Friday, May 18, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Man Stress, Illness and Work Can Really Get You Down...

We have been bogged down the last couple of days, but here are two notes worth noting... and yes I did that on purpose... and yes I know that makes me a huge dork... and no I don't care... and yes I am only saying that to make myself feel better because inside I really do care.

Another video has surfaced from the Beastie Boys up coming instrumental album "The Mix-Up." Check out the video for Off the Gird and the Rat Cage on stereogum, and get psyched man get psyched. Well don't get too psyched, but get appropriately psyched!

So both WOTB and Tess have alerted me to a little nugget that will blow your mind! Oh yes the Slip is getting a new 1,500 seat club to accommodate larger acts like Less Than Jake, George Thorogood etc. The club is called Toad's Pace and of course it will be opening June 7th with who else... Carbonleaf performing... well I guess you have to start somewhere. Remember when Fighting Gravity was the perennial house band for Richmond?

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