Friday, August 31, 2007

Adam and Jeremy: Mayor Wilder Answers Richmonds Questions Again and Again and Again...

I wonder who on Mayor Wilder's PR staff suddenly realized that all the bickering and strutting that the Mayor has been doing for the last two years (the Diamond, Performing Arts Center, School Board) has slowly but surely killed the Mayor's image... whoever it was should be congratulated for trying to actively reinvigorate the Mayor's image through more exposure. As many of you read earlier today in the Near West End News Mayor Wilder will be partnering with KISS FM (home of the Tom Joyner Show) to hold a monthly radio call in show "town hall meeting." The idea being people can call in and air issues one on one with the mayor... good idea the Governor does that on WRVA and it seems to of helped him... but that is not where the positive PR stops... the Mayor has also partnered with to answer direct emails from the public every other Tuesday, you can check out the link at Personally we think it is a great move to partner with media outlets like KISS FM and and if there is one thing we know the Mayor will not shy away from a media opportunity, but we just hope this is not too little too late for the Mayor's image.

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