yourself, and then Itune'd the track...

Five Iron Frenzy
Every New Day
Our Newest Album Ever!

When I was young, the smallest trick of light,
Could catch my eye,
Then life was new and every new day,
I thought that I could fly.
I believed in what I hoped for,
And I hoped for things unseen,
I had wings and dreams could soar,
I just don't feel like flying anymore.
When the stars threw down their spears,
Watered Heaven with their tears,
Before words were spoken,
Before eternity.

Dear Father, I need you,
Your strength my heart to mend.
I want to fly higher,
Every new day again.

When I was small, the furthest I could reach,
Was not so high,
Then I thought the world was so much smaller,
Feeling that I could fly.
Through distant deeps and skies,
Behind infinity,
Below the face of Heaven,
He stoops to create me.

Dear Father, I need you,
Your strength my heart to mend.
I want to fly higher,
Every new day again.

Man versus himself.
Man versus machine.
Man versus the world.
Mankind versus me.
The struggles go on,
The wisdom I lack,
The burdens keep pilling
Up on my back.
So hard to breathe,
To take the next step.
The mountain is high,
I wait in the depths.
Yearning for grace,
And hoping for peace.
Dear God...
Healing hands of God have mercy on our unclean souls once again.
Jesus Christ, light of the world burning bright within our hearts forever.
Freedom means love without condition,
without a beginning or an end.
Here's my heart, let it be forever Your's,
Only You can make every new day seem so new.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I couldn't agree more. Most worship music makes me want to puke. I will definitely check out the band you mentioned above.

    Thanks again.

  2. We started listening to Christian Music a couple of years ago. It took some adjusting - but we found some really great bands.

    With kids in the car -- the radio has gotten really slack on the bleeping. So we tend to listen to xmradio 32 or the ipod.

    Plus do you really want your kids humming along to Sean Kingston " Beautiful Girls" ---You'll have me suicidal, suicidal, suicidal... -- The radio plays that song over and over. Anyway

    Chris - you should check out - David Crowder Band, Switchfoot, Jeremy Camp, Plumb. Are Ipods are pretty full so we still listen to other types of music -- But for me - I just like surrounding myself with this style of music. -- it puts me in a better mood!!!

  3. Well that's something different! I tried to find it to listen to somewhere online and found a preview here.

    it's not that long though....

    I will definitely have to pass this on to my friend and church pastor waYne (leads our church's worship band ... which is going to start going out on their own in the area as the River City Worship Band).

    Other Chris - I agree with Eric there are some other good bands.

    I still rather like listening to some of the songs they do during church than anything anymore on the radio... unless I can get that Christian channel from the N. VA area... it's mostly good stuff! It's funny because whenever I stop at a light, the sound goes all static until I start driving again :)