Sunday, August 26, 2007

Adam Says: I May Not Be Superbad, but I Am Awkward, and I Love It!

So on Saturday I had exactly two hours to kill in the middle of Blacksburg VA so what do I do? I go to the movies... I go and see SuperBad (which by the way has been number one two weeks in a row now) at any rate I am not going to tell you if I liked it or what not I will just say if you liked 40 year old virgin or Knocked Up you should see it, but that is not the point of this particular post. The point is that I am a huge dork... so I neglected to mention that I was killing this time alone... ergo I saw the movie alone... so here I am watching this movie about awkward boys and their awkward attempts in relationships and suddenly I am buying into this movie way too much... not because its funny (though it is) but because it reminds me how much fun it was to meet girls and how much fun the whole awkward first conversation is, and the awkward first date; it was like dorky awkward nostalgia... I could be all alone here, but I found the whole gangley cumbersome ordeal to be totally exciting and it something I still look back on and think... "hey that was fun." Now I am obviously married so the awkward thing is just my social ineptness when placed in groups of people, and by the end of the movie I was actually thinking... "man it is kind of a drag that I will not get to do any of the awkward dance again." I will point out that I love my wife, and I will also point out that she and I had this discussion before I decided to share it with you... So at any rate I am bumming about it as I walk out of the theater and then I remember a conversation I had with someone once about how awful they thought dating was, how they couldn't stand the awkwardness and the unknown and then eventually the heartbreak so they wanted to get married so they would never have to do that again... now obviously I think that is a lame reason to get married, but two I think it is a lame way to view life... lets face facts... life is awkward and mysterious... we think we know what we want or where we are going but in reality we have no idea, and if we spend our whole lives trying to find a way to put an end to the awkwardness and the unknown we will never have a chance to slow down and enjoy any of our life... So I say take a cue from a bunch of juvenile movie makers... slow down and enjoy the awkward moments that life presents... so what if you act like a total dork around some girl or so what if blow some job opportunity because in your attempt to shake the bosses hand you accidentally knock over that expensive looking crystal thingy... life is awkward and mysterious and in the end that is what makes it so beautiful.

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