Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Jeremy Says:Abortion is Homocide

I came across an interesting article from a UK newspaper yesterday.

It's a good read, and although it reminds me of the sad truth that babies are being killed everyday, it was encouraging.

It recaps the story of this girl named Anna, who went to have an abortion, and right before the execution took place, she decided to spare the life of her innocent baby. This story didn't really bring any new incite to me on the issue, but it did enforce my belief that mothers know the difference between right and wrong and although some can murder their own child and have no regrets about it, others can be convicted to do right thing.

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  1. To comment on your last line from the post...I do not think that any woman can abort her baby and never have a regret about it. They may try to justify why it is "right" to do and maybe even think it is "right" to do at the time it is executed, but sometime in their life, even if it is years later, they will have regrets about their actions. Mandi used to volunteer at a Crisis Pregnancy Center and I remember her saying that so many women came in there to get counseling to deal with the shame and guilt associated from past abortions. So, never having a regret about an abortion is impossible in my opinion.
    --M. Ousdahl