Thursday, August 23, 2007

Adam Says: The Braves Are Still In Richmond? Could Have Fooled Me.

After hearing the news that the Braves had signed a lease extension to stay at the Diamond for another three years my heart sank. Am I the only one who is sick of hearing about this whole thing? I may also be the only one who wishes they would just leave... I mean I love going to a Braves game once a year like the rest of Richmond, but if they left would we miss them? Now my worst fears have been realized as the Times-Disgrace outlines today in this article... for the next three years we are going to hear non-stop blabbering about the stupid Diamond... Oh I can't wait to hear another city official tell me how they are going to turn around the Boulevard... Seriously this is the quote for the article:
"Richmond plans to hire a consultant next month to run a nationwide search
for developers to transform the park and surrounding area along the Boulevard,
Deputy Chief Administrative Officer Harry E. Black said yesterday"

The only way you can transform the park and the area around it is to tear down the bus station.

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