Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Dr. Falwell Will Be Missed

Jeremy and I were very sad when we hear the news that Dr. Falwell had passed away yesterday. We both graduated from Liberty University, and while we did not always agree with Jerry on issues and tactics we have always had respect for the man.

Dr. Falwell was a true visionary and, like it or not, a great man of God. The mere fact that a man could single handily start a university should be evidence enough of his visionary status, and his impact on the lives of Christians around the nation speaks to strong faith. Adam and Jeremy will miss him greatly.

Let me share with you short story about Jerry Falwell; Dr. Falwell was notorious for driving around a big black suburban; well in my first month at Liberty back in 1999 I was walking down the courtyard behind DeMoss to the gym at the Schilling Center when I see this huge black Suburban parked next to the Hanger (one of the on campus eatery's) and it begins to back out, but of course it is a Suburban so it should be pretty tricky to maneuver such a large vehicle in that small of an area, but Dr. Falwell apparently wasn't worried about such trivial things because he goosed it and whipped it around right into the large concrete wall that surrounded the dumpsters. At this point I am a little tickled, because I just saw the Chancellor run into a wall, and I expect him to get out all mad, but instead the old boy just straightens her out and gets out of there like he had ants in his pants. I would later find out that Dr. Falwell is also a notoriously bad driver, but at any rate that was my first almost personal meeting with Dr. Falwell.


  1. I came across this through rvablogs and I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about this.

    To say I disagreed with him would be quite an understatement. Through his words and actions, he has caused much hurt to myself and to many of my friends. Also, to many, he has tainted the perception of Christianity...but.

    He has brought much good through Liberty Univeristy, through his personal relationships, and through his humanity...which the media never reports. Also, I do appreciate his often unreported apologies to many of the things he has been quoted for. His willingness to be scrutinized for what he believes in is very noble and I hope will not be forgotten through all of this.

    I would hope that others read your post about the suburban story. It reminds all of us that he was still a person, still very much a human being. I think it's really hard to objectively hate someone we realize breathes the same air we do and trips on the same ground we trip over.

    I may be relieved that there will not be any more hurtful words, but I am saddened about his death and pray for comfort to those who are mourning. And as a believer, I mourn with those who mourn.


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