Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: More Scrubs, More Dad Rock, and Much Much More Jenny Lewis

AOL Streams Free Dad Rock!
It is officially the week of Dad Rock. Check out the free album streams on AOL from Rufus Wainwright, The National and Wilco. Then take a long nap because that sounds like a combination that could wear anyone out!

Linkin Park Rock It Like It's 2001
Linkin Park releases their latest album, Minutes to Midnight, today and Hot Topic's everywhere are mobbed.

Franz Ferdinand, Lilly Allen and Amy Winehouse: Who Are People In My Jacuzzi Last Night Alex.
I can always count on NME to provide quality trash talk about English Bands; Franz Ferdinand is working on a new album due out in 2008! Lily Allen thinks shes fat and apparently does not think to high of Amy Winehouse.

New Rilo Kiley Makes World A Better Place
Under the Black Light, the new album from Adam and Jeremy favorite Rilo Kiley will be released August 20th in the UK... we would definitely fly to England for Jenny Lewis... definitely.

The Hives: New Album, New Tour, Same Old Trash Talk
The Hives are working on a new album, have announced a new tour and talking trash with funny Swedish accents... would we expect anything less?

Don Ho and Daughter Dead
Did you know Don Ho died? Even sadder still his fifty something daughter died just a week later... tragic.

Rick Rubin Sells Out In Columbia
What is Rick Rubin doing in Columbia? Wait... he is not in Columbia he is on Columbia... like the record label... this is not good news... sounds like a sell out to us.

New Tracks From Beastie Boys and Spoon
Click over to Stereogum and listen to new tracks from the Beastie Boys and Spoon or die a painfully slow and awful death.

Smashing Pumpkins Coming To Asheville... Forever!
Ashevilles very own Orange Peel will host a 9 night residency for the newly reformed Smashing Pumpkins from June 23 to July 5... WOOT WOOT!

Ted Leo Likes to Tour
Ted Leo and the assembled Pharmacists have announced yet more tour dates, but the closets they make it to Richmond this go around is Townson Maryland... one hopes that's not to close to Baltimore; you might accidentally catch something.

In Other News...
Scrubs has been renewed for another season (Jeremy just wet himself) and Sawyer is going to be Gambit in X Men 4.

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