Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Adam and Jeremy: Wild Crazy Free Music And Such

New, Free, Music.

New White Stripes Video Rocks (buy you knew that already)

We were the first (on our block) to post "Icky Thump" the new video from the White Stripes from their forth coming album of the same name, and you guys loved it so much that we figured another link was in order!
Kanye West Video Promotes Scarves As Male fashion Accessory.

Speaking of new videos; Stereogum has the latest video from Mr. Humble himself, Kanye West. If nothing else watch it just to see Kanye's gnarly scarf (Note to self purchase scarf?)

Green Day Record Theme Song for Americas Favorite Idiot.

Green Day will be rocking the Simpson's theme song for the up coming movie... This is the band that wrote "American Idiot" right? Okay just wanted to double check on that.

Sullivan Rock Free World, and Thus Deserve You Love.

Check out this band Sullivan; Adam and Jeremy are really starting to get stoked on them and can't wait for their album "Cover Your Eyes" to drop next week!

New Album and Tour From The Streets.

Pitchfork is reporting that the Streets (Mike Skinner) are working hard on their next album, due out around Christmas, and they have announced a handful of tour dates for this summer! Seriously if you don't know who the Streets are or what they do then you need to find out because its great stuff!

Free Stars Download!

CMJ has a free download of the Final Fantasy Remix of the most excellent (Bill and Ted still Rock!) song "Your Ex-Lover is Dead" by the band Stars. You all know of Adam's overwhelming affection for this band, and thus you know that we must insist that you download this track.

Linkin Park + Al Gore = Captain Planet.
Linkin Park is teaming up with Al Gore for this summers Live Earth event in Tokyo Japan... I think "Linkin Park" is Japanese for "over rated nu metal band that takes itself way to seriously."

Plus 44 and Others Pay Tribute to Smashing Pumpkins Despite Bands Reunion.

Live Modest Mouse Performance

ESPN to Cover New Sport; Leopard Wrestling.

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