Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Bjork and Amy MIA until Tour Revolution with Borat

Bjork + Volta = Today!

The latest from enigmatic and beautiful Icelandic rocker (three adjectives; YES!) Brojk, "Volta," hits shelves today. Ageing Hipsters are stoked, but Pitchfork hates it... for what its worth.

Travis, Fields, The View and HIM Stream Free Music.

New Music from Travis, Feilds, and the View (not that View) are streaming for free on AOL right now! Oh and a greatest hits album from Nordic Goths HIM... greatest hits? Go figure.

Linkin Park New Album and Tour.

Linkin Park have a new album coming to a Hot Topic near you next week (May 15,) and now they have a tour to back it up. The Projekt Revolution tour will also feature My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday and HIM. The tour is coming to D.C. so save up your lawn mowing money kiddies.

MIA Record August 21; Great Videos and MP3's NOW!

Adam and Jeremy Favorite MIA will release "Kala," her latest album, August 21st. Right now you can head over to Pitchfork and see photos and videos and even hear a couple of MP3's from "Kala."

Winehouse Woes the WORLD With Sultry Voice.

Our favorite future member of Alcoholic Anonymous, Amy Winehouse, is apparently taking over the world. Not only is she shunning rehab and embracing her alcoholism, but apparently she has been tapped to be the next "Pussy Galore." Stereogum is rumoring that she will play the next Bond Girl... and if you think that's cool NME tells me that Prince is also trying to get her on the bill with him for his 7 night Stand in London this summer... 7 Nights! Take that Sting!

In Other Music/Movie News...

The rumors were false; Borat will not be playing Freddy Mercury in the upcoming Queen Biopic... Very Nice!

MxPx, Project 86 and Hawk Nelson to Headline Corporate Sell Out Tour.

Tooth and Nail is sending out half of its roster on a tour sponsored by White Castle this summer... Headliners Mxpx will be joined by the likes of Project 86 and Hawk Nelson... alas all you middle school drop outs will have to travel to Pittsburgh to see them, because that's as close as they are coming to Richmond, and if you think Adam and Jeremy have it in for Baltimore then you don't even want to know what we think of Pittsburgh!

Amy Lee Goth Diva

Amy Lee has pushed yet another member of her pop-Goth outfit Evanescence out the door! Remember when we thought Ben Moody was nuts for leaving this band? Yeah turns out he may have been the sane one... Alas Ms. Lee is still every Goth boys dream and every radio programmers headache so we can expect to see more of her in the future no matter how much of a diva she becomes.

Who On Earth is CocoRosie?

Yeah we don't know who CocoRosie, but apparently if you are into Freak Folk you will be super bumbed to hear that CocoRosie have been "arrested," and therefore they have canceled the rest of their current tour.

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